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If you’re here reading this post, you’re just as interested in seeing what the Peacelily mattress is like up close and personal as I was. I’ve long thought that this is the best value (and quality) natural latex mattress on the market (and since I like to think I know what makes a good mattress, I have high expectations). Peacelily generously gifted me this mattress, and it’s the most excited I’ve been to unbox a mattress for a while. Watch the in-depth video of my Peacelily mattress unboxing, or skip to the sections you’re interested in:

  • Delivery and packaging
  • Unboxing the mattress
  • First impressions of the mattress

Here’s My Peacelily Mattress Unboxing Video

This video is about ten minutes long. If you want to go straight to the bit where the mattress comes out of the box and you get your first look at it, skip to around 4:30.

I highly recommend you watch with captions on as there are two corrections I make to the video.

  1. The mattress doesn’t “whooosh” out of its box as dramatically as I lead you to believe it’s going to
  2. The mattress is not one big piece of latex, it’s thee different pieces (the medium side, the middle core, the firm side) held together with a natural latex glue

Delivery And Packaging

The Peacelily Mattress Box Has Wheels

Delivery was made by one of our friendly local freight companies. Mattress brands generally use freight companies instead of regular couriers because you can imagine how bulky a mattress is to deliver! Even when a mattress is compressed into a box, it’s still a very big, heavy item.

Straight off, before I’d even seen the mattress, I was impressed with the packaging. The box was a very sturdy, no frills cardboard box (complementing Peacelily’s natural branding and ethos), with the big advantage of having built in wheels. This is a crucial detail for a mattress box, it makes it so much easier to maneuver around your space. I’ve only seen it on one other brand and it’s a nice touch.

Unboxing The Peacelily Mattress

Peacelily Mattress Unboxing - Taking It Out Of The Box

The first thing I saw when I undid the tape at the top of the box was an instruction sheet on exactly how to unbox the mattress, and what to expect from the first few weeks of using it.

You’d think this would be common, but this is actually the first unboxing instructions I’ve seen in a mattress box! They usually come with care instructions and other bits and pieces, but I thought this was great work from Peacelily. Luckily, since I was doing this on film, I was generally doing it right! Peacelily do recommend you have two people unboxing the mattress (instead of just one) as it is quite heavy).

I highly recommend you unbox a mattress on the mattress base you’re intending to use it on, as they take on their full shape and size pretty much immediately.

As well as the cardboard box and the plastic wrap I was expecting, Peacelily had an extra layer of protection around the mattress: a thin cloth layer. The packaging was all pretty easy to remove and the mattress unrolled without any drama.

Don’t expect a big whooshing puff out of the box here like you see some people write about with some memory foam mattresses: if you watch the video you’ll see that Peacelily was a bit gentler than that. I say this because I’ve honestly seen people leave five star reviews for mattresses simply because they had fun watching them puff up out of the box (seriously).

Peacelily Mattress First Impressions

Here’s a list of my immediate thoughts of the mattress once I had all the wrapping off:

  • The embroidery is beautiful. The Peacelily logo is at one end of the bed, and there’s a big M on the medium side and a big F on the firm side, all done in an emerald green colour
  • The cover is good quality: you can tell it’s a strong natural material, and the handles in the sides of the mattress are the sturdiest I’ve seen
  • The mattress expanded to full height pretty much straight away. There was a slight sloping at one end, which disappeared after an hour of letting it expand. The Peacelily instructions say it can take up to two weeks to fully expand but don’t worry about this, you’ll be comfortable to sleep on it straight away
  • I didn’t notice ANY smells. I was expecting something, as I thought the latex or the new cotton would have some odour, but honestly there was nothing (and I was sniffing for it!)
  • It has that latex mattress feel I was expecting: comfortable, resilient, supportive, a bit bouncy
  • There’s an obvious difference in feel between the firm side and the medium side. (This is not as much of a given as you might think: I’ve seen mattresses advertised as medium and firm that were actually more like firm and extra firm)
  • I was impressed to see the finishing on the edges of the cover. Peacelily really takes the time to add the quality touches to their mattress and this is one of them. It may seem like a small thing, but poor edge support is a common complaint with non-spring mattresses and Peacelily have found a way around that

Watch this space for more updates once I’ve had a decent try at actually sleeping on the mattress, in the meantime, read my full Peacelily mattress review.


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