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This Sleep Innovations Marley mattress review is an in-depth study of this massively popular all-foam mattress designed for comfort and cooling at a value price. It’s the top seller of the Sleep Innovations mattress range so it’s a great introduction to this budget brand.

The Sleep Innovations Marley  mattress is made with three layers of foam and is available in three sizes: 8, 10, and 12 inches. The 10-12 inch mattresses offer better support for everyday use, so if you’re looking for a new mattress for yourself, that’s what you’ll want to consider (the 8 inch is great for kids, RVs, or occasional use).

In this Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress Review I’ll take you through:

  • A Look Inside The Mattress
  • My Opinion Of The Materials And Mattress Design
  • What Real Customers Are Saying
  • Summary

Look Inside The Marley Mattress

Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress Cross Section

The Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress is made in the USA and has a reassuring CertiPUR-US certification so you know it’s safe to sleep on. It has a 10 year warranty, which is great to see at this budget price point.

This mattress has three layers of foam inside the cover, which is made with a soft and durable fabric that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. 

The first two layers of the mattress are the comfort layers:

  1. Gel infused memory foam, which conforms to your body’s shape and provides support for your spine. The gel infusion draws heat away from your body and out of the mattress. In the 10” model this layer is 2”thick.
  2. The middle layer is a firmer transition foam with air channels built into it. The purpose of this layer is to support the memory foam while stopping you from sinking further into the mattress, and also to further allow heat to escape before it could get trapped in the high density base foam. In the 10” model this layer is 3” thick.

The final base layer is made with high-density foam, which helps to keep the mattress stable and provides support for your body. In the 10” model this layer is 5” thick, which is a little thinner than the usual minimum of 7” I’d want for a mattress that’s going to last a long time, so I’d expect this mattress to perhaps have a slightly shorter life span than a mattress with a thicker base.

If you want durable, buy the 12 inch model because it has a base foam that is 7 inches thick.  

My Opinion Of The Design And Materials In This Mattress

I’ll start with the positives. It’s great to see a budget memory foam mattress that’s made in the USA, and clearly a lot of thought has gone into helping customers keep as cool as possible, with the gel infused foam and the air channel layer.

No matter which thickness you buy, be it 8, 10, or 12 inches, you get the same 2 inch layer of memory foam as the first layer, which I think is pretty nice. It’s not unusual to see brands cutting away at this contouring memory foam layer in their thinner models, but not Sleep Innovations.

This means that no matter which model you pick, you’re going to get the benefits of the contouring foam and minimal partner disturbance.

You also get the same three inches of transition foam with cooling channels in each mattress, so this is going to perform the same too. This is a crucial layer of the mattress to have cooling factored in, as it prevents heat getting trapped in the dense base.

The base of this mattress is where I think things get let down a little bit, as it’s really only the 12 inch model that has a thick enough base for me to feel like this mattress is actually going to offer you a fair degree of durability and support. The 8 and 10 inch models just don’t have very thick bases, which might be fine if your mattress is for occasional use or for a child’s bed, but if you have your heart set on it for your own every day bed, you’re going to need the 12 inch.

Another important note: this mattress uses fiberglass in its fire barrier, which is 100% what I’d expect to see in a memory foam mattress at this price point. If you want fiberglass free alternatives, read this article.

What Real Customers Are Saying About The Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress

This Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress review wouldn’t be complete without giving you an analysis of what the thousands of people using this mattress think of it. I’ve read through all their reviews so you don’t have to, and here’s a summary of what they’ve got to say (the good and the bad)

  • At the time of writing, the Marley Mattress had a review score higher than 4 out of 5 from thousands of reviewers, which tells us that most people are pretty happy with their purchase. Do keep in mind however, that many people leave mattress reviews before they’ve really tested it for long.
  • I saw a report from someone who’d had their mattress for a whole year saying it felt as great as it did on day one. Not surprisingly, this person bought the 12 inch model, which I recommend as the most durable.
  • Most people report that it feels like a medium – firm, which should suit a range of people, and is about what I’d expect given the foams used in the comfort layers of the mattress.
  • People found this mattress to be great value, especially for made in the USA.

What about the negatives?

  • Some people reported feeling surprised and let down that the fire barrier in this mattress is fiberglass. I’ve made sure you know before you buy.
  • A couple of people found their mattress did not expand to its full height properly, even after a few weeks. While mattresses can take a while to decompress if they are kept in their box too long, you don’t want this happening to you. When your mattress arrives take it out of the box straight away, then you’ve got up to 30 days to allow it to expand within Amazon’s return window should you need to return it.
  • Some people felt like they sank right through this mattress. As expected, this tended to happen more with the 8 and 10 inch model, with the culprit being that thin base layer.

Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress Review Summary

So, do I think it’s a good mattress worth your money? Hmm. It’s not bad, but it’s not my top choice. I’m not a massive fan of fiberglass in mattresses, and you’d have to buy the 12 inch to expect much comfort from it. However, if you DO buy the 12 inch and you DO ensure you never remove the cover and always use a mattress protector, I don’t see why you couldn’t get a good comfortable sleep on this mattress. It’s pretty good value for money and there are certainly worse mattresses out there.

So, not my favorite, but by no means the worst! It’s reasonable value for money if you go in knowing what you’re buying.

Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress


Value For Money







  • Made In The USA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Deisgned For Breathability And Comfort


  • Thin Base On The 8 & 10 Inch Models
  • Fiberglass Fire Barrier


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