How Much Does a Purple Mattress Weigh? Detailed Breakdown

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You’re thinking of buying a mattress online, and you’re absolutely correct to be researching its weight. You’re probably going to have to heft that mattress into your house by yourself, which could be no easy feat if you’ve got steps (or a walk-up apartment). You’ll also be setting it up, and potentially moving it around.

I take the guesswork out of your mattress purchase with a full breakdown of the various Purple mattress weights so you know exactly what you’re in for.

Understanding The Importance Of Mattress Weight

In my opinion, there are three key factors to consider:

  1. Handling: Mattresses are bulky. Maneuvering them is hard work. The weight of a mattress will have a direct impact on your experience handling it. Lighter mattresses are generally more manageable to rotate (but note you won’t need to flip a Purple mattress) and tuck sheets into when you’re making your bed.
  2. Setup: Heavier mattresses may pose challenges during initial setup, especially if they require adjustment or placement on a bed frame. Purple is a mattress in a box so you should be able to roll it out of the box easily enough, but it’s harder to yank on the boxes of heavy mattresses and will probably require two people for safety (don’t put your back out!)
  3. Support: The weight of a mattress is closely linked to its internal construction and the materials used. You’ll soon see from the weight chart that the more materials inside a mattress, or the thicker the comfort layers, the heavier it will be. Mattresses with a coil support system will be heavier than those with an all-foam core.

Purple Mattress: Brand Overview

Purple is a mattress and bedding company that prides itself on its innovative approach to sleep technology: the main feature being its purple grid comfort layer. Purple is a family company, founded by two brothers in 2015 so you can see it hasn’t taken long for them to become a really important part of the online mattress market.

Purple offers a range of mattresses to cater to different preferences, budgets, and needs. This includes the flagship Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier, each incorporating variations of the Purple Grid technology. If you want to explore the range more, I’ve described them in detail (along with my buying recommendation) here.

Breaking Down Purple Mattress Weights

There are nine mattresses in the Purple mattress range.

The Essentials Range is the Purple New Day Mattress, Purple Mattress, and Purple Plus Mattress.

The Restore Hybrid Collection is the Purple Restore, Purple RestorePlus, and Purple RestorePremiere.

The Rejuvenate Luxe Collection is the

Purple New Day66 lbs77 lbs95 lbs
Purple Mattress85 lbs98 lbs120 lbs
Purple Plus102 lbs119 lbs148 lbs
Purple Restore105 lbs 121 lbs 148 lbs
Purple RestorePlus134 lbs 154 lbs 187 lbs
Purple RestorePremiereTwin XL 91 lbs144 lbs174 lbs
Purple RejuvenateTwin XL 94 lbs144 lbs182 lbs
Purple RejuvenatePlusTwin XL 123 lbs175 lbs221 lbs
Purple RejuvenatePremierTwin XL 143 lbs220 lbs278 lbs

You can see that the all-foam mattresses are lighter than the hybrid mattresses, which have a spring coil base.

You will also notice that the more materials the mattress has, the heavier it is. This makes total sense, right? The more premium mattresses are heavier because there is more to them.

The Purple New Day is the lightest mattress in the range because it is the thinnest at 8 inches tall and has a foam core. The Purple RejuvenatePremier is the heaviest, at almost 3 times the weight of the Purple New Day.

The Purple RejuvenatePremiere is an extremely tall mattress, the highest I’ve seen from other brands is 14-16 inches, so this may well be one of the heaviest mattresses you can find. You will need a team to help maneuver a king-size one of these mattresses!

The Role Of Dimensions In Mattress Weight

There are two main factors that influence the weight of a mattress when you think about its dimensions.

  1. Surface area: the bigger the mattress, the heavier it is going to be.
  2. Thickness: the more materials inside a mattress, the heavier it is going to be.

Here are the dimensions of the Purple mattress range:

Purple New Day (8″ tall)54” x 75”60” x 8076” x 80”
Purple Mattress (9.25″ tall)54” x 75” 60” x 8076” x 80”
Purple Plus (11″ tall) 54” x 76”60” x 80 76” x 80”
Purple Restore (11.5″ tall) 54” x 76” 60” x 80 76” x 80”
Purple RestorePlus (13″ tall) 54” x 76” 60 x 80 76″ x 80″
Purple RestorePremiere (13″ tall)54” x 76” 60 x 80 76″ x 80″
Purple Rejuvenate (15.5″ tall)Twin XL 79.5” x 37.5” 60 x 80 76″ x 80″
Purple RejuvenatePlus (16.5 ” tall)Twin XL 79.5” x 37.5” 60 x 80 76″ x 80″
Purple RejuvenatePremiere (18.5″ tall)Twin XL 79.5” x 37.5” 60 x 80 76″ x 80″

If you’re not sure what size to get, Purple reports that their best-selling size for couples is Queen, while the best-selling size for one person is a Twin XL. Why? A queen has plenty of space for two people without a bigger price tag, and a Twin XL has more legroom than a standard twin.

Factors Contributing To The Weight Of Purple Mattresses

Purple Mattress Cross Section

Here’s what’s inside Purple mattresses to explain their weights:

1. Hyper-Elastic Polymer (Purple Grid):

  • The Hyper-Elastic Polymer, showcased in Purple’s signature Purple Grid, is a primary factor influencing the weight of Purple mattresses. This grid-like structure is made from a stretchy, gel-like material that adapts to the body’s contours. While the material itself is lightweight, the amount used in the grid pattern contributes to the overall weight of the mattress (the thicker the grid or the larger the mattress size, the heavier the purple grid will be)

2. Foam Layers:

  • Purple mattresses typically include layers of foam in addition to the Purple Grid. Depending on which model you buy, your Purple mattress will have foam transition layers between the grid and the support core, and it may have a foam support core. The thickness and density of these layers depend on which Purple mattress you choose to buy.

3. Mattress Cover:

  • The cover of a Purple mattress is designed to be breathable and stretchy, complementing the responsive nature of the Purple Grid. It’s not a big factor in the weight of the mattress, but it’s a component so I chose to include it for completeness.

4. Supportive Base Layers:

  • Beneath the Purple Grid and foam layers you’ll find the mattress support core. Purple has two models with foam cores and three hybrid mattresses with pocket spring cores. Pocket springs are heavier than foam, so the hybrid models are heavier than the all-foam models.

6 Practical Tips For Handling And Setting Up A Purple Mattress

These tips apply when you unbox any mattress in a box brand. My top tips are to have two people set it up, clear the room, and have a window open.

1. Prepare the Space:

  • Clear the space where you intend to set it up. Remove any obstacles or furniture that may get in your way, it’s hard enough to maneuver that box already, without stuff getting in the way. I also recommend opening a window as mattresses will let off a harmless off-gassing smell as they expand.

2. Get Help:

  • You’ve seen the weights of a mattress. Please don’t try to unbox one yourself, you could put your back out or do yourself some other sort of injury! I highly recommend you have two people to unbox your mattress.

3. Unbox with Care:

  • Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use caution when cutting through packaging materials to prevent accidental damage to the mattress. Purple mattresses are typically compressed and rolled, so exercise care while unpacking to avoid punctures. I know, from personal experience, that it is tempting to just get in there with the scissors or a knife, but this is the easiest way to damage your new mattress and void your warranty instantly.

4. Allow for Expansion:

  • Purple mattresses may take some time to fully expand to their intended size after being unboxed. Place the mattress in the desired location before removing the packaging, allowing it to expand freely without obstruction. Yes, you can sleep on it the same day you unbox it, but it may take a day or so to reach its full height.

5. Rotate Periodically:

  • To get even wear from your mattress and extend its life, rotate your mattress every 3-6 months. This is especially important for hybrid models. Enlist assistance if needed and use the handles to make the process easier. Remember: you do NOT need to flip your mattress, it’s not designed for that!

6. Invest in a Mattress Protector:

  • This safeguards the mattress from spills and stains. It’s a lot easier to take a mattress protector off to wash than it is to try to remove a cover or spot clean a mattress. It’s also important for your warranty because if your mattress is dirty, that can void your warranty!

Purple Mattress Weight Conclusion

It’s now clear to you that the weight of your mattress is an often overlooked factor in your sleep experience.

From getting your mattress in the door to how supportive it is, the weight of the mattress has a role to play.

It’s great the Purple have their mattress weights so easily available for you to see, not all brands provide you with such clear information, which is an important part of your buying decision. Happy Purple mattress shopping!


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