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So, Tom Brady doesn’t actually partner with a mattress brand any more, but you can still read about awesome Molecule mattress he used to promote in this article.

If you want to go one better than sleeping on a mattress endorsed by an athlete, how about one that’s been DESIGNED by them?

If you like the sound of a mattress that’s been designed by an athlete, with the best sleep possible in mind, you’ll want to check out the new GhostBed collaboration with Venus Williams. These mattresses have game-changer FIR (far infra-red) technology, a cool touch cover, and high quality foam. Take a look below, or scroll on to find out more about Tom Brady’s mattress.

Molecule: The Mattress Tom Brady Used To Promote

Athletes like Tom Brady and Michael Phelps have endorsed this ultra comfy mattress. Featuring 4 layers of carefully constructed and scientifically engineered foam, Molecule is designed to work hard to help you sleep your best.

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Memory Foams, Patented Materials To Help Restorative Sleep And Recovery

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100 Nights




Molecule 1 Is Slightly Softer Than Molecule Microban, Which Has Denser Foams




From $699

If you’ve ever wondered why top athletes like to work with mattress companies, I have a simple answer for you. Optimal performance demands optimal sleep, and for great sleep you need a great mattress! The Molecule mattress – now known by some as the “Tom Brady Mattress” – has been engineered with top performance at the front and center of the design process. Read on to find out if it stacks up to all the claims and if it’s worth you getting the same mattress as Tom.

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Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • Molecule Mattress Overview
  • Why Do Athletes Like Tom Love Molecule?
  • Molecule Mattress Features
  • What Does A Molecule Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Which Molecule Mattress Is Right For You?
  • Are There Any Problems With Molecule Mattresses?
  • Final Opinion – Should You Be Like Tom And Sleep On Molecule?

Molecule Mattress Overview

Molecule mattresses are aimed at athletes, as you can see by their all star ambassadors such as Tom Brady and other high performers from marathon runners to yoga experts. Molecule runs their marketing campaign on promoting good quality sleep for good athletic performance.

You don’t need to be a pro athlete to need great sleep, we all need good quality sleep to maintain our health  and be our best at whatever we do in our daily lives; whether it be sport, work presentations, or chasing kids around. 

Molecule produce two mattresses: the Molecule 1 and the Molecule Microban (until recently known as the Molecule 2, this model is the Tom Brady mattress) and a range of other bedding, including a very plush looking mattress topper. Both are made in the USA and come with a 100 night sleep trial and unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Molecule has a key difference in the design of its mattresses that I have found lacking in their competitors, more on that in my detailed breakdown of the two mattresses in the “Molecule Mattress Features” section of this article.

Why Do Athletes Like Tom Love Molecule?

Athletes work hard to perform. To continue to perform well, recovery between sessions is key. I’m a runner, and while I’m no pro, I love my rest days between hard sessions because I understand that training adaptations actually come during the recovery periods between workouts. Recovery is when the magic happens to improve your body and get you ready for the next epic session or performance.

What Is The Key To Recovery?

Sleep. Scientific research clearly shows that sleep loss negatively affects performance and Molecule has seized on this fact to create a mattress they believe optimizes sleep.

So What Have Molecule Done?

They have worked with what science says is important for the best sleep, and designed a mattress designed to provide targeted pressure relief and maximize cooling. By emphasizing these two factors in their mattress designs, Molecule have won the trust of some of America’s top athletes and many other happy customers.

Is Molecule Only Good For Athletes?

No! Molecule is for all of us. It’s for everyone who values their sleep and the positive impact that good sleep can have on your life. You might have sport or work scenarios where you really want to bring your A game, or you might just be looking to get better sleep than you do at the moment.  Bad sleep is linked with poor health, not just poor performance. Getting the best sleep we can should be a major health priority for everyone, and a comfortable mattress is crucial for this.

Molecule Mattress Features

There are a number of similarities between the two Molecule mattress models. I’ll show you everything they have in common before we take a detailed look at each mattress individually.

The key point of difference between Molecule and other similarly priced models is the use of zoning to provide targeted pressure relief in both of their mattresses. Competitors of Molecule tend to save this feature for their more expensive mattress models, but not Molecule, they include it in both.

The foam base layer of the mattresses is actually a breathable foam too: I think this is the first time I’ve seen a high density support foam be engineered to be breathable.

tom brady mattress review - molecule mattress features

Detailed Breakdown: Molecule 1

Molecule 1 is Molecule’s first mattress, as the name suggests. While it is the cheaper and more “basic” of the two Molecule models, it still contains features that you’ll only find in more expensive mattresses, such as a generous 12 inch height, cooling technology throughout the mattress layers, and targeted support zones.

Cover: a nicely quilted knit which is 98% polyester (for wicking moisture away from your body as you sleep) and 2% lycra (to allow the cover to stretch and sit nicely on the mattress)

Foam Layer 1: Two inches of “Restoreflo” foam. This is a layer of soft,  low density memory foam that Molecule have specifically engineered to be cooling by adding gel infusions and increasing its breathability.

Foam Layer 2: Three inches of “Recoveryflo” foam. This is the layer where the targeted support zones are. In the Molecule 1 mattress, you have 3 support zones: an area of small hexagon shapes cut into the foam to provide a greater feel of cushioning softer area around your head and neck, an area of larger hexagon shapes through the middle to support your spine, and an area of the small shapes again at the bottom of the mattress. This foam layer is quite firm and dense.

Foam Layer 3: Seven inches of firm polyfoam, engineered to be more breathable than standard polyfoams you’d find in other foam mattresses. This is the exact same foam in both Molecule mattresses.

molecule mattress - molecule 1 layers

Detailed Breakdown: Molecule Microban (AKA Molecule 2, AKA The Tom Brady Mattress)

This is the mattress that Tom Brady himself uses. The Molecule Microban is the more expensive of the two Molecule mattresses and has some key extra features.

Cover: The same stretch and wicking fabric as you’ll find in Molecule 1, but with two upgrades:

  • More luxurious quilting
  • Microban treatment (antimicrobial tech applied to its surface to really up the battle against common household allergens like dust mites and mildew)

Foam Layer 1: Two inches of “Molecularflo Extreme Open Cell Foam”. This foam is Molecule’s pride and joy. It’s a slightly firmer foam than in the comfort layer of the Molecule 1, and has been designed to maximize airflow. It has a unique open cell structure that Molecule reports is five times more breathable than traditional memory foams.

Foam Layer 2: Three inches of “Recoveryflo” foam, the same firm dense foam as in Molecule 1. This is the layer where the targeted support zones are. In the Molecule Microban mattress, you have 5 support zones, so two more than in the Molecule 1. Similar to the Molecule 1, there are large hexagon shapes cut into the middle of the mattress to ensure a firmer support for your spine, then on either side of that the hexagons vary to provide even more targeted support for the rest of your body. This foam layer is quite firm and dense.

Foam Layer 3: Seven inches of firm polyfoam, engineered to be more breathable than standard polyfoams you’d find in other foam mattresses. This is the exact same foam in both Molecule mattresses.

Molecule Microban Mattress Details

What Are The Key Differences Between The Two Mattresses?

Molecule Microban is the more advanced of the two mattresses, and there is a price difference between the two. The cheaper Molecule 1 mattress is available from $699, while the Molecule Microban (Tom Brady’s mattress) starts at $1099. Don’t ever just pay full price though: I’d expect you to always get a bonus with your purchase, such as free sheets, or a discount. Following any links from this article will guarantee you’ll get the best deal available.

Molecule Mattress Differences:

  • The cover of the Molecule Microban mattress is more advanced and has a more luxurious weave.
  • The two mattresses have a different foam as the top comfort foam layer. See above for an explanation, but only the Molecule Microban contains the proprietary extreme open cell foam which Molecule are so proud of. As these are different foams, they have a different feel. Both are engineered to be a soft comfort layer, but the foam in the Microban is slightly firmer and more dense.
  • The Molecule Microban mattress has more targeted zoning areas in the middle layer. Microban has 5 zones whereas Molecule 1 has 3 zones.
molecule mattress comparison

What Does A Molecule Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

Molecule 1 is the softer of the two mattresses, with its less dense layer of comfort foam. It has a rating of around medium to medium-firm on the mattress firmness scale. This mattress has a bit more of a conforming feel when you lie on it, which you would expect of memory foams. Some people really like this feel and say it’s like a hug, while others can feel a little trapped by it, especially if you move around a lot in your sleep.

Molecule Microban is slightly firmer than Molecule 1, due to the slightly higher density of the Molecularflo comfort foam. It’s rated as medium-firm. It has a more responsive feel and you won’t feel like this mattress is hugging you. It will be easier to change positions as you sleep and will sleep cooler.

As expected with good quality foam mattresses, both will do a good job at motion isolation (great news if you share a bed with someone who tosses and turns in the night, or gets up a lot to use the bathroom). Memory foam is not known for having any bounce, and the two Molecule mattresses are definitely not bouncy.

Which Molecule Mattress Is Right For You?

Choose Molecule 1 If:

  • You love that close conforming feel of memory foam
  • You want a good quality foam mattress on a tighter budget
  • You want a slightly softer mattress

In my opinion, if you’re a side sleeper, Molecule 1 is the better choice for you because you need that extra softness especially around your shoulder. Molecule 1 should also work well for combination sleepers and back sleepers looking for a mattress that is a little bit softer.

choose molecule microban mattress

Choose Molecule Microban If:

  • The exact same mattress as Tom Brady
  • You want a foam mattress with cutting edge cooling tech and targeted support zones
  • You want a foam mattress that won’t “hug” you and is that little bit firmer to lie on

Again, I think combo sleepers or back sleepers will like this mattress. Being slightly firmer, it’s also the better choice of the two for stomach sleepers or heavier people. Note that Tom Brady’s weight is 225lb, for this style of mattress I’d say this is about the weight limit for it to feel comfortable.

Remember, you can try out a Molecule Mattress from the comfort of your own home for a full 100 nights.

Go For Something Completely Different If:

  • Side sleeper looking for a soft mattress. While Molecule 1 is softer than the Microban, there are even softer foam mattresses out there that might better suit side sleepers looking for that deep pressure relief around their shoulder. Read about my top recommendation here.
  • Body weight over 230lb: I think the comfort layer of both Molecule mattresses might be a bit soft for you, and you risk sinking right through it, which actually makes the mattress feel really hard! I also usually recommend a mattress with a coil support system for heavier people. Here is an article outlining some great options for you.

Are There Any Problems With Molecule Mattresses?

I couldn’t find any problems with Molecule mattresses, even after scouring reviews and reading around other sites where people don’t hold back with their comments. However, there are a couple of things to take note of:

  • Molecule has been in business since 2018, so it’s hard to know how well their mattresses will endure. However, many bed in the box companies are a similar age, and don’t offer the same lifetime guarantee that Molecule do.
  • There are no negative reviews of Molecule mattresses on their website. This may be to do with the fact that there is actually a small number of reviews for the mattresses so far (100-200 at the time of writing), and all those who have loved it have left a good review and those who haven’t have had a smooth returns process. I just don’t know. I do think there are people out there who won’t like Molecule, as I outlined above. A big pro in Molecule’s favor here is that it’s very easy to see the breakdown of the review star ratings, they are very transparent. You have absolutely zero risk in trying a Molecule mattress, thanks to the 100 night sleep trial.
  • This is not a problem, more just a small thing I noted. Molecule promotes itself as being great for recovery by virtue of its cooling properties and zoned foam layer. There are other mattresses out there performing these exact same functions but are not marketed in this way, so just be aware that other mattresses can give you great sleep without the pro athlete endorsements.

Final Opinion – Should You Be Like Tom And Sleep On Molecule?

I think Molecule make foam mattresses that are great value for money. You’ll find it hard to find the combination of cooling tech, zoning, and generous 12 inch mattress depth that Molecule squeeze into their mattresses for the price.

If you’re looking for an all foam mattress that will work hard for you and comes with generous warranties, you won’t be disappointed.

Molecule Mattress, AKA "The Tom Brady Mattress"

From $699

Quality Of Materials


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Innovative Technology
  • Great Value For Money
  • Generous Trial And Warranty


  • Not Suited To Everyone
  • Must Keep Mattress For At Least 30 Days Before You Can Return It


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