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Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People: Top 5 For The Sleep You Deserve

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People – is there one out there? Yes! You’ve got specific requirements to make sure you are well supported and comfortable as you sleep, so it’s important you choose a mattress that’s up to the job. I’ve found five memory foam mattresses that I think will be incredibly comfortable and supportive for you.

I’ll show you each mattress and explain why it’s made this list, then take you through a detailed buyer’s guide at the end (this covers extra details about mattress specifics and what sort of mattress will work best for you personally). I’ll also show you my pick of the bunch at the end of the article. 

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Mattress With The Most Features: WinkBed Plus

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People - WinkBed

The WinkBed Plus has so many great features it’s almost overwhelming. Every single layer of this mattress (which often wins accolades as the BEST mattress for heavy people) has been carefully designed and constructed with your comfort in mind. The WinkBeds Plus is a specialty WinkBeds mattress that combines all the features of the standard WinkBeds mattress with extra features especially for the comfort of heavier people. Let’s take a look at the details:

  • 120 Night sleep trial and lifetime warranty.
  • Cover: Tencel. Tencel is a plant based fabric renowned for it breathability and silky soft touch.
  • Comfort Layer 1: The first foam layers are “body impression proof foam”. This is a high density foam designed to give a good blend of durability and cushioning.
  • Latex Layer: Latex is known for its breathability, resilience, and fast responsiveness. This 7 zoned latex layer in the WinkBed Plus mattress will keep you from sinking into the mattress, while providing further cooling support.
  • Support Core: The core of the mattress is a strong pocket coil unit that has been specifically designed to support heavier body weights.
  • Proven to stand the test of time: The WinkBeds Plus mattress has been put through rigorous tests to make sure it can comfortably support a 350lb sleeper for 20 years. Not many companies take this extra step, and it’s a great reassurance WinkBeds is a quality mattress.

Your WinkBeds Plus mattress also has the features of all WinkBeds mattresses, which include wrapped edge support for stronger edges, motion isolation technology, and a lumbar layer for extra support through the middle of the mattress.

All in all, it’s a pretty tough mattress to beat, and it’s why I introduced it to you first in this review.

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Best Luxury Pick: Saatva HD Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People - Saatva

Saatva is one of my favorite luxury mattress brands, and their aim with the Saatva HD was to make a luxury mattress exclusively suitable for heavy people.  It’s been designed to support sleepers weighing 300-500lb without compromising on the luxury features their brand is famous for. Here are all the details:

  • 180 Night trial and 20 year warranty.
  • Organic cotton pillow top with hand tufted buttons (these are a supreme luxury touch that run through the mattress, holding all the layers together).
  • Comfort layer 1: Natural latex. The most resilient, breathable, and responsive foam you can put in a mattress, we also saw latex featured in the WinkBed above. It’s a really nice touch to have a layer of latex inside your memory foam mattress. The latex layer inside the Saatva HD mattress has 5 zones for targeted support.
  • Comfort layer 2: Memory foam and support foams. This is the memory foam layer that gives you that contouring you’re looking for from memory foam. Because the latex is above it in this mattress, you will get all the benefits of the memory foam without sinking into it or getting hot.
  • Coil base: The Saatva HD is a bit different here. It uses an innerspring coil instead of a pocket coil. Don’t be alarmed: these coils are 12.5 gauge, which makes them the thickest I’ve seen used in a mattress. They’ve been threaded with a special wire so they’re better at motion isolation than standard innersprings, and there’s also a patented spinal support zone wire through the middle.

Saatva is not a “mattress in a box”. It comes with white glove delivery. This means that it will not just be delivered, it will also be set up for you, and the crew can dispose of up to two bed items (such as your old mattress and box spring) for you at no extra charge. Pretty awesome.

Saatva Box

Best Value Choice: Titan By Brooklyn Bedding

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People - Titan

The Titan Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is one of the best value mattresses around, and it’s even better value when you consider what’s been packed into it for the price. The Titan Mattress is actually the cheapest mattress on the market that has been designed for heavy people, but that by no means impacts on the quality you get with Titan. Here are all the details:

  • 120 Night sleep trial and 10 year warranty
  • Optional cooling panel: a layer of phase change fabric sewn into the top of your Titan to further enhance the cooling properties of the mattress.
  • Durable knit cover quilted with one inch of gel memory foam: this is the first comfort layer of your Titan. This thin layer of memory foam is there to give some pressure relief through the top of the mattress while the gel infusion in the foam helps draw away body heat.
  • Two inches of proprietary TitanFlex foam: this is a specialty foam that Brooklyn Bedding designed exactly with you in mind. This foam acts a bit like latex: it responds very quickly to body impressions so you won’t ever feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. It’s there to provide durable firm body support and also adds cooling through its open cell structure.
  • Six inches of proprietary TitanCaliber coils: these are not just any pocket coils. As well as all the benefits you usually get from pocket coils (better motion isolation than inner springs, quiet, great edge support), these coils are stronger than most others on the market so you can rest assured they are strong enough to let the comfort layers do their job and will not fail easily.
  • Two inch high density foam base: this provides a strong base for the coils to function upon and add extra durability.

All in all, each layer of the Titan Mattress has been designed with plus size bodies in mind. This is a mattress with well designed cooling aspects, foams that will support you properly, and a strong pocket coil core.

Titan Box


The Quiet Achiever: Helix Plus

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People - Helix

Another option that is friendly on the pocket without compromising on quality, the Helix Plus mattress has higher density foams and bigger coils than their standard mattresses (which are really nice by the way).

  • 100 Night sleep trial and 10 year warranty
  • Cover: Similar to WinkBeds, the Helix Plus mattress has a beautifully soft and breathable Tencel cover.
  • Comfort Layer 1: High density memory foam. This is a proprietary Helix blend, designed to give pressure relief without sagging.
  • Comfort Layer 2: Helix dynamic foam. This is a foam Helix has designed to behave like latex. As you read above, latex is a premium mattress material that performs very well in mattresses for heavy people. Helix have kept the costs down by making their own foam that behaves like latex.
  • Transition Layer: Another layer of memory foam. This is a firmer, less conforming foam. It’s designed to act as a transition between the two comfort layers above and the support core below.
  • Base Layer: Tall pocket coils (you can see the mattress is quite high form the picture) with reinforced edges, sitting atop a layer of very dense foam to protect the coils.

At first look, the Helix Plus sounds very similar to the Titan mattress above. The Helix Plus has an extra layer of foam in the top and in my opinion a nicer cover, which more than justifies the slightly higher price.

Helix Plus Box

Best High Density Memory Foam: Tempur LUXEbreeze

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People - Tempur Pedic

If you’re looking at memory foam, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Tempur. Famed for being the first to adopt NASA’s memory foam technology into bedding, Tempur have continued to innovate and remain a market leader. Their exclusive “Tempur Material” is extremely high density, and gives that really classic memory foam conforming hug, so if that feel is what you’re after then you can’t beat Tempur. With the option to purchase in a firm feel and advanced cooling technology, the LUXEbreeze is my top pick of the Tempur-Pedic mattress range for you.

  • 90 Day sleep trial and 10 year warranty
  • Cover: Stretch knit with removable top panel (Tempur use the best quality zips in their mattress covers that I’ve ever seen). This cover is embedded with cool touch technology – yes, it actually feels cold to the touch!
  • First Layer: This is not a foam, but another fabric layer. This is a phase change material, which means it’s another layer that works hard to keep you cool. Phase change materials absorb body heat and release them out of the mattress to regulate your body temperature through the night.
  • Comfort Layers: Two layers of that special Tempur Material. The slow conforming, high density memory foam Tempur-Pedic markets itself on. Both of these layers have been designed with cooling in mind, so they are not heat traps like traditional memory foams were.
  • Base Layer: High density polyfoam. This is the only all-foam mattress of this review.

Tempur is the only all-foam mattress in this review. Generally, pocket coils make for better mattresses for heavy people, but the quality of this mattress and the cooling aspects meant it more than made the grade. Like Saatva above, Tempur comes with free white glove delivery because it it not a mattress in a box: Tempur Material is too dense for the machine that compresses mattresses into boxes!

Tempur-Pedic Box


Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People: Buyer’s Guide

Your first task is to understand the qualities a mattress should have to deserve your $$$. Consider these points, and you’ll be on the right path to making an informed choice of what mattress will be your personal best mattress. I’ve broken this into two sections:

  1. About the mattress
  2. About you

About The Mattress

Mattress type: we’re talking memory foam in this article.  That means a mattress with memory foam in the comfort layer, with  a support core of high density foam or pocket coils.

  1. All Foam: To work well for heavy people, an all foam mattress must have strong layers and good cooling technology inside. Not just any old memory foam mattress is going to give you the comfort you deserve.
    1. Look for: gel memory foams, cooling covers, high density polyfoam bases that are thick, and a firmer feel.
  2. Hybrid: mattresses that combine memory foam with the support of pocket coils are great for heavy people, and are often recommended as the strongest support. They also have better edge support and air circulation so it’s no mistake that some of the best memory foam mattresses for heavy people have coils inside them. You will have noticed that four of the five mattresses in this “best memory foam mattresses for heavy people” article feature coils inside
    1. Look for: cooling covers, cooling foams, strong coils with reinforced edging, and a firmer feel.

Mattress firmness: Heavier sleepers usually report that if they sleep on a soft rated mattress, they sink right through the comfort layers and feel like they are lying on the hard base or coils. Uncomfortable! You will need a mattress on the firmer side, or at least 7/10 on the firmness scale (where 1/10 could be described as so soft there is virtually zero support and 10/10 is as hard as a piece of wood or the floor), to comfortably support your weight and give you pressure relief.

The position you sleep in also influences what firmness level is most suitable for you, I’ve covered this topic below in the “about you” part of this buyer’s guide.

This review covers mattresses in the range of medium firm to very firm.

Mattress height: Heavier bodies compress mattresses more. Therefore, a mattress thicker than the standard 8-10 inches is probably going to serve you best.

That said, if a mattress is quite firm and made from quality materials, you can get away with a thinner one.

Mattress quality: Quality and durability are very important when choosing your new mattress. You’ll be putting a lot of pressure through your mattress, so you need to be sure that any foams used in its making are dense enough to last, and any coils are strong enough to not lose their spring.

Mattress trial period: To really get a good feeling of whether a mattress is right for you or not, I believe you need to test it out for at least a month. This is especially true if you are buying your first memory foam mattress, as they have a unique feeling that can take some getting used to.

Happily, online mattress companies are very aware that purchasing a mattress without even having had the chance to lie on it in a store is a massive risk for people. The shortest sleep trial in this review is 90 days. That’s three times as long as you’ll need to get a feel for whether the mattress is a good fit for you or not.

Mattress weight limit: Some mattresses have weight limits. There are some really flimsy mattresses out there, and some really strong ones. I’ve made sure to include mattresses that are more than up to the task of supporting your weight well, because the weight limit is a number you really need to know.

About You

For the purposes of this article, we are defining a “heavy” person as someone who weighs 230lb or more. This is not a medical definition, or one you should take any particular meaning from. It is simply a line in the sand that is used to describe how suitable a mattress is for a certain weight category, based on how comfortable and suitable a mattress will be for a person. A “light” person for these purposes is under 130lb, an “average” person is 130-230lb, and a “heavy” person is 230lb or more. Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at how you actually sleep.

What position do you sleep in? I have already said above that heavier people will need a firmer mattress to ensure their body weight has enough support from the mattress across the night. But how firm? Apart from personal preference, the way you sleep will impact what you need too.

Most people sleep on their side or back, with less sleeping on their stomachs. If you are a side sleeper, you will need a less firm mattress than a stomach sleeper. That is because side sleepers can find their shoulders and arms get uncomfortable if a mattress is TOO firm. You need some contouring for your shoulder. On the other hand, as stomach sleepers need maximum support around their hip and middle section to keep their backs in line, a firm mattress is the way to go.

  • if you are a back sleeper over 230 lb, I believe you should consider a mattress that is at least rated medium firm.
  • if you are a side sleeper over 230 lb, I believe you should consider a mattress that is at least rated medium (side sleepers tend to need the softest mattress out of all the sleeping positions), with some contouring foam.
  • if you are a stomach sleeper over 230lb I believe you will need a mattress that is at least rated firm, even very firm.
  • if you sleep in a combination of any of the above positions, a firm mattress is probably going to feel the most comfortable.

Do you sleep “hot”? It is important to ask this question because a bigger body mass tends to generate a bigger amount of heat. If you get too hot during the night, you’re not going to sleep well.

If you get hot during the night and want a mattress that is great at regulating your temperature and transferring heat away, you should go for a hybrid memory foam mattress. Air will naturally circulate better through the pocket coils than it would through an all foam mattress.

WinkBed Plus Mattress

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  • Foam Will Not Conform As Much As Other Brands Like Tempur
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