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U.S. Box Spring – A Simple Product That Does What It Says

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The name kind of sums itself up neatly, don’t you think? U.S. Box Spring, is, as you should expect, a company that makes box springs direct from their factory in the U.S (Phoenix, Arizona to be precise). They’ve been around since the 70’s, focusing and specializing on this one product, so in this U.S Box Spring overview I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about it, and if it’s worth your money.

Before we go any further, I will point out that modern “box springs” don’t actually contain springs. Springs are the component that usually lead to box springs wearing out and needing replacing, so a modern box spring is actually called a foundation and will have slats or a platform as the support for the box spring instead of springs, but works anywhere you would have used your traditional box spring. U.S Box Spring has been around since the 70’s though, so it’s probably not a good idea to change their brand and name despite now having a product without springs!

In this overview I’ll look at:

  • U.S Box Spring Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Is this Box Spring High Quality?
  • Is this Box Spring Easy to Use?
  • What Are The Alternatives?
  • Is It Worth Buying?

U.S Box Spring Features

u.s. box spring construction

A first glance around the U.S Box Spring website shows that it’s a really simple site that is focused on the one product. There aren’t really any fancy marketing claims, slick production shots or anything else. There are the words they need to say, and the pictures of the box spring you need to see! They let the product speak for itself without any hype. It’s actually quite refreshing.

  • The box and slats structure is made from kiln dried American North West Spruce which has not been treated with any chemicals, only dried. Kiln drying removes moisture from the wood before it’s made into furniture – it’s important because it ensures the wood won’t shrink later on.
  • Available in two heights: 5.5″ or 8″. Both models are the same price. According to the company, the 8 inch model is the more popular of the two.
  • The wooden surfaces are smooth and sanded, they have not been left rough.
  • The cover is a quilted organic cotton.
  • All models up to the Queen size are a one piece unit, packed in one box. The King and California King are split, and come in two boxes.
  • It can hold up to 1500lbtotal weight. This gives it sufficient sturdiness to support any mattress type, including heavy latex mattress, which can easily weigh over 200lb.
  • The weight of the frame itself ranges from 44lb for a twin up to 82 lb for a king. This is relatively light weight, and what I would expect from a softer wood such as spruce, as soft woods are less dense than hard woods.
  • The slats are less than three inches apart (to be exact, they are 2.75 inches apart). This is important as many mattresses require a foundation with slats no wider than three inches. You can even void your warranty if you use your mattress on the wrong foundation type. There are no worries here, as the width of these slats will suit any mattress requirement and protect your mattress against sagging.

Pros and Cons


  • Made in America from American materials
  • No chemicals in the wood or the cover
  • Designed to work with all mattress types, including heavier latex mattresses
  • Easy no tool assembly


  • One year warranty is short compared to company claims of how long the box spring will last
  • Not returnable (however this is common with furniture purchases)

Is this Box Spring High Quality?

U.S. Box Spring corner close up

U.S. Box Spring say they expect their product to last 10-20 years and that they have the best corner support in the industry. I feel inclined to believe them from looking at the reviews and the construction of the box spring, but I find myself feeling disappointed that they only offer a one year warranty. I think it would be good if they would back their product for a longer warranty period to help people feel confident in the quality of their U.S. Box Spring purchase.

Another reason I think you can believe their claims despite a disappointment with the warranty period is that U.S Box Spring is on the list of trusted members over on Mattress Underground – an authority website and consumer advocate for everything mattresses.

Spruce is a wood that is commonly used in furniture because it’s cheap. It is a soft wood, but you shouldn’t have any problems with getting cosmetic dents in it because your box spring has a nice organic cotton cover.

Is this Box Spring Easy to Use?

I think that yes, this box spring is easy to use.

You can put it directly on the floor, or use it with a bed frame so you have options for how you place it.

It will take you around 15-20 minutes to assemble, but you won’t need any tools. You can check out the instuctional video on how to do it below (it’s a bit dated, but it gets the message across)

I mentioned it earlier, but do note that any size up to queen size comes in one box. The King and California King are a split design and come in two boxes, which means two to unpack and assemble.

What Are The Alternatives?

A lot of people consider the look of a box spring style foundation to be dated and prefer a more modern look. If you want a different look, your alternatives are:

  • Metal bases (read my review of the cheap and popular Zinus frames here)
  • Wooden bed frames (read my review of the Avocado reclaimed wood bed frame here)

Whatever you do, please do not consider the floor a good alternative for your mattress. You’ll totally block any air flow around the mattress and could even void your warranty!

Is It Worth Buying?

If you’re in the market for that traditional box spring look, I think that yes this is worth buying. I think it’s a sturdy and honest product with a very budget friendly price tag. Its made in the USA and is suitable for all mattress types so it’s a product that is going to appeal to and be suitable for a wide range of people.

I would personally choose a wooden bed frame myself because I prefer that look, but if you’re needing to replace your box spring and want to keep it simple you will be very happy with your purchase from American Box Spring.

I found in the questions and answers section of the website that if you use the code MUG5 you should be able to get a 5% discount also.

U.S. Box Spring

$225 - $450

Overall Rating


Customer Service


Value For Money



  • Suitable for all mattress types
  • Made in the USA
  • Sturdy and well constructed


  • Short warranty period
  • Non returnable


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