What Are Microfiber Sheets

What Are Microfiber Sheets? Exploring the Comfort and Benefits

When you’re buying new bedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different options.  Thread counts? Material? Sizes? Finding the best option for you has never been harder! If you’re looking to buy new bedsheets, you may have come across microfiber sheets. With so many options on the market,

Are Helix Mattresses Available in Stores

Are Helix Mattresses Available in Stores? Exploring Retail Options

You’re considering buying a Helix mattress (great choice) but you’re feeling unsure about buying online. Buying a mattress is a big deal and you want to get it right. After all, if you get it wrong, you could be facing years of bad sleep. Buying mattresses online has exploded in

Can You Put A Mattress on the Floor

Can You Put A Mattress On The Floor?

Have you ever wondered if sleeping on a mattress without the comfort of a bed frame is okay? You may be glad to know the answer is a resounding yes!  However, it’s not a hard and fast rule. As with many things, there are numerous factors you need to consider

best waterproof mattress protector

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Mattress Protector?

The cleanliness and upkeep of mattress protectors play an integral part in promoting a healthy sleeping space and improving your sleep hygiene.  If you use a mattress protector or perhaps are considering getting one, then you already know it requires a certain level of care and maintenance! The question is:

Mattress Protector vs Fitted Sheet

Mattress Protector vs. Fitted Sheet: Do I Need Them Both?

If you’re looking into ways to prolong the life of your mattress, you may be wondering how fitted sheets and mattress protectors come into the equation. On paper, both seem to do the same thing. However, their specific, individual purposes are actually quite different! At a basic level, a mattress

Nolah Mattress Return Policy

Nolah Mattress Return Policy: What You Need to Know

Nolah is a top-of-the-line mattress and sleep accessory company that has gained recognition for its innovative concepts.  Nolah designs its mattress for side sleepers by providing additional support and comfort, as well as using various specialized materials to ensure a cooling and deep sleep.  Nolah’s quality is unbeatable, and its

Avocado Mattress Returns Policy

Avocado Mattress Return Policy: What You Need to Know

Avocado is a reputable mattress, pillow, and bedding brand based in the US.  Established in 2016, Avocado’s aim is to make luxurious, non-toxic, organic mattresses while maintaining affordability and sustainability within the business.  Avocado boasts many prestigious worldwide certifications including reaching the Global Organic Textile and Global Organic Latex Standards,

Awara Mattress Return Policy

Awara Mattress Return Policy: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been looking to buy a new mattress, you might have come across Awara.  Aware is a company that sells mattresses, bed frames, and bedding, specializing in luxurious mattresses designed to last you a lifetime!  They’re also interested in being kind to you and the planet, which is why

Lucid Mattress Fiberglass - Feature Image

Lucid Mattress Fiberglass – We Have To Assume It Has It

Lucid Mattress Fiberglass: you’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass. I messaged them directly, asking them specifically and clearly if there is fiberglass in the fire sock or fire barrier of their mattress, and they couldn’t give a straight answer. Here’s exactly what they said (this is

Black Friday Mattress Deals - Feature Image

Holiday Season Mattress Deals 2021

Black Friday is a HUGE day if you’re buying a new mattress. Many companies save their best deals for this day, offering you the biggest discounts and freebies of the year. Mattress brands are extremely competitive, and you’ll find a TON of great Black Friday mattress deals 2020.

Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses - Cover Image

Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses

Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses are extremely popular mattresses in boxes. You have so many options the choice can be overwhelming. Do you buy a cheap one from Amazon? Or buy that one touting itself as “luxury”? Perhaps you’re wondering if they’re even any good to start with. In this hybrid memory foam mattresses FAQ, I’ll answer all the questions you may have, and you’ll know if this mattress type is right for you. I’ve also got mattress recommendations to suit a range of budgets at the end of the article. 

Mattress Pad Vs Topper - Cover Image

Mattress Pad Vs Topper

Mattress pad vs topper: these are two terms that people get mixed up quite a lot, but they are completely different items. What’s a mattress pad? What’s a mattress topper? How are they different, and which one do you need?! I’ll answer everything in this mattress pad vs topper explainer. 

buying a mattress online cover image

The #1 Most Important Thing When You’re Buying A Mattress Online

I’ll be honest with you. I think a lot of the mattresses that come in boxes are pretty similar to each other. I think they’re all pretty good actually, and you will probably be comfortable on most of them. Sure, there are unique selling points that each has, or a certain design you might like. I’ll continue to review them to help you suss out all those factors. 

But there is ONE thing that is the most important thing when you’re buying a mattress. 

Especially when you’re buying online. A mattress is a big investment, both of your money and for your health. It needs to be right, and you need to feel confident with your choice. So what is that one thing, the thing that will help you choose one brand over another, this memory foam or that hybrid instead of the competitor?


You might be surprised to see that my #1 critical factor has nothing to do with the mattress itself. I believe it’s all about the company and whether you feel you can trust them. Here are some points to consider, and a list of companies I think are awesome (this is an international list, organised by country):

Ecosa Mattress Update

Ecosa Update (18 Months Of Daily Use)

We bought an Ecosa mattress in January 2019, just as I was planning bestmattressforyou.com. I hadn’t researched much into mattresses in boxes at that point, and the choice was my husband’s. So, knowing what I know now, and having slept on a mattress in a box for more than a year:

How does it feel now?
Am I happy with Ecosa?
Would I buy one again?
If I’d done more research at the time would we have bought something different?
How’s the mattress holding up (photos of the foams included)?

All will be revealed!

Avocado Mattress Showroom - Cover Image

Avocado Mattress Showroom

Want to visit an Avocado Mattress Showroom? You’ve got two options:

Santa Monica, California
Hoboken, New Jersey

These are more than just showrooms. They both offer an experience beyond that of simply testing out a mattress. Read on to find out exactly where they are, what to expect when you get there, and what your options are if you can’t make it to the store in person (Avocado have more options for you than any other online mattress retailer).

avocado green mattress prices - feature image

Avocado Green Mattress Prices

Avocado Green Mattress Prices: Full Breakdown And Discount Offers Avocado Green Mattress prices are $899 – $1,799 which is exceptional value for money given the high quality of the mattress. Find a link to Avocado sales at the end of the article to claim any current discounts. Avocado Green is

best colors for a bedroom

Best Colors For A Bedroom

Did you know that the colors in your bedroom not only impact the atmosphere, but also how long you sleep? It’s been shown that blue, green, and yellow are the best colors for a bedroom if you want to maximize your sleep. How can you add these colors to your bedroom and create the atmosphere you want? What kinds of blues, yellows, and greens are best? 

Memorial weekend Mattress Sales Poppy

Memorial Weekend Mattress Sales

Memorial Day is one of the biggest sale weekends of the year. For many online mattress companies, it is their busiest weekend of the year so they are clambering over each other to offer the best deal and beat their competition. While many more of us are shopping online than usual due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are also being more careful with our money. In my recommendations for Memorial Weekend Mattress Sales this year, I have been very selective in the deals I’m recommending for you. I’ve kept my list small because I only want to direct you towards the sales of mattresses I have thoroughly researched and am 100% confident you will love.

relaxing bedroom ideas

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas

If your bedroom is not a relaxing space, you’re probably finding it hard to fall asleep when you go to bed. We all like the idea of having a relaxing bedroom sanctuary, but the reality is often far from that. In this list of five relaxing bedroom ideas, I’ll share my top tips to make your bedroom that relaxing space you can fall asleep in. Some you can get started on straight away!

black friday mattress deals 2019

My Top 5 Black Friday Mattress Deals For 2019

There is so much competition in the online mattress market that you should be able to get a good deal every day of the week. You’ll see all the companies offering Black Friday deals, but are they actually any better than what you could just get anyway? I’ve scoured through my favorite brands to reveal who has the best Black Friday Mattress deals for 2019.

I’m only showing you FIVE Black Friday Mattress Deals as I believe these are the ones that represent the best value for Black Friday this year.

3 Critical Things To Do Before You Go To Bed (And What NOT To Do)

Do you have trouble unwinding at the end of the day? Perhaps you feel tired at bed time but then struggle to go to sleep as you had hoped. Or you might be doing some things that you think should help you go to bed but are getting frustrated because they’re not working. I believe there is a set of three critical things to do before you go to bed, to help you get the best sleep possible.

guided meditation for sleep

Guided Meditation For Sleep: The Game-Changer You’ve Been Seeking

Good, restful, peaceful sleep… we all want more, we all know we need more. But it’s not always easy to achieve. There are several things you can do to help you sleep, but a standout strategy that many people find really helpful is using a guided meditation for sleep.

Have you ever heard of that? Have you ever tried it? Perhaps you’re looking for the right meditation that will work for you.

Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress: Eight Month Update

If you’ve read the blog here at bestmattressforyou.com in the past, you will be aware that my husband and I made our very own online mattress purchase at the start of January: we bought an Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress.
You may have read my previous posts about our journey so far with our Ecosa:
– Our Unboxing And First Impressions
-My Update After Sleeping On Ecosa For Two Months
-My Full Review Of The Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress
So now I figure it’s a good time to give you an update on how we are going with our Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress, which we have now owned and slept on every night for eight months. 

Who Writes The Best Mattress Reviews On The Internet?

There are SO MANY mattress review sites around these days. This is no big surprise, since there are hundreds of mattresses you can now choose from online. BUT: it’s confusing knowing which mattress will suit you, and it can be confusing trying to figure out which reviews are actually going to help you with your mattress research and purchase.
I’ve got 9 reasons why my reviews are the best you’ll find.

helix dual mattress review

Helix Dual Mattress Review: Never Fight About Mattresses Again

Do you love to fall asleep on a soft fluffy cloud? But your partner prefers something that feels more solid underneath them? Perhaps it’s the other way around. Either way, if you’re a couple who share a bed, it can be extremely difficult to find “the one”, the mattress you are both comfortable on.Some mattresses are too soft for one of you.Some are too hard.You just can’t seem to find one that will suit you both.Someone is always uncomfortable and getting cranky about the mattress not feeling right.Who wins? Who loses?Don’t resort to separate beds yet! What if I told you there was such a thing as a mattress that was firm on one side, but soft on the other? Imagine both being able to lie on the exact right comfort level for your body. On the same mattress.

best bed in a box reviews

Best Bed In A Box Reviews: Who Can You Trust?

Buying a mattress online can be an absolute minefield. Not only is there a confusing plethora of options, there are tons of mattress review sites too. These sites (including mine, which you’re reading right now) are all writing what they think are the best or most helpful bed in a box reviews.You’re probably looking for a mattress online because you’re sick of spending time with sleazy salesmen in stores, and just want to make a great decision based on solid information you can trust, right?

benefits of power naps

Four Amazing Benefits of Power Naps

Perhaps you think naps are just for babies, older people, or for when you’re sick. They’re not! Naps are for everyone! I love to nap, not that I get much chance to. But when I do get the time, I head straight for a nap because there are actually some really amazing benefits of power naps. There are loads of reasons why naps are so great, I’ll take you through four of the biggest benefits of power naps. I’ve also made a handy list of tips on how to take a power nap at the end of the article for you.

I can't sleep

Five Shocking Sleep Facts You Need To Know Now

Following on from my previous post, where I shared some fun and quirky sleep facts with you, now we will look at some shocking sleep facts. I wasn’t sure whether to describe these as shocking or frightening, perhaps they are both.These five facts reveal the shocking toll not getting enough sleep takes on our health. And I’ve only chosen a few! Once you’ve read through these, you’ll be scrambling to ensure you get a good nights rest tonight, and all the nights!

Five Cool Sleep Facts

Writing about mattresses day in and day out can get a little dry at times, so today I’m bringing you a bit of a light hearted blog post. Since the main job of a mattress is to help you sleep, I thought why not take a look at some cool sleep facts? I have written articles about the importance of sleep etc, but let’s have a bit of fun today. Who knows, you may even be able to impress your friends with some of these random bits of knowledge! Here are five cool sleep facts and three scary ones.

natural sleep aids that work

Four Natural Sleep Aids That Work

When you think of sleep aids, you might automatically think of natural herbs and supplements. However, there is a lot more to sleep aids than just pills you can pop. In this article, I outline four natural sleep aids that work, and you might be surprised by some of them.

buying a mattress online cover image

Why Are So Many People Buying Mattresses Online All Of A Sudden?

According to USA Today, the online mattress business went from “nothing to a $1.5 billion dollar business in the blink of an eye”. The pace does not look like it is giving up any time soon: my research on mattresses shows that popular models are selling thousands and thousands of mattresses per month. There are now more than 150 retailers offering to sell you a mattress online in the United States alone. Let’s take a look at how this all started, and some of the reasons why I think online mattress purchases are soaring. I’ve also included a cool video at the end which shows the thing that’s really made this all possible.

Ecosa Mattress Update 2 Months - Feature Image

Ecosa Mattress Update: Two Months In

Ecosa Mattress Update: Here Is Our Progress Report After Spending Two Months On This Mattress? Do We Like It, Or Will We Take Advantage Of The 100 Night Return?

mattress stores

Mattress Store Visits: Why I’m Happy I Bought Online

I figured since I’m recommending you purchase a mattress online, it’s only right to offer you my experiences and thoughts of shopping for a mattress the traditional way: by going to the store, talking to the staff, and lying on the mattresses. Read all about my experiences and thoughts here.

7 Reasons to Buy a Mattress on Amazon (and one Warning)

It might seem like a bit of a leap to go from downloading the latest kindle release to choosing your next bed on the same website (even in the same transaction, if you like) but buying a mattress on Amazon is a really smart idea. Don’t believe me? Read on, I’ve come up with seven compelling reasons why Amazon is a great place to buy a mattress. I’ve also included something to watch out for at the end.