Nolah Mattress Return Policy: What You Need to Know

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Nolah is a top-of-the-line mattress and sleep accessory company that has gained recognition for its innovative concepts. 

Nolah designs its mattress for side sleepers by providing additional support and comfort, as well as using various specialized materials to ensure a cooling and deep sleep. 

Nolah’s quality is unbeatable, and its customer-focused policies mean that everyone stays happy. 

In fact, they’re so confident in their products that their warranties are incredible, with various options that benefit and put the customer first. For example, if you’re not sure about the brand, you can try any mattress for 120 days and return it if you don’t get the sleep of your dreams. 

To make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, we’ll break down:

  • The return policy and everything you need to know about it so that you can confidently purchase your mattress
  • Important points to understand about Nolah’s warranty
  • Top tips for a stress-free return experience.

Let’s get started!

Nolah Mattress Return Policy

Basics of the Nolah Return Policy 

Nolah accepts mattress returns up to 120 days after your delivery date with their 120-night sleep trial period. 

If you don’t like the mattress, you can initiate an exchange or return for a full refund, minus a fee for pick-up costs.

Sleep Trial Period 

The sleep trial period consists of 120 nights of trying out your mattress, with the day of delivery being the first day the trial period begins. 

There is a 30-day break-in period, which means that in the first 30 days, you can’t initiate a return!

After that, you’re free to return the mattress even after 120 nights of sleep in total (90 more days). 

The extensive 4-month sleep trial period means that you can be confident you’ve made the right decision for your sleep without worrying about the price of a mattress you may not even like.  

Eligibility for Returns 

The only conditions for a valid return are that you arrange pick-up of your mattress and initiate a return before the 120 days are up. 

The mattress must be picked up before the trial ends or the return will not be accepted.

Your return might be denied if you’ve missed the period or you’ve opted out of the trial to save money on your original purchase. 

Of course, you can’t return a torn-up mattress that’s split in half, so the mattress should be in good condition. It’s better to be careful with that glass of wine until you’re sure the mattress is right for you!

Process of Initiating a Return 

Process of Initiating a Return 

The process of initiating the return is relatively simple: If you’ve decided that you don’t want to keep the Nolah mattress and you’re within the sleep trial, you can return it for a full refund! 

Get in touch with customer service via the Nolah website and initiate your return with a valid reason. 

Once it has been accepted, you can organize a pick-up for someone to take your mattress away. If you’re having trouble, Nolah has a chatbot on its website that can help you in real time.

Contacting Customer Service

There are a few options for contacting customer service. You can reach them by phone at (866) 403-6615. If you prefer email, send a message to! Finally, you can always use the live chat function on their website as well. 

Arranging Product Pickup 

Nolah manages pick-up returns by agreeing on a pickup date with you through a third-party delivery service. For delivery, they use FedEx, so it’s likely to be the same for returns as well. 

As listed in their conditions for their 120-night sleep trial, a $99 flat fee is charged for pick up. 

Refunds and Exchanges 

Aside from straightforward refunds, Nolah will also allow you to exchange your chosen mattress. If you’re not happy with the size or style you’ve purchased, you can request an exchange as long as you’re still in your trial period! 

This means that if you didn’t opt out of the sleep trial, you can exchange your mattress within the 120-day period and only pay the price difference between the sizes (if you’re going for a larger model). 

However, just like refunds, you’ll pay a $99 transportation fee.

Note that you can only get one exchange, so think it over carefully before you lodge that request!

Refund Process and Timeline 

For mattresses, the refund process starts once the mattress has been picked up and returned to Nolah. You can expect a refund between 5-10 days of confirmation. 

The refund will be made through the original form of payment that you used.

Options for Exchanges 

Of course, there’s always the option to swap products instead of just flat-out returning them. 

If you feel you may have chosen the wrong mattress but not the wrong brand, then you can exchange mattresses in the same time period as returns. There is a $99 fee for delivery and removal that will be paid to the manual laborers. 

Conditions involve the availability of other mattresses and the usual 120-day trial requirement. 

Nolah Warranty and its Implications

With all of their mattresses, Nolah offers a lifetime limited warranty that protects their customers from any defects in the mattresses. 

If the mattress is deemed defective, Nolah will replace the mattress at a percentage of the original price you paid depending on the number of years since purchase. 

Warranty Coverage 

Nolah’s warranty covers a variety of situations including defects, sagging, sinking, and denting. 

There are different types of warranty for different years since purchase, but the warranty is stipulated as “lifetime” which means there’s no chance you’ll be too late!

Here is the breakdown of the warranty, by years: 

  • Within the first two years, the mattress will be fully replaced by Nolah at no charge. 
  • Between 3-10 years, the mattress will be repaired and recovered by Nolah with the only charge being the $99 transportation fee. 
  • In 10-25 years, your mattress will be replaced at 50% of the original price you paid. 
  • In 25 years and onward, the mattress will be replaced at 60% of the original price you paid. 

With the Nolah lifetime warranty, you’ll never pay full price for a Nolah mattress ever again as long as you’re within the warranty protection. 

Situations it doesn’t cover are generally small issues that don’t necessarily affect the use of the mattress such as small tears, stains, and loose threads. 

There is a more comprehensive list of circumstances that the warranty does not cover that you can check out at

Return vs. Warranty Claims

The return and warranty claim processes are relatively similar, as both involve returning or replacing the mattress. 

Just like with returning the mattress, simply get in contact with Nolah’s customer service team via the three options previously stated. 

An example of when you might claim a warranty is if there is an indentation over 1 inch thick into your mattress, if it’s collapsing or not supporting you, or if the overall quality is hindering the use of the mattress. 

Tips for a Smooth Return Experience 

To ensure your protection if you do decide to return your mattress whether through the trial or in a warranty claim, there are a few things you should do to make sure your experience is smooth.

It is important that you keep your mattress in the best condition you can! We understand that life happens, and so does damage that you just can’t help. 

However, if your mattress is considered to be in bad condition beyond company defects, the mattress won’t be accepted for returns. As such, it’s a good idea to use a mattress protector as a cautionary measure. 

Do your best to retain the original packaging so that you have all the information you need for a return such as serial numbers and delivery information. 

Finally, document product issues to the best of your ability. Take photos, write down notes, and keep a record of the dates if you start noticing any defects. 

Having the proper evidence will mean that Nolah has less cause to deny your return or warranty claim.


How long is the sleep trial period for Nolah products?

The sleep trial period for Nolah Mattresses is 120 nights. You can return your mattress anywhere between day 30 and day 120.

Are there any charges for returning a product?

With Nolah returns, often there will be a $99 flat fee for the removal of mattresses and other Nolah products. This is for 3rd party removalists who need to be paid for their own labor outside of the Nolah company.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

Once you have filed a return and your mattress has been picked up and accepted, a refund should be processed through the original means of purchase within 5-10 days. If it takes any longer than that, we’d recommend contacting customer support.

Can I exchange a Nolah product for a different one?

Yes, you can exchange some Nolah products instead of returning them! Most mattresses can be exchanged for a different model within the sleep trial period, paying only the difference between the two. A $99 flat fee will be charged for removal and delivery, and Nolah only allows one exchange per customer. Bed bases are not exchangeable.

Is the return policy different if I bought the product from a third-party retailer?

There is no difference in return policy if you buy from a third-party, verified Nolah seller. Nolah have also recently started showcasing their mattresses in in-person showrooms and stores, so you can even go in and try them at a range of stores across the US.

How does the Nolah warranty affect returns?

The warranty has several conditions that may affect your return, depending on the condition of the mattress and the number of years since your purchase. 

If it’s within 10 years, you’ll pay either nothing for a replacement or a $99 fee for removal and repair. After 10 years, you’ll pay half the price of your original purchase to replace your mattress. After 25 years, you’ll need to pay 60%. 

To find out more about the terms and conditions of the lifetime limited warranty, go to


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