7 Reasons to Buy a Mattress on Amazon (and one Warning)

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Amazon’s power as a shopping giant is so big that they’re actually one of the biggest search engines in the world. Yep, they’re right up there with google. So buying a mattress on Amazon is extremely common, and thousands of people do it every day. You could argue that Amazon is one of the best places to buy a mattress online: Prime customers get super fast delivery and there’s always a deal to be had.

I’ve got 7 reasons why Amazon can be a great place to buy a mattress, and just one little warning I think you need to be aware of.

1. Amazon is super experienced selling online

There isn’t much on Amazon you can’t buy and more than a hundred million people buy something there each month so they gotta be doing a lot of things right. It is the world’s biggest e-commerce marketplace.

I’ve always found their customer service to be quite helpful and they respond quickly.

2. Amazon has a massive selection of mattresses to choose from

If you type “mattress” into the Amazon search bar, do you know how many results show up? Thousands. Does your local store have that many for you to choose from? From the most budget air mattress for camping right through to a ten thousand dollar Rolls Royce of king mattresses, Amazon has them all.

“But that’s too many”, I hear you cry! How can one possibly make a decision with so many options available? Analysis paralysis is real: when we are faced with too many options we can freeze and have more trouble with the decision. On Amazon not only can you filter by price or mattress type, like you could if you were shopping elsewhere, but you can also filter by star rating, which will tell you what people think of the mattress. Which you won’t really get anywhere else.

If it seems daunting to go through the mattresses on Amazon please let me know and I will try to help you pick.

3. You can get the opinions of real people using the mattress

One of the things I like most about purchasing on Amazon is the fact you can access thousands of reviews from real customers, some of who have been using the product for a long time. This is particularly important for mattresses, as one of the biggest worries people have is that their mattress will start to fail after a year or two. One small problem with going through the negative reviews, however, is that sometimes people have done something incorrect that has made their experience of the mattress less than ideal. I take this into account when I write my reviews, so you know if the one-star ratings are really accurate, and how to avoid potential problems.

Amazon has also spent a lot of time and money making sure their reviews are unbiased because you need to be able to trust that the five-star, positive reviews are genuine and helpful, too.

Alongside reviews, you can ask questions about a product. One mattress I have reviewed has over 900 questions that the Amazon community has answered. Another has answers direct from the man who developed the mattress, on every single question! You can find out some great technical information and user opinions in the questions. I sift through these to write my reviews too, saving you a heap of time.

4. Amazon has a mattress buying guide

buy a mattress on amazon

5. You can buy other stuff at the same time

Decided you need new sheets to go on top of your new mattress? Perhaps a new mattress protector. Or maybe you’re hungry and you can’t get your mind off peanut butter M&Ms! You can buy it all in one transaction.

Amazon will also show you which products people bought with the mattress to help you decide what is going to be appropriate for the mattress you have chosen. And, of course, I can help you if needed.

6. Amazon offers a mattress removal service

You can purchase a range of services through Amazon, this is one of them.

Everyone who has bought this service is extremely happy with it: it has all 4 and 5 star ratings. Everyone says they received good communication and professional service. Amazon uses contractors to carry out their services, all who have had rigorous background checks.

How it works:

  • book and pay for your mattress removal appointment
  • clear your old mattress of sheets and be at home to open the door
  • the removalist will take the mattress away and either dispose of it or donate to a charity for you

7. Amazon has incredibly fast shipping

If you are an Amazon Prime member, your mattress will probably reach you within two days. This is a lot quicker than many of the mattress companies can deliver via their own websites. If you choose standard free shipping, you should receive it within 3-6 business days which is still excellent service for such a large bulky item.

Are you outside of the United States, like myself? You may find you’d rather choose from the variety of options available on Amazon than be limited to what is available locally. Shipping will undoubtedly be higher and returning will probably be difficult, but it’s nice to know the option is there anyway! Plug your address into Amazon before you start shopping and it will only show you products available to be shipped to you.

I tested out what it would cost to get the Zinus Green Tea mattress shipped to me in New Zealand. It is Amazon’s best seller so I thought I’d look at shipping it over to check it out. The total came to around $600. This is significantly more than what I would pay if I lived in the United States, but it is significantly less than what I could potentially pay for an on-par product in my local markets.

One thing to be aware of

Most mattresses sold online offer generous trial periods of around 100 nights so you can feel comfortable taking the risk purchasing their product. Some companies, when they sell their mattresses on Amazon, revert to Amazon’s in-house return policy which is 30 days and only offer you the 100 nights if you buy direct through them. So it pays to make sure you know exactly how long you have to trial the mattress when you buy on Amazon. Do you have the full time period offered by the company to direct customers? Or do you have the Amazon 30 days?


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