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Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses – Everything To Know Before You Buy

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Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses are extremely popular mattresses in boxes. You have so many options the choice can be overwhelming. Do you buy a cheap one from Amazon? Or buy that one touting itself as “luxury”? Perhaps you’re wondering if they’re even any good to start with. In this hybrid memory foam mattresses FAQ, I’ll answer all the questions you may have, and you’ll know if this mattress type is right for you. I’ve also got mattress recommendations to suit a range of budgets at the end of the article.

What Is A Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Example

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that combines a coil support system with foam comfort layers. With hybrid memory foam mattresses, you get coils and memory foam.

The coils won’t be a standard innerspring coil unit, but a more advanced system called pocket coils. These are individually wrapped coils. Because each coil is wrapped separately, they move independently of each other. This means the whole mattress won’t bounce if someone moves on the other side of the bed, and offers more targeted support than a traditional spring unit.

The comfort memory foam layer will probably have more than one layer of foam. You’ll find that different brands use foams with different cooling properties and firmness ratings as they compete to make the most comfortable mattress and get your purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are popular because they offer the best of both worlds for people looking to try out newer foams without losing the feel of springs. Some of the main advantages of a hybrid mattress are:

  • Strong edge support thanks to reinforced pocket coils around the edges of most models
  • Better motion isolation than a traditional spring mattress thanks to the individually wrapped coils
  • Better air circulation than an all foam mattress because air can flow around and out of the coils
  • They have more bounce than an all foam mattress
  • There are more hybrid mattresses that offer zoning in the support core than there are all foam mattresses

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For Back Pain?

Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses And Back Pain

The short answer here is yes, a hybrid mattress can be really good for back pain.  Let me explain a little more.

A mattress that is good for back pain is one that keeps your spine in a neutral position while you’re sleeping. This can be any mattress, as long as it’s the right construction for you. Many people believe that a firm mattress is what they need for their back pain, but according to chiropractors , it’s actually more important how the mattress supports your spine to keep it straight.

With a pocket coil core for strong support and high-tech foams through the comfort layers, hybrid memory foam mattresses certainly fit the bill as a good quality, supportive mattress.

Your size, weight, and preferred sleeping position will all influence exactly which mattress out of the many hybrid options is the best fit for you, and there will indeed be a hybrid mattress out there that will fit your requirements. Check out some of my recommendations further down the article for a range of different hybrid memory foam mattresses to suit different people.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For Side Sleepers?

Yes, hybrid mattresses can be a great choice for side sleepers.

When you sleep on your side, a lot of pressure goes through your shoulder so you need to make sure you’re choosing a hybrid mattress that will offer enough contouring for your needs. A lighter side sleeper will need a softer hybrid mattress to get the benefits, while a heavier side sleeper will need a firmer one. Again, check out some of my recommendations further down the article, there will be something that suits you.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Worth The Money?

Buying A Hybrid Mattress Online

Yes, hybrid mattresses are worth the money. When you consider that they’re made of pocket coils, several foam layers, and come with long in home sleep trials (some up to one year) , it’s hard to argue against them.

A good quality hybrid memory foam or latex mattress will usually be priced at around $1000 – $2000, which is significantly cheaper than what you could pay for a similar mattress in a bricks and mortar store.

Because competition is so stiff in the online mattress market, you can always get discounts and sale deals too. Many brands will offer free pillows or accessories with their mattresses, or deep discounts. The sales are so frequent that I recommend you never pay the full retail price listed.

How Long Should A Hybrid Mattress Last?

A good quality hybrid mattress will last around 8 years. You can ensure you get the most from your mattress by keeping it clean and rotating it regularly (every 3 – 6 months)

Hybrid mattresses that will endure the longest are those with high quality coils and higher density foams (this does not necessarily mean firmer foams, density is a better measure of quality).

A hybrid mattress with latex in the comfort layers instead of memory foam could last even longer, as natural latex is widely regarded as the most durable mattress material.

It’s a good idea to look at the warranty wording of any mattress you buy, to see what level of sagging the company deems defective. The best I’ve seen is when sagging of one inch is considered a defect. I’ve seen others that won’t consider sagging defective until it’s 3 inches deep, which I don’t think is good enough.

Which Is Better, Memory Foam Or Hybrid Mattress?

Memory Foam Or Hybrid Comparison

The answer depends on what you want from your mattress. Here’s a quick look at the advantages of one over the other:

Hybrid is better:

  • Cooling. Air will flow better around coils than an all foam support core, so hybrids have better ventilation by design.
  • Edge support. Again, the coils are the key here. Many models have reinforced coils around the edges for firmer edge support. This is good news for you if you like to sleep right up on the edge of your mattress, or rely on a stable edge for sitting while you dress when you get up.
  • Bounce. If you like a mattress with a bit of bounce, you’ll need coils.
  • If you’re a heavier person. The all coil support system inside a hybrid mattress usually offers better support for you than an all foam mattress.

All-foam is better:

  • Motion isolation. While hybrids do a pretty good job at isolating motion (certainly better than traditional innerspring mattresses), all foam mattresses stop it dead. The trade off for this is that all foam mattresses lack any bounce.
  • All-foam mattresses are generally lighter to maneuver.

Both mattress types should contain high quality foams in the comfort layers, and I’d expect them to last for a similar duration.

Can You Flip A Hybrid Mattress?

The short answer is no.

Hybrid mattresses are designed to have the coil supports at the bottom and the foam comfort layers at the top. This means there is only one way up. Most all-foam mattresses are built this way too: they usually have a high density foam support and softer foams at the top, so you’re not losing anything by choosing a hybrid in this regard.

You can rotate your mattress every 3-6 months to ensure even wear, but don’t flip it.

Of course, as with everything in life, there are exceptions to the rule. I have come across one hybrid memory foam mattress that is flippable, you’ll find it in my recommendations below.

What Are Some Good Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses?

Here are some detailed reviews of some great hybrid mattresses. There’s something for everyone here.

  • Some great budget options: The Best Hybrids Under $600 On Amazon
  • A great hybrid specifically designed for heavy people: Titan Mattress
  • A rare flippable mattress design (that also has a very high firmness rating): Idle Sleep Mattress
  • A brand that offers you a range from soft to firm with both standard and luxe options: Helix
  • A hybrid targeted at athletes with special cooling technology: Bear
  • An Amazon top seller that’s also a good budget choice: Vibe


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