Who Writes The Best Mattress Reviews On The Internet?

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who writes the best mattress reviews9 Reasons Why The Best Mattress Reviews Are Right Here On This Site

There are SO MANY mattress review sites around these days. This is no big surprise, since there are hundreds of mattresses you can now choose from online. BUT: it’s confusing knowing which mattress will suit you, and it can be confusing trying to figure out which reviews are actually going to help you with your mattress research and purchase.

  • Which are the best mattress reviews?
  • Who is legit?
  • Who is just writing for the commission?
  • What even makes a good review anyway?

It’s not always easy to tell.

Obviously, since I own, write, and research everything for bestmattessforyou.com, I want you to think mine are the best mattress reviews. I’m proud of them.

Here’s why:

I’m a nerd
I spend hours researching my posts. My goal is to to ALL the research so you don’t have to. I have a science background that helps me dig up any dirt and gives me a critical eye to help navigate hype to see through to the facts.

best mattress reviews: I weigh up the good and the bad

I’ll test the customer service
Choosing to buy a mattress online is a huge deal. We are used to going to a traditional store, lying on a mattress, and making a purchase based on how it feels. You can’t do that online, so you’re taking a risk. It’s critical that you know if something is not right with your mattress the company you bought it from will go above and beyond to help you fix it. I don’t want you to ever be stuck with a dud mattress you can’t sleep on.

I look at the good and the bad
I weigh up the very positive and very negative reviews for a mattress (ever noticed customers tend to be extreme when they leave a star rated review?) to give you the REAL deal. Did you know that most people won’t leave a review?

It’s people who tend to have an extreme opinion one way or the other that will leave one. This means you don’t often hear from the majority who are pretty satisfied with their purchase. Despite it not being easy to get the a full and balanced picture from reading a couple of reviews, a lot of us rely on them when we buy online.

Therefore, a lot of my research time is spent finding the balance between the good and the bad, and showing it all to you.

I’ll let you know if a mattress isn’t for you
As much as companies want you to think one mattress can suit everyone, it’s just not true. Sure, there are a lot of mattresses that work well for the majority of people, but not all of them. I put myself in the shoes of a range of different people to figure out if a mattress I’m reviewing is a good fit.

I’m upfront about getting commissions
If you buy a mattress via one of my links, I get paid. Thank you! You’ll noticed on my posts I have this right at the top: it’s the first thing you’ll read when you open my reviews. BUT: did you know that this is actually the law?

Any site that is not upfront about how they make money to keep their site running (as much as we’d love to do this for free it’s actually a job) is one to be wary of.

I also write about mattresses that don’t get me a commission
There are some awesome mattresses out there where I have no relationship with the company. It would be wrong not to tell you about those though, so I write about them for you. After all, the goal of bestmattressforyou is to help you find the best mattress for you, no matter what.

I recently wrote an article about the best mattresses for heavy people. I think one of the best is Big Fig, who I don’t work with. Big Fig is specifically designed for heavier people and is very popular, so how could I leave it out? How could I write a post about the “best” if I knew I was leaving out a really good one just because it wasn’t going to make me money? That just feels wrong to me.

I’ll also tell you about mattresses I think you should NOT buy
Just like I’ll write about great mattresses without making any money as I told you above, I also make sure to take the time to tell you about mattresses I don’t think are worth your money. There are so many mattresses out there, they can’t all be good. For example, one of the top sellers on Amazon I think is actually a bit of a dud. You can read about that here.

emily from best mattress for you
This is me!

You’ll see my face on most of my reviews
On pretty much every review post, you get to see me. A real face, a real person who works on this site. My videos are very amateur, unedited, and just real. You get enough slick marketing hype on company websites. I’m not about that here on my own site. I think it’s so important that you can see that I am a real person, researching and writing for you.

I don’t get mattresses for free
Don’t let this put you off. In fact, I think it’s actually a good thing. You really think if I got sent mattresses to reveiw I’d have time to sleep on them for long enough to give you a thorough breakdown of its performance? Also: mattress feel, suitability for body type, etc, are highly individual factors. This is why I spend hours researching. To find real reviews from a range of customers already using the mattress. I hunt down the best virtual “try before you buy” information out there, as the opinion of one person is just not enough.

Ready to read some of my reviews?
I write about all sorts of mattresses. Cheap ones, luxury ones, memory foam, latex. Here are some of my favorite reviews:

That’s just a small selection.

If you want to read more, go to the review section of my site right now.


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