Best Bed In A Box Reviews: Who Can You Trust?

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best bed in a box reviewsBest Bed In A Box Reviews: No Better Than Instore Salesmen?

Buying a mattress online can be an absolute minefield. Not only is there a confusing plethora of options, there are tons of mattress review sites too. These sites (including mine, which you’re reading right now) are all writing what they think are the best or most helpful bed in a box reviews.

You’re probably looking for a mattress online because you’re sick of spending time with sleazy salesmen in stores, and just want to make a great decision based on solid information you can trust, right?

  • Can you trust mattress review sites?
  • A lot of people out there think these sites can’t be trusted because the writers of the sites can make commissions if you buy a mattress after clicking from their review. They think the sites must be no better than those salesmen in the stores!
  • This leaves a lot of people in a real pickle: do they listen to the salesman in the store, or take a leap of faith trusting the opinion of the online reviewer?

I am a mattress reviewer myself, but I’m going to do something a bit out of the box here and tell you about my three favorite competing mattress review websites who I think provide you with great and trustworthy information about mattresses. Of course, I’d love you to buy via links on my page if you decided to buy online (I’ll explain why I think you can trust me later in this article).

At the end of the day I just want you to feel like you’ve got the information that YOU need to make the best decision for YOUR purchase, no matter what website that comes from. So, bed in a box reviews: who can you trust?

Try to remember: it takes a lot of time and effort to run a website, especially one where you are writing long articles in an effort to be as helpful to people as you can. I do this as my job to work from home to spend more time with my kids. All these sites are someone’s job, so don’t be suspicious of them just because they make money. Only be suspicious if you think the site is salesy or biased.

Sleep Like The Dead: No Commissions In Their Reviews

Sleep Like The Dead has been around since 2008 and is a highly respected mattress review and information site.

I quite often find myself fact checking information with them, and have referenced some of their research in my own articles.

Reasons why I like this site:

  1. This site does not make money from commissions or endorsing specific mattresses. They pledge to be a true consumer advocate and I think they do an amazing job of this. Instead, the site is funded by using Google Ads.
  2. They have awesome graphs and statistics. If you want to know anything about how people feel about mattresses, Sleep Like The Dead have analyzed it for you. It was seeing some of the positive statistics on their site that gave me the confidence to go ahead with this site: I wanted to know people were generally satisfied with buying mattresses online before I started delving into all the different options, and Sleep Like The Dead have a goldmine of data available that can reassure you, too.
  3. The site is extremely easy to read. There are no frills on this site, much like mine. You’ll have an easy, distraction-free time reading the information on Sleep Like The Dead.
  4. They are extremely thorough. If you read some of their reviews, you’ll probably find yourself thinking about aspects of mattress you might not have ever considered before, such as “is the mattress short person friendly” or how accurate a mattress company’s marketing is.
  5. They have some cool tools such as the quick mattress selector, and a section on helping you see through marketing hype that some companies use.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • If you like pictures, Sleep Like The Dead won’t be visually pleasing for you. It’s full of awesome stats, data, and a very simple color scheme which as I said above makes for easy reading, but there are no images. I actually think this is a good thing, it really lets the information talk.
  • You can’t leave them a comment underneath any of the articles, but they are easily contacted via email.


best bed in a box reviews

Mattress Clarity: A Personal Touch From The Founder

Mattress Clarity has been around since 2015. It started as one guy, Joe, who had a vision of making people’s purchasing decisions really easy. He tests many of the mattresses himself.

Reasons why I like this site:

  1. The site has a personal touch. You’ll see pictures and videos of their team trying out the different mattresses.
  2. You can leave comments on their articles and they respond in a very helpful way to questions.
  3. I think they do a good job of highlighting who a mattress is NOT suited for when they are writing their reviews.
  4. They have a team of sleep experts with great qualifications who write for the site.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • Mattress Clarity reviews mattresses they can try and test for themselves. They often have two of their team test the mattresses. On one hand, this is great, as it gives you direct access to someone knowledgeable’s opinion of the mattress. However, you might have a different experience or opinion of the mattress. We are all different, after all!
  • The website is owned by JAKK Media, a company that also owns Sleepopolis (another great review site).


Tuck: Slick And Professional

Tuck is an all round great site. They deliver evidence based sleep health information, news, and unbiased product reviews, making them a true authority in the sleep field.

Reasons why I like this site:

  1. Their product reviews have great summary boxes with traffic light ratings. I particularly like how they rate each mattress for each type of sleeper (side, back, or stomach) of a given weight category (light, average, or heavy).
  2. They have comprehensive information sections on sleep disorders and sleep medicine, which will be incredibly useful for some readers.
  3. They use a great mix of their own testing and consumer research to write their reviews.
  4. Like Mattress Clarity above, Tuck has a team of qualified sleep experts to call upon.
  5. They are doing a great job of keeping up with what is happening with all the different sleep companies, offering sales, discounts, and even product warnings if they feel something is no longer recommended.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • Like Sleep Like The Dead above, you can’t leave comments or ask questions at the end of their articles. They do have a phone number you can call (I feel like this is becoming an unusual thing in this era of messaging, chat, and email), and a contact form to fill out if you wish to discuss anything with them.
  • There is a Spanish language version of Tuck, but it is only one page long.


Emily from and family

How My Reviews Are Different Here At BestMattressForYou.Com

Of course, I’d really love it if you felt you could read and trust the mattress reviews you can find right here, on I genuninely think my reviews are some of the best bed in a box reviews.

Five reasons why my site is great:

  1. I’m just me. That’s me right there! I don’t have a team, I’m not owned by a larger media company. You see my face on every post, in every video that I produce. What you see is what you get here with! You’ll also see various family members in my posts, we’re real people!
  2. I like to collect reviews from a wide range of resources. If a mattress is on Amazon, I won’t just look at the reviews there, I’ll look all over the internet to bring you the balanced picture. I’ll visit company Instagram and Facebook pages, and look at what sort of messages people are writing them. This is especially important when reviewing mattresses that you buy direct from the company websites, which are often set up to make the five star reviews easiest to find and read.
  3. I don’t just review mattresses that bring me a commission. If there is a mattress you need to know about but I can’t partner with the company, or one I think you should avoid, I will let you know. Writing these articles takes a long time, but like I said, helping you make good purchasing decisions is the goal for my site. You can see an example of a mattress I DON’T recommend here.
  4. My day job before I started this site was as a health professional. I have a strong background in science and trying to understand people. I like to think that this shows itself in my site by having a strong bullsh**t meter to decide if a product is as good as it sounds, and allows me to write you helpful sleep articles.
  5. I bring you comments from real people who are already using and loving the mattress or product being reviewed. Testimonials are so important to help you feel confident in what you’re about to buy, so I try to bring a range of different comments to the table. I discuss the negative aspects too of course, for balance.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • I do not receive mattresses to test and report back to you. I live in New Zealand, which is a bit of a hindrance when most of my readers are half a world away! I do extensive research and base my reviews on a critical analysis of as many consumer experiences as I can. I believe this gives you better overview than if I was to just give you my own personal experience, but I know that this is something a lot of readers like. If this is you, go back up to Mattress Clarity above.
  • I am no slick tech designer. A lot of the other sites are amazing to behold. I’ve had to go with a “keep it simple” appearance, in the hope that this makes things as easy as possible for you to read and navigate.

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