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Mattress In A Box Australia: this is a busy and competitive market. As a buyer, how are you meant to distinguish one brand from another? With all promising generous sleep trials, the same warranties, and all for very similar prices, how are you meant to choose?

In this article I want to introduce you to some of the main mattresses in boxes you can buy in Australia. I’ll let you know my top picks for certain groups of people, explain the differences in construction, and tell you which ones are made in Australia.

SPOILER ALERT: My top recommendations are Peacelily (natural, latex) and Hugo (latex + memory foam, made in Australia). Click their names to check them out!

Overview Of Your Australian Options

Your Australian market is vibrant and competitive. There are a plethora of options for your best bed, and I will add to this overview as I research and review the companies. Click on the name of each mattress to read a full and detailed review of it.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are mattresses that have a pocket coil support base and layers of foam in the comfort layers.

  • Sleeping Duck: The real standout of this hybrid mattress is that you can switch and customize the foam layers to get the firmness just right. This can be done on each side of the mattress, so couples with different preferences don’t need to compromise anymore.
  • Macoda: Macoda is another great hybrid option. It’s not as customizable as Sleeping Duck, but you can flip the comfort foam layers around to change the feel and you get a lot of mattress for your money. It’s one of my favourites in the Australian market.
  • Noa: Noa is the only brand to offer more than one mattress: they have three. My favourite of their collection is their mid-range option: the Noa, with its high quality features such as foam encasing of the springs and and hand finished top cover.

All Foam Mattresses

These are mattresses that have a high density foam support core and layers of softer foam in the comfort layers.

  • ErgoFlex: The brand that’s been around the longest (since 2010) and focuses on one extremely high quality memory foam mattress with great ventilation and a silky soft cover. Definitely a top memory foam option.
  • Koala: An all-foam mattress that has been voted “mattress with the most satisfied customers” by Canstar Blue.
  • Hugo: The only all-foam mattress made in Australia, Hugo boasts three foam layers to Koala’s two. Hugo is one of my Australian Top 3 Mattresses.
  • Ecosa: Arguably the biggest brand in Australia (and certainly has the most international reach), Ecosa is a firm foam mattress. You can flip the internal layers around but it’s firm in any configuration. I used to own this mattress myself, but have ended up with something a bit more forgiving for my shoulder.
  • Peace Lily: Peace Lily is different to all the rest in that it’s made from all latex foam. Featuring a flippable design, natural materials and a massive 25 year warranty, it’s my TOP CHOICE of the Australian market, and they make the best toppers too! They’re also my winner for best mattress for side sleepers (using the medium side) and best mattress for stomach sleepers (using the firm side). It’s an incredibly versatile mattress.
  • Emma: A European made mattress that’s hugely popular all around the world. Emma is firm like Ecosa, but has slightly more contouring through the top memory foam, making it my top choice for those looking for a firm memory foam mattress.
Mattress In A Box Australia - Made In Australia

Made In Australia

hugo staged 1

If you’re wanting to support local, you’ve only got one option, and that’s Hugo. Hugo is a fantastic mattress, and is actually one of my top three for the whole of Australia. Here’s why:

  • Made in Australia (obviously)
  • Has both latex AND gel memory foam comfort layers
  • Universally comfortable medium firm feel
  • Extremely high customer satisfaction ratings
  • Budget friendly price point

While I’m yet to come across a hybrid mattress that is made in Australia, Sleeping Duck make their foams in Australia (the rest is made and assembled in China) but it’s not my favourite (read on to find out which hybrid is my top choice).

All of the companies in this article are Australian owned except Noa, which is Canadian. 

Best Overall AND Best Choice For Couples: Peace Lily

Mattress In A Box Australia - Peacelily Mattress With Topper

Peace Lily is easily the best choice for couples. Why?

The main reason is that it has two firmness options, so you won’t have to argue about which ONE mattress to try! One side of Peace Lily is firm, the other is medium. Simply flip it over to test out your options. Want it softer? Add the Peace Lily topper, as shown above. It’s also my top choice for side sleepers (as a side sleeper myself who has slept on this mattress, I’m happy to personally recommend it)

Peace Lily is incredible value for money and is made from all natural or organic materials. Latex is naturally the most durable and breathable material you can use for making mattresses, and Peace Lily have managed to produce a mattress that offers excellent value for money ZERO compromise on quality or comfort.

I’ve tried this mattress out myself and it’s got exactly the bouncy yet pressure relieving feel you’d expect from an all latex mattress, and the medium side is soft enough for side sleepers to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Best Memory Foam: ErgoFlex

Mattress In A Box Australia - ErgoFlex

ErgoFlex has been around for more than 10 years so they know a thing or two about making mattresses. ErgoFlex features a generous 9cm of highly contouring memory foam for unbeatable body contouring and pressure relief, making it one of the best memory foam options in Australia.

  • Silky soft tencel cover (a natural, plant based fibre that is also quick dry and antibacterial)
  • Unique high density memory foam for the best comfort, support, and relief from aches and pains
  • Ventilation channels right in the middle of the mattress to allow excess heat to escape easily

Best Firm Option: Emma

Emma Mattress Australia For Overview

Emma has a similar firmness to more popular brand Ecosa, but I think it’s a better mattress. Why’s it better than Ecosa? There are a couple of reasons:

  • the memory foam is more responsive, so you get that contouring feel from it
  • the cover is awesome: the top zips away for easy washing
  • the price point is lower: Emma is one of the best value for money mattresses in the Australian market

Best Hybrid: Noa

As you can see, the Noa range boasts something for everyone who prefers a spring support core in their mattress. I think the mid priced model, the Noa, represents exceptional value for money, and is similar to many mattresses you’ll see on the floor in big stores for at least 5 times the price! Here’s what makes it great:

  • Latex AND gel memory foam comfort layers
  • Zoned support coils (a luxe feature)
  • Foam encasing of the support coils (a quality feature that shows the company care about looking after the coils)
  • Hand tufted cover


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