Best Budget Mattress Australia: Top 3 Under $1000

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Best budget mattress Australia: thanks to the booming mattress in a box industry, you can now get exceptional quality mattresses delivered to your door to try at home for at least 100 nights, for less than $1000! This is pretty amazing, and means that even if your budget is the top consideration in your quest for your new mattress, you don’t have to miss out on quality.

I’ve rounded up the three best budget mattresses you’ll find in Australia, each with a price of under $1000 for a King size (yes, you read that right. These aren’t starting from $1000, it’s the maximum you’ll pay). If you want Australian made, I’ve also got two options that won’t hurt your pocket much more. Good deals all round!

Best Memory Foam:

Emma Comfort

  • Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • Zoned Foam Support
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Shop From As Low As $399 (On Sale)
Best Overall:

OneBed Original

  • Memory Foam + Latex Comfort Layers
  • Change The Layers To Change The Firmness
  • 125 Night Trial
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Shop From As Low As $450 (On Sale)
Best Pocket Coil:

Noa Lite

  • Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • Luxury Tencel Cover
  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Shop From As Low As $374 (On Sale)

Best Budget Mattress Australia Top Pick: OneBed Original

Why It’s My Favourite: SO many reasons. First, it contains a latex layer, which is a premium mattress material (that usually costs a LOT) and is perfect for the Australian climate. Second, you can swap the layers around inside to adjust the firmness (this feature is also available with Ecosa, but that mattress costs hundreds of dollars more). Third, it has a massive 125 night sleep trial and longer than standard 15 year warranty.

If bang for your buck is your top priority, this is hands down the best bed in Australia. Let’s look through it in detail:

  • Usual price range is $750 – $1100, but currently on sale for $450 – $660. What a bargain.
  • Sleep trial: 125 nights (almost a month longer than standard)
  • Warranty: 15 years (5 years longer than standard)
  • Cover: stretch polyester knit, removable for washing
  • Comfort layers: 4cm of dunlop latex (for cooling pressure relief and bounce) + 4cm of memory foam (for contouring support)
  • Base layer: 18cm of high density foam
  • Special feature: you can swap the internal layers around to change the feel of your OneBed mattress:
    • Medium: have the blue memory foam layer at the top
    • Medium firm: have the white latex layer at the top

Best Budget Pocket Spring Mattress: Noa Lite

The Noa Lite is the cheapest of three exceptional mattresses from popular mattress brand Noa. Don’t think cheap means you’re skimping on quality though: the Noa Lite still has luxury touches you’d normally only see in more expensive mattresses, such as foam encasing of the coils to extend their life, and a hand tufted cover.

  • Usual price range is $699 – $999, but currently on sale for $374 – $674, making it the best value pocket spring mattress in the country
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights (almost a month longer than standard)
  • Warranty: 15 years (5 years longer than standard)
  • Cover: breathable tencel (this is a plant based fabric that feels silky soft and usually seen on higher priced mattresses) with hand tufting to hold the mattress together and stop the cover wrinkling (like I’ve already said, this is also usually a premium feature)
  • Comfort layers: gel memory foam (helps with temperature regulation and gives contouring pressure relief) + transition foam. This is where the cheap price shows itself to be honest, the comfort layers are thin but it’s still a comfortable mattress. As the comfort layers aren’t particularly thick, this mattress has a firmness rating on the firmer side of medium
  • Base layer: pocket coils (individually wrapped coils instead of one coil unit: this minimises creaking noises from the springs, offers better motion isolation and good support). The outer edge of the mattress is a foam encasement, which provides protection for the coils, extending their life (hence the ability to offer you a 15 year warranty here) and providing excellent edge support at the same time
  • Special feature: the luxury touches you usually only find at higher price points (hand tufting, tencel, foam encasing the pocket coils)

Best Budget Mattress Memory Foam: Emma Comfort

I actually have an Emma mattress in my own house, and I’m happy to report that it’s great quality for the money. It’s on the firmer side, but it’s got some cool features that others don’t such as zoning in the support foam, and a nifty cover that allows you to just zip the top part off for easy washing. A great buy, and I think this is a particularly good mattress for a kid’s bed.

  • Usual price range is $799 – $1299, but Emma always run deep discount sales. Expect at least 40% off that usual price, and at the time of writing this article Emma was 50% off, or $399 – $649.50
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Cover: stretch polyester knit, removable for washing (with the cool feature that the zip goes around the top part of the mattress (the dark blue line in the image above) instead of the bottom, so you can easily take this part off and wash it like another sheet!
  • Comfort layers: you just get one comfort layer with Emma, which is in my opinion why it’s cheap. It’s a good one though: it’s a highly responsive yet pressure relieving memory foam, which also has temperature regulating properties.
  • Base layer: high density foam with grooves cut into it at different depths to offer targeted support for your pressure points
  • Special features: the zoned core and the zip placement in the cover

What’s The Cheapest Mattress That’s Made In Australia?

  1. Hugo is a great option, it’s got a similar composition to the OneBed mattress above with latex and memory foam comfort layers. Hugo prices max out at just over $1000, find out more about Hugo here. Hugo is actually one of my favourite Australian mattress brands, and is in my all-time top 3 list.
  2. BedWorks have a great range of Australian made mattresses from familiar brands such as Sealy. They have pages and pages of Australian made mattresses which you can learn about here, filter by price to see the cheapest, like I’ve done for you here. You’ll see that prices start at about $359, so they’re not too different to the options I’ve shown you above (price wise that is, the quality may differ).

Best Budget Mattress Australia FAQ

What Is The Best Mattress To Buy In Australia?

The best budget mattress is the OneBed Original.
The best luxury mattress is the Australian made Dusk & Dawn Luxe Premiere.

Are Budget Mattresses Any Good?

They absolutely can be, as long as you do your research and choose one with quality features. The three I discuss in this article are better than good, they’re amazing quality and value for money.

Why Are There So Many Cheap Mattresses?

With the appearance of mattresses in boxes in the market, the need for showrooms and salespeople is eliminated, meaning the mattress makers can sell directly to you, the customer, without having to pay any middle man fees. This discount is passed on to you, which is a massive win!
Mattresses in boxes are fast growing in popularity because they’re very good quality for the price so more and more brands are popping up, hoping to get your sale.


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