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Mattress Sale NZ

Mattress Sale NZ – Get The Best Deals For Your New Bed

Mattress Sale NZ – mattresses are an expensive investment, but I don’t think you should ever pay full price for one. Whether you’re shopping online for a high quality memory foam mattress in a box or whether you’re going in store, there’s always a deal to be had. In this mattress sale NZ roundup, I’ll take you through your best online deals and point you towards good in store deals, too.

Mattress Sale NZ – Best Online Deals

Mattress Sale NZ - Best Online Deals

Have you thought about buying a mattress online? If that seems kind of crazy to you, let me explain why it’s actually not a bad idea:

  • You get to try out the mattress in your own home. All the mattress deals I’m about to show you are for mattresses that come with in-home sleep trials of 100-120 nights. That’s got to be better than 10 minutes perching on it awkwardly in a shop?
  • You’ll get free delivery of your mattress
  • You’ll get at least a 10 year warranty (cheaper in store mattresses often only have a 5 year warranty)
  • You’ll get an excellent quality mattress at an amazing price: these mattresses all come in at around $1000 – $1600 for a king size. That’s an awesome price for a good quality mattress.

Here are the deals:

  1. Napp Mattress: A medium feel, contouring memory foam mattress with a high tech cover made right here in New Zealand. I’ve recently upgraded my own mattress to a Napp and I’m loving it. Napp RRP is $800 – $1550, which is such good value for made in NZ that they don’t often run sales. Napp also do excellent bundle deals with their high quality adjustable bed bases. Read more about Napp here.
  2. Emma Mattress: A firm and bouncy foam mattress with an easy care cover, made in Germany. Emma is currently running a 40% off sale for new customers: you can get your Emma mattress from just $528. Read more about Emma here.
  3. Ecosa Mattress: A firm foam mattress that has a flatter surface and interchangeable foam layers, this is probably the most recognizable mattress in a box name in NZ. Ecosa RRP is $850 – $1550, but run regular discounts such as 20% off. Read more about Ecosa here.
  4. Winkl is currently 20% off: this means you can shop their amazing mattresses from just $720 for a limited time. 

Mattress Sale NZ – In Store Deals

Mattress Sale NZ - Mattress Shop

Prefer the traditional way of buying a mattress? No worries! There are always great in-store deals to be had, too. I’ve never been into Harvey Norman and not been offered a tempting sounding deal on the beds in there, it will be the same for you.

Shops tend to run more traditional sales than the online brands. This means you might get bigger in-store discounts if you pick your moment wisely. This year, the end of financial year sales were pretty big, and you can also expect to see more and more deals for Black Friday (a popular shopping event in America in November, gradually making its mark in New Zealand), and also public holidays like Labour Day and Queen’s Birthday.

You can also pick up good prices in “stock clearance sales” that stores often run. I went down to my local bed store (BedWorld in Christchurch – this is a great independently run shop on Ferry Road I highly recommend you visit if you want a great mattress deal in Christchurch) and the two mattresses in store that I thought were the nicest and best value for money were both on clearance for around 20% off.

You’ll need to remember that you’ll probably be looking at paying $2000 – $3000 for an in-store mattress of decent quality, so often the discounts look bigger. They are great mattresses which you could happily sleep on very comfortably, but I still think the online deals are the best deals.

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