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Adjustable Beds NZ – Review Of Your Best Options

Adjustable Beds NZ – are you a kiwi thinking of purchasing an adjustable bed? No longer the domain of hospitals, these beds are becoming more and more popular for every day use. We’ve got a few options here in New Zealand, some are online only, some are in store. Where can you get the best deal? Are any made in New Zealand? Find out in this adjustable beds NZ overview.

Top buying tip: if buying for one person, a king single is the best size. If buying for two people sharing a bed, I recommend a split king so you can each control your own side independently of each other, as shown above.

If you want to go straight to seeing my top two recommendations, I’ve got them right here:

Best Base Only: Peacelily
Peacelily Adjustable Base
Want to buy a base by itself and choose your own mattress? This is for you.
  • One Model Available
  • Natural Materials
  • Strong, Quiet, Motor
  • Mattress Sold Separately
  • 9 Massage Modes
  • Prices From $1399
Best Base/Mattress Combo: Napp
Napp Adjustable Bed
Want to buy a base and get one of New Zealand’s best memory foam mattresses included?
  • 4 Models To Choose From (I Like Enrich Best)
  • NZ Made
  • Strong, Quiet, Motor
  • Napp Memory Foam Mattress(es) Included
  • Massage Mode Depends On Model
  • Prices From $2280

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Online options
  • Physical stores (Harvey Norman, Bedpost, Independent Retailers)
  • What’s The Best Deal? (It’s not who you might think it’s going to be)

First things first: if you’re not entirely sure what an adjustable bed is, or if you could benefit from one, READ THIS FIRST.

Adjustable Beds NZ: Overview Of Your Options

Let’s start with my two favourite online options (hello great prices, free shipping, amazing customer service, and the biggest warranties) before we move onto an overview of what you can expect to find in stores such as Harvey Norman. If you want a handy table showing you side-by-side price comparisons, you’ll find it here.


The Best Base Only Deal: Peacelily

Peacelily have already established themselves as my firm favourite for latex mattresses, and they’ve just upped the ante by introducing their high quality adjustable bed base (also made with natural materials where possible) to New Zealand.

Peacelily focus on one adjustable base model and it’s pretty hard to argue with the quality for the money:

  • Natural and organic materials (natural latex padding, organic cotton cover)
  • Weight tolerance of 350kg per base (this is about as high as you will find)
  • Articulates at both head and foot for maximum adjustability
  • Preprogrammed with the following positions: flat, anti-snore, reading, zero gravity, and TV watching. You can add 3 more favourite positions if you need to
  • King size is a split model: this is made up of 2x long single bases with 2x remotes that can either be used separately or synchronised to work together – this gives a total weight tolerance of 700kg
  • 9 Different massage settings that are highly customisable
  • LED lighting (turn it on and off with your remote)
  • Adjustable legs so you can choose your desired height
  • Pairs well with the Peacelily natural latex mattress if you’re looking for a complete bed set – just add their mattresses to your order
  • Free shipping (yes, this is a really big deal. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars from other retailers)
  • 2 Year warranty (this doesn’t sound like much, but you can pay to upgrade it to 5 years for $250  or 10 years for $350). It grates a bit to pay extra to extend the warranty, but given the exceptional value for money you get when you buy this base, it’s still good value
  • Real people say: this base is great quality and has an excellent motor

With prices from just $1399, Peacelily is amazing value for money, and leaves plenty of room in the budget to buy a mattress should you need it.

The Best Mattress + Base Combo: Napp

Adjustable Beds NZ - Napp

Napp make one of the best memory foam mattresses in the country: it’s NZ made and has a cool touch cover and exclusive foams. They’re also quickly making a name for themselves with their unbeatable range of four adjustable beds, which are sold with Napp mattresses included in the price.

The adjustable beds that Napp sell are made right here in New Zealand, by A.H. Beard.

The most “basic” model is the Enliven, which starts from $2280 (including a beautiful Napp mattress). The most expensive model is the Uplift, which tops out at $10290 for the split California king size (which comes with two King single mattresses).

When I say the Enliven is the most “basic”, it still has a lot of features you won’t even find on more expensive models. Here are features that all the Napp adjustable bases have:

  • Head and foot articulation (so you can raise your head, or your feet, or both if you wish)
  • Wireless remote with flashlight
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Under bed lighting
  • USB ports in all models except Enliven
  • Adjustable leg heights
  • Weight limit of at least 340kg per motor (split size models have two motors)
  • Made in New Zealand (support local)
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Free shipping NZ wide
  • Big size range including split King options. These allow two people to individually control their own side of the bed.
  • Napp mattresses to suit the base are included in the price

That’s a lot of features for your money. As you step up through the models, you’ll get other features such as massage functions and extra lumbar support. Click the link below to see the different sizes (with a helpful visual guide), a short video explaining the benefits of adjustable beds, and a side-by-side comparison of the different models.

Unsure which model to get? My favourite is the Enrich model, which has the extra lumbar support.

In Stores (or order online):

An adjustable bed is a big investment, so even though Napp has some pretty tempting options for you above, here’s what you can expect to find if you take your bed finding mission to the local shops:

Harvey Norman

At the time of writing this article, Harvey Norman sell one adjustable bed base: the Ease Adjustable Base by Tempur. Tempur are known for their high end memory foam mattresses (whether you need to spend so much on a memory foam mattress is something you can decide by reading this) and you’ll probably find a range of them propped up on adjustable bases when you go in store.

You can choose to purchase your Tempur base as a package with either a Tempur mattress (will cost at least $8000, if not more) or a spring support mattress from Sealy or Sleep Maker (which will cost around $2000 – $5000). Note that Harvey Norman only stock up to Queen size. They’re usually very helpful though, I’m sure they could source other sizes for you if you wished. If purchasing as a couple, I strongly recommend a split King size for individual control (easily available from Napp above)

Here are the features of the Ease Adjustable Base:

  • Head and foot articulation
  • Wireless remote
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Weight limit of 300kg per motor (split size models have two motors)
  • Made in China
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Delivery nationwide for $89
  • Buy it separately or add a mattress to make it a package

Visit the Harvey Norman website to learn more here. 


Bedpost is another bed retailer with stores easily accessible around the country. On their website, they currently stock two Tempur adjustable bases with more features than the Ease adjustable base at Harvey Norman. Mattresses are sold separately.

Bedpost does stock some split King size options: expect to pay more than $14000 for the base alone.

Here’s the extra features you get for the big $:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port
  • Weight limit of 385 kg per motor

Visit the Bedpost website to learn more here. 

Independent Bed Retailers Around The Country

There are many independent bed retailers around the country that stock adjustable beds by SleepSystems. They have these available for purchases instore or online. The most popular SleepSystems adjustable bases in stock around the country are the AF10 and the AF30. These are more basic than the Napp or Tempur options outlined above. They are often sold together with a memory foam mattress also sold by Sleep Maker. I haven’t yet had a chance to review that mattress, but it’s a similar foam density to Tempur so it will be durable at least.

You can expect to pay around $150 in shipping.

Here’s a quick look at the AF10:

  • Articulates at head end only
  • Prices start from around $3000 for a package with a mattress
  • Wired remote
  • 100kg weight tolerance per motor

Here’s a quick look at the more heavy duty AF30:

  • Articulates at both ends
  • Wireless remote
  • Massage functions
  • 200kg weight tolerance per motor
  • Prices start at around $3750, up to around $7-8000 for a split King)

Read more about SleepSystems products here.

Let’s Recap Why Buying Your Adjustable Bed Online Makes The Most Sense:

Napp Enrich Adjustable Base

If you’ve read through the basic specs for each adjustable base above, it’s pretty obvious that even the cheapest Napp combo or the Peacelily base will offer the best value for money.

  • Even the most “basic” model is jam packed with features like bluetooth connectivity, dual articulation, and lighting
  • Heavier weight limits (the two more expensive Napp models have a 400kg weight limit per motor, which is more than the most expensive Tempur, and the Peacelily has the best weight tolerance of the more value priced models)
  • Sleek design (with natural materials from Peacelily)
  • Free shipping (you’ll pay $79 – $150 with any of the other options – adjustable beds are big items to freight around the country) 
  • The Best warranties