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As a kiwi mattress reviewer (I’m in Christchurch) I’ve spent my fair share of time perching on beds in shops and testing out mattresses you can buy online. I’m here to tell you that to get the best beds in NZ you don’t need to drop thousands at the big furniture shops, you can get an excellent quality mattress online, delivered for free, that you can TRY AT HOME for up to 120 days. For a fraction of the price.

Sound too good to be true? I promise you, it’s not. I have one of these online mattresses as my own bed, I slept on another for a year before that, and both my kids have them.

Before I discovered this world of online mattresses, we had a “fancy” bed from a big store… and we were never that happy with it. It cost about double price of the mattress we have now, which we are infinitely more comfortable on.

Let me tell you all about the best beds NZ has to offer online. I will:

  • Tell you exactly what to expect when you buy a mattress online
  • Introduce you to my favourite brands (and who I recommend them for)
  • Keep you up to date with discounts (this relatively new market is competitive, you’ll get a deal when you follow any of my links)
  • Explain the components of these online beds so you know exactly what you’re getting (what is memory foam? what is latex? how do they feel?)
  • Tell you exactly what online mattresses we have in our house

Let’s start with a quick overview of my 3 favourites:

Winkl Memory Foam

Winkl offer two extremely comfortable memory foam mattresses: the Winkl and the Winkl Lux. The Winkl Lux is one of my favourites, and has a perfectly plush yet supportive feel.

Winkl boldly claim that they make the most comfortable mattress in NZ and I’m yet to find anyone who disagrees.

Winkl Mattresses come with a 120 night sleep trial (the longest in NZ) AND your purchase supports the National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa. 

Peacelily Latex

Peacelily is the best choice for you: it’s made of natural latex and organic cotton.

While Peacelily is cheaper than other latex mattresses there is ZERO compromise on quality: Peacelily back their mattress with a massive 25 year warranty.

The best bit? the Peacelily mattress is flippable, so if you’re worried about choosing the wrong firmness, you’ve got two options.

Napp Memory Foam

Napp does just one memory foam mattress, and they do it well. This is actually the mattress I have as my own bed at the moment.

Napp and Winkl have a similar feel, both aiming for that perfect medium that is comfortable to most people.

Napp has the best cover of any of the mattresses I’ve seen so far, with a beautiful weave and cool touch fabric.

Napp get extra points for being the only mattress in a box that is made in NZ. 

What To Expect When You Buy A Mattress Online In NZ

Every brand I talk about in this article will ensure you get the following:

  • Amazing customer service (this is a MUST for any online retailer, and these guys all do a top job)
  • Free delivery (forget those $100+ delivery fees from big stores
  • In home sleep trial of at least 100 nights. This means you can sleep on and use the mattress in your own home for 100 nights from the day it arrives at your door. This is truly excellent, as it will actually take you about 30 days to adjust to ANY new mattress. You can really get a good idea with this system.
  • Don’t like it? No worries. Each brand has good systems in place to arrange quick refunds and collection of your mattress. It’s then given to a local charity like the Salvation Army.
  • At least a 10 year warranty (warranties on in store mattresses are often only 5 years)
  • Expect to pay $800 – $1600 for a top of the line mattress. This is drastically less than you’d find an equal quality mattress in store (I’m talking thousands of dollars less for equal or BETTER quality)

More Details On Winkl, Peacelily, And Napp


Best Beds NZ - Winkl

Winkl is a kiwi owned company based in Auckland. They currently offer two memory foam mattress options, and a memory foam pillow.

Winkl have boldly called themselves the most comfortable mattress in NZ, and after having tried the Winkl Lux I think it’s a fair claim. Winkl mattresses offer a great balance of contouring and support: not too soft and not too firm. They’ve hit the sweet spot of mattress comfort that will feel amazing for most people.

Winkl is one of our most popular brands, and they often sell out of stock so you’ve got to get in quick (especially when they’re running a sale).

The Winkl Lux mattress is an absolutely amazing mattress, and I’d very happily have it in my house if I had room for it. It’s the most luxurious of all the online mattress in a box options in NZ, with extra foams, a premium cover, and a zoned support core.

The standard Winkl mattress is also a strong contender, with a comfortable 3 layer design and smart foams to offer contouring and support.

Winkl mattresses are great for:

  • Pretty much everyone, except people who like a really firm mattress (you’ll probably want to scroll down to read about Peacelily)
  • People who want a luxury upgrade to their mattress without a massive price tag
  • The biggest sleep trial in the whole country (120 nights)
  • The only memory foam mattress with a warranty longer than 10 years (the Lux has a 15 year warranty)
  • Supporting a cause with your purchase: Winkl has partnered with the National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa, and regularly update customers on kiwi chicks who have been born with support from Winkl. Pretty cool


Best Beds NZ - Peacelily Mattress

Peacelily is totally unique in our mattress market. They’re the only online mattress that is made from latex, which they manage to offer at a much lower price than their main competitors.

Latex is becoming more and more popular as a mattress material as it’s natural, resilient, and supportive. If you’re looking for a mattress made ONLY of natural materials that will last a long time, latex is the right choice for you.

The Peacelily mattress has another unique feature: it has a softer side and a firmer side. This is great news if you’re feeling unsure about buying a mattress online, and getting the firmness wrong. With the two options you get with Peacelily and the 100 night sleep trial you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

I have not tried this mattress myself, but watch this space because I will have one soon. I’ve tried other latex mattresses out, and they generally have a slightly bouncier feel than memory foam. Both are very comfortable.

The Peacelily mattress is great for:

  • 100% natural materials
  • People wanting two firmness options (the firmer side of Peacelily will be firmer than both Winkl and Napp so this could be you if you don’t want that “medium” feel that those brands target)
  • People looking for the longest lasting mattress they can find (let’s be real, nobody replaces their mattress often enough, and Peacelily actually gives you a 25 year warranty so you’ll be sorted for many years to come)
  • People who don’t like the idea of contouring into the mattress like you do with memory foam (latex is more bouncy)


Napp Mattress Staged

Napp is another memory foam mattress, kind of similar to the standard Winkl model but the big stand out feature is that it’s made in New Zealand.

Napp have also found the exact right blend of comfort and support with their mattress, and it’s what I have for my own bed right now. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now, and am really happy with it (bought with own money, not gifted).

A standout feature of the Napp mattress is the cover, which is truly premium. It’s created with Outlast technology, which means it’s actually cool to touch (no, you won’t feel cold when you lie on it, but it will help regulate your body temperature). This is a feature I’ve only seen on Tempur, which retails for about $5000 more than Napp!

The Napp mattress is great for:

  • People wanting a true medium feel mattress
  • That perfect blend of contouring and support
  • Supporting local: Napp is our only online brand that’s locally owned and made
  • Customer service (they all are, but I’ve heard reports from other customers of having refunds sorted within 5 minutes of requesting one from Napp)

Extra: Napp also sell a range of adjustable bed bases, which are quickly becoming popular as every day bed bases. When you buy an adjustable base from Napp, your mattress purchase is included.

Inside The Mattresses: Memory Foam Or Latex

The Mattress Core

You will have noticed something I haven’t mentioned anywhere: springs. None of these mattresses have springs inside them. This may sound weird because we’re so used to springs as the core of our mattress, but I think it’s actually an advantage.

  • No springs = less motion transfer if you share the bed with a partner
  • No springs = your mattress could last longer (as long as the base foam that’s used inside is of a high quality, which it is with these 3 brands)
  • With Winkl and Napp, the core of the mattress is not memory foam (that’s for the comfort layers), it’s a high density polyfoam designed to be durable and provide a strong base for the memory foams to work their magic
  • With Peacelily, the core of the mattress is a denser layer of natural latex

Tell Me More About Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress Inner

In a memory foam mattress, you’ll usually find 1 or 2 layers of memory foam as the comfort layer of the mattress, sitting on top of that polyfoam core. With both Winkl and Napp you get 2 layers of memory foam, and in generous amounts. Here’s some info about memory foam for you:

  • Memory foam is “visco elastic”. This is a fancy term for saying that in response to pressure (i.e. your body weight) the foams mold and contour, giving a personalised support feel.
  • New memory foams are fast to respond to pressure, so even though they mold to your shape somewhat, it’s not hard to move on the mattress and you won’t feel sunk into it (this is a common complaint about Tempur, where you do sink into them)
  • Memory foams are extremely popular with people experiencing any sort of joint pain or discomfort, due to their supportive qualities
  • Memory foam does have a bit of a bad reputation for trapping heat. This is why Winkl and Napp use technologies such as gel infusions in their foams to ensure their mattresses can dissipate that body heat. I can tell you that after sleeping on Napp all summer, heat should not be an issue.

Tell Me More About Latex

Latex Mattress Inner

Latex is sourced from the sap of the rubber tree, then turned into a foam using either a Talalay or Dunlop process (I prefer Dunlop, it results in a more resilient mattress, and is what Peacelily use). You’ll find that most latex comes from either Thailand or Sri Lanka as the tree grows best in South East Asia.

  • Latex mattresses are usually 100% latex: so the core and the comfort layers are all latex. The comfort layers will be a lower density than the core (otherwise it would be too hard)
  • A big selling point of latex mattresses is that they are all natural. You should be aware that there are also synthetic latex options out there, which will be cheaper but nowhere near as durable as something like Peacelily
  • Latex feels quite different than memory foam. It has a natural bounciness due to the fact it’s so resilient. You won’t contour into latex like you will with memory foam, but you’ll still feel supported and comfortable
  • Latex is naturally breathable – you can see from the image that the foaming process aerates the foam leaving lots of little holes for air to escape
  • Latex is extremely durable: you can expect a latex mattress to last about twice as long as any other mattress type!


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