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How heavy does a weighted blanket need to be for you to feel the benefits? What’s too heavy and what’s too light? Use my handy weighted blanket weight chart to find the right weight blanket for you. Oh, it’s in metric and imperial, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re visiting from, I’ve got the right weighted blanket weight chart for you.

Here’s what’s covered in this article:

  • How Heavy Should Weighted Blankets Be?
  • Weighted Blanket Weight Chart – Lb
  • Weighted Blanket Weight Chart – Kg
  • Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?
  • Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Light?
  • Consider The Size Of The Blanket Too
  • Where To Buy A Weighted Blanket (options for different countries)

Note: In this article, I am only going to talk about weighted blankets for healthy adults. If you’re wanting to use one as a therapy tool with a child, please consult a health professional first.

How Heavy Should Weighted Blankets Be?

The general guidelines for weighted blankets to get the “deep touch” benefits is that the blanket should be around 10% of your body weight. Don’t know your weight? Don’t worry! The figure is approximate, and as you’ll see from the charts below, there will be a bit of a range. Unless you get one custom made, it won’t be exactly 10% of your body weight anyway.

At around that 10% mark you should feel like the blanket is hugging your body. If you are between sizes and want to make sure you get the purported benefits, the general recommendation is to go for the slightly heavier blanket (more details below).

In a study published in the Journal of Sleep and Medicine Disorders participants got the most benefit from a blanket that was slightly heavier instead of too light.

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart – Lb

Here are two weight charts to help you choose the blanket weight that’s right for you. The first chart is detailed, to give you a blanket weight that is closest to that recommended number of 10% of your body weight. The second is a more approximate guide.

weighted blanket weight chart - detailed lb
Weighted Blanket Weight Chart: Detailed
Weighted Blanket Weight Chart - Simplified
Weighted Blanket Weight Chart: Simplified

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart – Kg

If you prefer to work in kilograms (like me) here’s an easy to read chart using the metric system.

I own a 7 kg weighted blanket. I’m in the 60kg range and my husband is 80kg. This is a weight that works for both of us, as it’s in the ballpark of being around 10-15% of our bodyweight. Find out my top New Zealand recommendation.

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart - Kg
Weighted Blanket Weight Chart: Metric

Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?

The short answer is yes. If a weighted blanket is too heavy for you, you might feel trapped underneath it and it will feel uncomfortable rather than comforting.

If you’re between weights and looking at getting a heavier blanket as recommended, here’s what you should do. Choose a blanket that’s 1 – 2 lb if you use the imperial weight system. Go for  0.5 -1 kg heavier if you use the metric system.

Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Light?

Again, the answer is yes. A weighted blanket that is not heavy enough will not give you that “deep touch” pressure. This is what you’re paying for, and these blankets can be expensive!

If the weighted blanket is too light, you’ll end up with what feels like just another nice soft quilted blanket.

Consider The Size Of The Blanket Too

There are a few things to think about here:

  • You don’t want your weighted blanket to cover your face
  • It’s best to use one weighted blanket per adult (you’re probably a different weight to the person you’re thinking about sharing it with anyway
  • If you’re using it to help you sleep in bed, the blanket should lie on top of your bed, not hang over hte edge (you don’t want it to slip off onto the floor, it’s not much use there!)

Where Can I Buy A Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have been increasing in popularity lately. This means you have a lot more buying options when you’re looking for that perfect weighted blanket! This means you should be able to find one in your country that is as close to the weight you want. You may even find one that offers you a trial period for you to use it at home to see if you like it.


This is my top Amazon pick for its wide weight range and removable cover (with big color range):

Quility Weighted Blanket for Adults - 20 LB Queen Size Heavy Blanket for Cooling & Heating - 100% Cotton Big Blanket w/ Glass Beads, Machine Washable Blankets - 60"x80", Ivory
  • 100% COTTON - Our adult weighted blanket is made with durable, breathable cotton material and a removable cover that's machine washable for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.
  • EVEN PRESSURE - The micro glass beads in this heating and cooling weighted blanket are evenly distributed to help promote relaxation as well as temperature control for a great night of sleep.
  • BETTER SLEEP - These weighted throw blankets for adults offer the warmth and comfort of a big hug. The gentle pressure is designed to reduce tossing and turning while you sleep and increase relaxation.
  • 7 LAYERS OF SOFTNESS - The unique 7-layer design of our thick blanket ensures the highest quality for your peace and tranquility. A great form of relaxation after a long day of work, school, or tiring activity.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Use our weighted blanket weight chart to find the right size for you. We recommend selecting a weight around 10-14% of your body weight. For assistance, please consult the table below.
  • Gravity Blankets: great weight range, great cover options, 30 day returns.
  • Saatva: limited sizing, but their blankets are pure luxe.



  • Hush Blankets: 15 or 20 lb options
  • Gravid: 15 or 20 lb options


  • Therapy Blanket: 5, 7, 9 and 11 kg options
  • Calming Blanket: 4.5, 6.8 and 9 kg options


  • Gravity Blanket: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 kg options

Another option is to make one yourself, here’s a YouTube tutorial if you want to give this a try instead of buying one.

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