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Sleep Heavy blanket NZ review: Sleep Heavy is a small NZ business offering an awesome range of weighted blankets. I’ve tried out their minky blanket and also the beautiful chunky knit weighted blanket, which were very generously gifted to me. I’m here to tell you:

  • What the blankets feel like
  • All the details about each (with real photos I took myself)
  • Which Sleep Heavy blanket works best for which use
  • Why Sleep Heavy are a nice brand to support

1. The Minky Sleep Heavy Blanket

Sleep Heavy Mink Blanket

The minky weighted blankets make up a big chunk of the Sleep Heavy range. This is probably absolutely no surprise to you whatsoever, as the combination of a smooth, snuggly mink cover with a weighted inner is a total match made in heaven. There are both kids and adult sizes here, I’ve tested out the kids weighted blanket with sensory dots.

The Details:

  • Options For Adults: Colours: ever-popular grey, dark blue, or white. Weights: 6.8kg, 9kg, 13.6kg
  • Options For Kids: Colours: bright blue (with sensory dots, pictured) or mountain pattern. Weights: 2.2kg, 3.2kg, 4.5kg
  • Outer: soft mink fabric
  • Inner: cotton weighted insert filled with high grade glass beads (the beads are incredibly fine, kind of like large grains of sand, and the inner is quilted so they don’t all pool at one end of the blanket)
  • Sleep Trial: 30 days (the longest in NZ)

Best For:

Those looking for a cozy weighted blanket with a super soft feel.

Sleeping in winter (I can’t really stop saying how cozy these are, minky weighted blankets are definitely the way to go if cozy is what you’re after).

Kids – the two options of either the mountain pattern or the sensory dots (dots on one side smooth on the other so you can choose which is against your body) are fantastic and the removable covers make them easy to wash.

2. The Chunky Knit Sleep Heavy Blanket

Sleep Heavy Knit Blanket

This is the best weighted blanket for snuggling up on your couch with. It’s the only option in the New Zealand market featuring this beautiful chunky knit look, and does not contain the beads you’ll find in other weighted blankets. It just looks like a beautiful throw, but gives you all the benefits you’d expect from a weighted blanket.

The Details:

  • Colour Options: ever-popular grey, green (pictured), or blush pink
  • Weight: 6.8kg, great for one adult (if you want a blanket to suit two adults check out the Sleep Heavy King/Queen size blankets available in Mink or Cotton)
  • Outer: thick cotton knit
  • Inner: durable polyester (like the filling you’d find in a soft toy, but it feels thicker)
  • Sleep Trial: 30 days (the longest in NZ)

The Wear Test:

I was a bit concerned that this blanket might pull easily due to the knit of the cover, or that the filling would easily rip or poke/fluff out. I’ve therefore had this blanket in my lounge for about 3 months before writing this so I can report back to you that it’s holding up just fine.

I have two kids who love climbing on it, pulling each other around on it, and everything else energetic kids do (I supervise them, this is an adult size blanket, it’s not suitable for kids to use as a blanket_. The blanket looks as good as new!

I prefer this one for the couch instead of my bed because:

  1. It just looks too damn nice to be hidden away in a bedroom
  2. The chunky weave gives it more of a “throw” feel to me

Best For:

Lounging on the couch, and providing a cool statement throw for your living room. Ours lives on the couch and gets a TON of comments.

This one doesn’t have a removable cover, you need to wash the whole blanket (yes, it’s machine washable) so that’s another reason for me to keep mine as more of a throw than bedding.

About Sleep Heavy

Cory and Indy Of Sleep Heavy

These guys are Cory and Indy, the brains and hearts behind Sleep Heavy. They’re a genuinely awesome pair, working hard to bring the benefits of weighted blankets to kiwis.

They formed Sleep Heavy when they were experiencing their own sleep struggles, and wanted to try weighted blankets for themselves. At that time, it was extremely difficult to get your hands on a weighted blanket, especially if you were not a health professional.

So, armed with the knowledge that weighted blankets are a valuable lifestyle and sleep tool for everyone, Sleep Heavy was born. They have one of the biggest ranges of weighted blankets in New Zealand, and offer generous discounts on their quality blankets.


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