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Sagging Mattress Solution – Solve That Sag Straight Away 

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Sagging Mattress Solution – have you got a bad case of mattress sagging? I’m here to help! In this mattress sagging solution article, I’ll run you through the common causes of mattress sag and how to fix them. Some of the fixes you can do right now! I’ve also answered some of the most common mattress sagging questions at the end. Let’s banish that mattress sag and get you sleeping comfortably again!

Saggy Mattress Solution 1: Rotate Your Mattress

Many mattress brands recommend you rotate your mattress every 3 – 6 months. This is to encourage even wear on the mattress. This is particularly important for foam mattresses.

If you feel like your mattress is starting to sag and you haven’t rotated it for a while, this is the first thing you can try. Go do it right now.

Saggy Mattress Solution 2: Fix Your Base

A base that’s not supportive enough is a common culprit for mattress sagging. If your base can’t support your mattress properly, it will simply bulge down into the weak spots, which leads to a saggy feeling for you! This will happen even with a brand new mattress if it’s not on a good base.

What can you do? First of all, figure out if your base is up to the task. If you have a box spring, check if it’s worn out. Click here for an article showing you 4 easy ways to tell. If you are using a slat base or metal platform, check how far apart the slats are. If your slats are more than 3 inches apart, they may be too widely spaced to support your mattress properly. Mattress companies often have specific requirements for the type of base their mattress needs for adequate support, check the website of your mattress brand for details.

So how can you fix your base? The cheapest and easiest thing to do is to put some plywood on your base. This will even out the surface of the base and give your mattress a more supportive resting spot. I actually have plywood on my own wooden base and it’s doing the trick beautifully.

If you decide you need new base, click here to access all my reviews of bases and frames.

Saggy Mattress Solution 3: Try A Mattress Topper

Sagging Mattress Solution - Use A Topper

Adding a mattress topper, particularly a firm one, can help even out the top of your mattress. This is a good solution if you really don’t want to replace your mattress yet, but want to invest in extending it’s life a bit longer.

However, if you’re putting a topper on top of a saggy old mattress, the mattress will keep on wearing out and you’ll need to replace it eventually.

Click here to read about some great firm mattress toppers.

Saggy Mattress Emergency Fix: Stuff Some Pillows Under It!

So you want to fix your mattress right now. You’ve tried rotating it, you don’t have any plywood, and you don’t feel like buying a topper. The quickest and easiest fix is to stuff some pillows under the saggy spots. This will temporarily improve the feel of the mattress.

The Final Saggy Mattress Solution: Buy A New Mattress

If your mattress is old and worn out, you’ll need to replace it.

Most mattresses are designed to last 5 – 10 years. If your mattress is older than 10 years and it’s sagging, any of the saggy mattress solutions above will only help you in the short term. The real answer to your problems will be to buy a new mattress.

Click here to find out the 10 mattresses I consider to be the best buys in the current market.

Sagging Mattress FAQ

Will A Mattress Topper Help A Sagging Mattress?

The answer is yes, a mattress topper can help a sagging mattress.

Putting a mattress topper on top of your mattress can help smooth out any indents or ruts that have formed in your mattress. I’ve linked earlier in this article to some of my favorite firm mattress toppers that could help you out.

However, your mattress is sagging very deeply and needs to be replaced, a topper may only be a temporary solution.

Will Plywood Help A Sagging Mattress?

Plywood can help if your mattress is sagging because it is not being supported properly. An old and worn out box spring or a base with slats that are too far apart are both common reasons for lack of support causing mattress sag.

In those situations, plywood will help fix the problem. In fact, I have plywood on my own wooden base and it helps immensely. We have a nice wooden base I like the look of and don’t want to replace, but the slats are just a bit far apart to support our heavy memory foam mattress. Plywood has sorted the issue right out.

Note that if your base is strong but your mattress is old, plywood won’t help much, because the cause of the sagging is inside the mattress.

Does A Sagging Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Does A Sagging Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Yes, a sagging mattress can cause back pain.

For optimal spine health and comfort while we sleep, our mattress must help our spine to be supported in the most neutral position possible.

If your mattress is sagging, it simply won’t be up to this task, and your body will not be aligned properly as you sleep. For many people, this will lead to back pain.

You only need to read mattress reviews on pretty much any mattress website to see that replacing an old sagging mattress with a new one was an instant cure for many people’s back pain issues.

Why Do Brand New Mattresses Sag?

Brand new mattresses will sag if you don’t have them on a supportive enough base. Just like I explained above with the plywood question, if you’re using an old box spring or a base with slats too far apart, any mattress will sag.

The weight of the mattress will sink into those unsupported gaps in your base, causing it to feel uneven on top.

To me, this is pretty much the only reason a brand new mattress should sag. If you have a new mattress that you feel is on a strong base and it’s still sagging, contact the company you bought it from as it may be faulty.

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