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Visco Therapy Mattress Review UK – Best Buy Or Bargain Bust?

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Are you looking for a cheap mattress? Amazon UK has many options for you, and it can look overwhelming trying to figure out which is good and which is not. Visco Therapy is one of the brands with several mattresses in the Amazon best seller ranks. Are they any good? Why are there some people who have left really good 5 star reviews while others have left angry 1 star reviews, surely they can’t all be right? In this Visco Therapy Mattress Review, I’ll examine whether a Visco Therapy Mattress is a good buy for your money and answer all your questions.

  • Visco Therapy Mattress Overview
  • Visco Therapy Mattress Features
  • What Does A Visco Therapy Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Is Visco Therapy The Right Mattress For You? (And Which One I’d Buy)
  • Are There Any Problems With Visco Therapy Mattresses?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • Final Opinion

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Visco Therapy Mattress OverviewVisco Therapy Mattress - NBF Member

Visco Therapy is a mattress and bedding brand started in 2006 with the vision of mass producing quality products. Visco Therapy mattresses are manufactured in the UK and Visco Therapy is a member of the National Bed Federation, which means they comply with UK manufacturing regulations.

Visco Therapy make a range of mattresses, toppers and other accessories. Their most popular sellers are their their budget priced mattresses, three of which we will take a closer look at below.

Visco Therapy Mattress Features

The Visco Therapy mattress range includes memory foam, reflex foam, spring,  and specialty mattresses. All come with a budget price tag. I’ve chosen to profile their three top sellers for you, as these have the most reviews from real customers to help you decide.

Every Visco Therapy mattress has:

  • 30 Day right of return (if in new, unused condition)
  • 5 Year limited liability warranty
  • Free delivery

The Most Popular Memory Foam Mattress: Visco Therapy Memory Foam and Reflex Zone Mattress with Micro Quilted Maxi-Cool Cover

This is a memory foam and polyfoam model that is Visco Therapy’s top seller. It has more than 1500 ratings on Amazon, many of which are very positive about the mattress. It includes:

  • Polyester knit cover – this is removable for dry cleaning (not as common a feature in mattress covers as you might think)
  • 15 cm of foams: there is a very thin (about 1-2cm) layer of memory foam directly under the cover. This is there to provide contouring and softness. The rest of the mattress is “reflex” foam, which is a higher density polyfoam. This is there to provide the support core of the mattress.
  • Two pillows included with your purchase

My comment: This mattress looks exactly the same as a Bedzonline mattress in a similar price range. They are probably made in the same UK factory. I’d buy this Visco Therapy one for the longer warranty. This mattress claims to have “3 Zones” ,but I can’t see them anywhere. I don’t think this mattress contains any zoning. I’m not sure what Visco Therapy means by this.

The memory foam layer is extremely thin in this mattress, the majority of the mattress is Reflex polyfoam. I believe both foams will be low density and low quality. I’d expect this mattress to feel comfortable initially, but if you were to use it every night for a year, it would wear out by the end of the year.

The Most Popular Spring Mattress: 
Visco Therapy Deluxe Memory Foam Coil Spring Rolled Mattress

 This mattress features a memory and reflex foam comfort layer on top of a support core of coil springs. This mattress has more than 500 ratings, again many of which are positive about the mattress. It includes:

  • Polyester knit cover (as above)
  • 4 cm of foam: 2 cm each of memory foam and Reflex foam. The memory foam is there to provide soft contouring, while the firmer Reflex foam acts as a transition layer to support the memory foam and cushion against the coil support system below. The Reflex foam has also been placed around the edge of the coils to give some edge support.
  • The support core of this mattress is a spring coil system. This is like a traditional innerspring unit you are probably aware of. These are not individually wrapped pocket coils (LINK) which you would expect to see in more expensive mattresses.
  • Total height is 20 cm

My comment: The main difference between this mattress and the other two in this profile is that it features a spring support core instead of the reflex foam support core. The springs mean this mattress will have more bounce and better edge support.

However, just as cheap foams are a prerequisite at this price point, so are cheap springs, so I’d also expect the springs to start sagging within a year of regular use by an adult.

The Most Popular Reflex Foam Mattress: 4Ft6 Double Reflex Foam Mattress  – Orthopaedic Support 

 This mattress is more “basic” than the foam mattress above: it only contains Reflex foam. There is no memory foam inside this mattress so it has a firmer feel. This is why Visco Therapy is marketing it as “orthopaedic” but I’ll say more about that in my comment. This mattress also has more than 500 ratings, many of which are positive. It includes:

  • Polyester knit cover as above (but with a different quilted pattern)
  • 15 cm of Reflex foam
  • Two pillows included with your purchase

My comment: if you don’t like memory foam then this mattress would be the pick for you. I doubt this mattress is a great deal firmer than the foam model above, as there is such a small amount of memory foam in the other mattresses anyway. Low density low quality foams are always going to feel softer, so I don’t know how firm this mattress really is, but it will be slightly firmer than the other model.

Visco Therapy states this is an orthopaedic model because the firmer feel promotes better spine support. I think if they used a greater amount of memory foam in their mattresses, that would actually be better for spine support, but of course it would cost more. It is interesting to note that Visco Therapy mattress toppers cost about the same as the actual mattresses. This is because they are made of all memory foam, and I contend that buying one of those to put on top of your old mattress (as long as it’s not completely done for) would be a better option for an achy back than buying this mattress!

What Does A Visco Therapy Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

People generally report that Visco Therapy mattresses are pretty comfortable, which is great news (it’s how long they stay comfortable for that’s the issue, they are comfortable to start with).

There will be a few differences in how each of the three mattresses I profiled above.

However, I think all of the mattresses will feel reasonably soft because the foams are going to be low density and low quality. The firmest of the bunch is going to be the reflex foam model without the memory foam. The memory foam is there in the other two to give some contouring support, but the layer is barely thick enough for anything.

The two foam models are not going to have any bounce, you’ll need the coil model for that. The foam models will do a better job at isolating motion than the coil model. You’ll feel a lot of movement with the coil model as the coil system all moves as one when someone moves around on top of the mattress. Pocket coils, which are individually wrapped coils rather than one big unit, would do a better job at motion isolation but you won’t find them at this price point.

The coil model will have better edge support as it has a layer of reflex foam encasing the coils on the outer rim of the mattress.

Is Visco Therapy The Right Mattress For You? (And Which One I’d Buy)

I’m going to say exactly the same things as I said in my review of Visco Therapy’s low price competitor, Bedzonline. They are pretty much the same mattress after all!

I think there are situations where one of these mattresses is very well suited, and there are situations where I would not recommend it at all. Here it is:

Buy A Visco Therapy Mattress If:

  • You’re purchasing a mattress for a light child. Their body weight won’t compress the mattress so much, so they should get longer life out of it. Their lighter weight means they are well suited to the softer foams, and the removable cover could come in handy to clean messes. I’d recommend the memory foam and foam model.
  • You’re looking for a cheap mattress to tide you through a few months. This mattress will be comfortable for up to a year so if you need something short term, any of the three will be a good option. The memory foam and foam model will be the softest, the coil model will be the bounciest, the reflex foam model will be the firmest.
  • You’re looking for a mattress that is going to get occasional use in the spare room. If the mattress is not being used regularly, it will hold up better. Visco Therapy could be a good budget option for your guests.

Buy Something Else If:

  • You aren’t on a tight budget. You can get a much better quality mattress for £100-300 more, such as Sealy or Nectar. These models are much more robust, have better guarantees and more memory foam.
  • You’re looking to replace your every day bed. I believe a Visco Therapy mattress is going to fail quickly with the weight of an adult on it every night, and you’ll be spending money again within the year.

So which one would I buy? I’d probably buy the model that contains the memory foam and the reflex foam, the first of the three I profiled. To me this sounds like it would be the most comfortable. I also have two small children who love to bounce on beds, and the springs in the coil model would not stand up to their antics!

Are There Any Problems With Visco Therapy Mattresses?

As I’ve pointed out earlier on in this review, I think these are cheap mattresses that are made with low quality materials. If you buy them with a full awareness of their durability, you won’t have a problem. If you read through the reviews on Amazon you will see that many of them are from people complaining that the mattress has sagged or has stopped feeling comfortable after a short amount of time.

I do not find this surprising in the slightest, and only recommend you buy this mattress for the specific scenarios I outlined above.

Final Opinion

I do think these mattresses can work for some people in some situations, so if you buy one knowing all the facts, I believe you can have a good experience buying and using a Visco Therapy mattress.

I mentioned that some of their mattresses are very similar to their competitor, Bedzonline. I’d buy the Visco Therapy over the Bedzonline because Visco Therapy gives you a longer warranty and they are a National Bed Federation member.

If you’re looking for an everyday mattress for an adult, I highly recommend you read my other reviews about some better quality mattresses in the UK market. Some good options are Sealy and Nectar. The initial purchase may cost more, but you’ll save more in the long run because you won’t have to replace your mattress so often.

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