Bedzonline Mattress UK Review

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Bedzonline Mattress UK Review

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Bedzonline make a popular range of budget foam mattresses available on Amazon UK. They are some of Amazon’s best selling models (selling hundreds of mattresses per week) and have many positive reviews. Priced under £100 and with all those happy customers, you can’t go wrong with a Bedzonline mattress….right? Or is it too good to be true? In this Bedzonline mattress review, I’ll cover what makes these mattresses so popular, what I think about the quality of their construction, and if a Bedzonline mattress is worth your money.

  • Bedzonline Mattress Overview
  • A Closer Look At The Two Top Selling Models
  • Is A Bedzonline Mattress Right For You?
  • Are There Any Complaints About These Mattresses?
  • What Do People Say Who Love Them?
  • My Final Opinion (Would I Buy One?)

If you’d like more information about the UK market and memory foam mattresses in general, check out my Memory Foam Mattress UK Guide here.

Bedzonline Mattress Overview

Bedzonline have been in the mattress making business for more than 30 years. They are a UK based company who also manufacture their mattresses in the UK . I found it quite hard to find much information about Bedzonline and felt a little dubious that such a cheap mattress range was produced in the UK, but indeed when I found Bedzonline mattresses being sold overseas, they were imported from the UK.

Bedzonline has very recently started its own website to attract customers away from Amazon. Alongside their mattresses, they are selling a furniture range called Balatin. Terms for mattresses sold on both Bedzonline direct or Amazon are the same (30 day right of return, 1 year warranty, free delivery). At this stage I recommend if you make a purchase you do so through Amazon, with its established customer service record. The Bedzonline website looks a little sparse and has too many error for me to feel confident recommending you purchase from it at this stage.

A Closer Look At The Two Top Selling Models

The two most popular Bedzonline mattresses on Amazon, with thousands of reviews, are the Bedzonline Memory Foam Mattress (double) and the Micro Quilted Cool Flex Cover Memory Foam and Reflex 3-Zone Mattress (single).

Both come with:

  • 30 Day right of return (if in new unused condition)
  • One year warranty (this is very short)
  • Free delivery

1. Bedzonline Memory Foam Mattress, Double

This is by far the most popular Bedzonline mattress on Amazon, with more than 4,000 reviews. Priced around £79 (Amazon regularly run deals so prices can fluctuate)


  • Double size
  • Quilted polyester knit cover – the cover has a zip so you can remove it for washing (this is actually not as common as you might think)
  • A thin layer of memory foam (there to provide cushioning pressure relief)
  • A base layer of “reflex” foam (a responsive polyfoam there to be the support core of the mattress)
  • 6 Inch height (approx 15 cm)
  • You can buy as a set with the sheet colour of your choice, but this option was unavailable at the time of writing (June 2020)

2. Micro Quilted Cool Flex Cover Memory Foam and Reflex 3-Zone Mattress

This single sized mattress is the second most popular model from Bedzonline, with more than 2,000 reviews. It is priced around £65, again allow for variations in Amazon pricing.

To be honest, I can’t really see or find out anywhere how the construction of this mattress is similar to the one above. The specifications sound incredibly similar, and from what I’ve seen from real images of the inside of both mattresses, they are the same materials in the same amounts.

I can’t see anything to indicate this mattress has “3 zones”. As far as I can tell, apart from the size and popularity, there are two differences:

  • They have different quilting patterns in their covers
  • This model includes a pillow with your purchase

My Opinion On The Construction of Bedzonline Mattresses
Basically, these are two cheap mattresses made from cheap foams. The memory foam layer is extremely thin (around half an inch, and certainly thinner than in the image Bedzonline use in their promotions) and is probably quite a low density foam. The base “reflex” foam will be a standard polyfoam, which is very common as the core of memory foam mattresses. However, I think this foam is low density too, given the price of the mattress and how light it is to move around.

I usually like to see mattresses come with a 10 year warranty (although the ever popular Sealy only offers 5 years), these only have one. This also tells me that the foams inside these mattresses are going to be low quality and not last that long. So, is this mattress of any use to anyone then? 

Is A Bedzonline Mattress Right For You?

I think there is a place for these mattresses, and can think of a few good reasons why you might buy one.

Buy it if:

  • You’re looking for a really cheap mattress for your everyday bed, to see you through a couple of months
  • You’re looking for a cheap mattress that will be comfortable for a child (reviews indicate the price and removable cover make this mattress a popular choice for parents of young children)
  • You’re looking for a spare mattress for occasional guests

Buy something else if:

  • You’re an adult looking for a new mattress for your everyday bed. This mattress just isn’t going to last and is going to start sagging very quickly; probably within a year. If you can, invest in something that’s a bit better quality and will last you longer. Sealy sells some budget priced models on Amazon that will do a better job, read about them here.
  • You’re expecting lots of memory foam inside the mattress. Despite being called a “memory foam” mattress, there is a minimal amount of memory foam here, just a very thin layer under the cover.

I think your Bedzonline mattress will be very comfortable until the foam gives out. Indeed there are many people who posted reviews saying they find this mattress  very comfortable and are very happy with it (pretty much all had owned it for less than a couple of months, with one exception of a man who’d owned his for 4 years and was still happy).

It’s a big pro that the cover is removable, you’d think this was a standard feature on mattresses but I have come across many where the cover must NOT be removed.

Are There Any Complaints About These Mattresses?

As you might expect, there are quite a lot of negative reviews from people who have owned this mattress for a while and expected it to perform better. Pretty much all the negative reviews are saying the same thing, that the mattress was comfy while it lasted, but it lasted a year or less. This is exactly what I would expect people to say, based on the materials used inside the mattress and the fact it only has a one year warranty.

As with all foam mattresses, there will be an off gassing smell when you take the mattress out of the box. It’s totally normal for foams to release an odour as they expand, it’s just part of the process but some people did complain the smell was strong with their Bedzonline mattress. As this is a lower density foam mattress, it may need a little longer to expand to its full height so I recommend you leave it in a ventilated space for 72 hours before use if you can.

What Do People Say Who Love Them?

If you buy one of these mattresses understanding what they are suited to and how long they will last, you will probably love it, along with the many thousands of others who do, too. Here’s a snapshot of what some happy owners had to say:

Bedzonline Mattress UK - 5 Star Reviews

My Final Opinion (Would I Buy One?)

At the end of the day, these are very cheap mattresses that feel comfortable while they last. Do they represent value for money? Well, if you have to buy a new one every year for an every day bed, probably not (that’s not good for the environment either). You’d be better off buying a cheap Sealy model for around £2-300 that’s going to last 5 years.

But, if you need something right now to use as a stop gap, or a mattress for occasional use or for a light child, I think you’ll get good use out of it.

If you buy it for what it is and have clear expectations, you won’t be disappointed with your Bedzonline mattress.

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