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Silentnight Mattress UK – Your Online Buying Guide

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You’re looking for a new mattress and you want to buy one from a trusted brand since you’re buying online. You’ve probably already heard of Silentnight, and you may even be considering buying one of their mattresses. It can feel really risky buying a mattress online, so I’m here to help you out by answering questions like whether the quality lives up to the Silentnight brand name, where to buy your Silentnight mattress, and taking you through two of their best. This will all help you decide whether Silentnight is the best mattress for you. I’ll cover a whole lot more (including a mattress you can try for a whole year – info is at the end of the article) in this Silentnight Mattress UK review.

Here’s a list of all the topics you’ll find in this in-depth look at Silentnight:

  • Silentnight Mattress UK Overview
  • Best Places To Buy Silentnight Mattresses Online
  • Detailed Look At Two Great Silentnight Mattress Options
  • What Does A Silentnight Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Are There Any Problems With Silentnight Mattresses?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • Final Opinion

If you’d like more information about the UK market and memory foam mattresses in general, check out my Memory Foam Mattress UK Guide here.

Silentnight Mattress UK Overview

Silentnight has been making mattresses for the British public for more than 70 years. As a British based company that focuses only on the British market, they are one of the most trusted and well known mattress brands in the land. They make their mattresses in their own facilities in Barnoldswick (that’s in Lancashire).

Not only is Silentnight the UK’s most trusted mattress brand, they also have some pretty strong environmental beliefs, so they could well be the UK’s most eco-friendly brand, too. Silentnight have achieved carbon neutral certification, and have also partnered with the Marine Conservation Society, donating to helping look after our oceans.

Best Places To Buy Silentnight Mattresses Online

You have a few purchasing options when it comes to buying a Silentnight mattress online.  The good news is that no matter where you buy them, you will get Silentnight’s 3 of 5 year warranty (the warranty length depends on the model you’re buying). I’ll take you through each, and explain where I’d buy my Silentnight mattress from.


  • This is the website for Silentnight if you want to buy directly from the company.
  • You will find the biggest range of Silentnight mattresses here, since you’re buying direct from the source.
  • The biggest benefit of buying direct from Silentnight is that you get a 60 night comfort exchange. That means that if you buy a mattress and do not like it, you can exchange it for another Silentnight model. Unfortunately, this offer is not currently available due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it’s a great option when things ease up.


  • This is the UK’s biggest mattress retailer, with over 12,000 mattresses in stock. Alongside a massive selection of Silentnight mattresses, they offer other trusted brands such as Sealy.
  • They are the National Bed Federation’s online retailer of the year for 2020
  • They have nearly as many Silentnight mattresses to choose from as if you bought direct from Silentnight
  • There are Silentnight exclusive mattresses that you’ll only find at MattressOnline (find out about my favourite below
  • They have a range of mattresses that come with a 60 night trial. This offer is up and running even with COVID-19. The mattresses in the Silentnight Studio range are a part of the 60 night range, and if you buy one you can switch it for another from the Studio range only. 

Silentnight also sell their mattresses on Amazon UK, but at the time of writing the selection was very small. Silentnight mattresses sold on Amazon also only come with a 30 day right of return (standard Amazon policy) for a mattress in new and unused condition, which isn’t that helpful. Amazon is a good place to go for extra research on customer opinions, and I’ve included the thoughts of real customers in my analysis below.

Where Would I Buy From?

I’d buy a Silentnight Mattress from MattressOnline. I really like the fact that they are running their returns and sleep trials as usual, which is a big factor on your mind if you’re buying a mattress online at the moment. They have a massive selection and the Silentnight Mattresses that are exclusive to their website are, in my opionion, some of the best.

Detailed Look At Two Great Silentnight Mattress Options

Option One: Foam Innovations At A Great Price

The first of the two I want to show you is the Studio by Silentnight Medium Mattress. Why I’ve chosen this one:

  • Part of the 60 night sleep trial range from MattressOnline (try it risk free at home)
  • Great budget price point, starting from £399 (and you’ll probably get a better deal with sales on regularly)
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Some great innovations inside the mattress, including something I haven’t seen before
  • Rated 9 out of 10 by verified customers
  • 26 cm depth is bigger than many other budget priced memory foam options in the UK market

This mattress is available in soft, medium, or firm which means there will be something for everyone. I’m going to focus on the medium Studio model, as this is the firmness that will be the most comfortable for the widest range of people. Here’s a look inside:

Silentnight Mattress UK - Cross Section

The Layers Explained:

  • Knit cover – endorsed by Allergy UK as being protective against dust mites and other common household allergens.
  • Geltex Layer: this is a gel infused memory foam. It is the first comfort layer of the mattress, and this is important because the gel infusion is there to draw heat away to help keep you cool (this is an area where foam mattresses can perform poorly compared to others so cooling innovations are crucial). This foam has been designed by Silentnight to be responsive and bouncy. This means you won’t feel like you’re sinking into the mattress, but it should feel nice and comfy.
  • Memory foam layer: this is more of a traditional memory foam layer, and it’s a good one to put under the Geltex because it will give you that contouring support you want, but because the Geltex is on top of it, you won’t sink into it or feel too hot from it. The combination of the Geltex and memory foam make for a powerful combination of comfort, contouring, and heat regulation.
  • The dual support layer, both with zoning, is something I have not seen before. I think it’s a really great idea because with two support zones across two layers instead of one layer in one thicker piece of foam, there is more opportunity for targeted support . You can see from the image there are more grooves at either end of the mattress: these zones will allow for good shoulder and hip support (two key pressure areas).

Extra Analysis: 

I like the 26 cm height of this mattress. Many other Silentnight mattresses in their memory foam range are 20 cm, and I feel like that’s just getting a bit thin. A standard size for mattresses in boxes in the US, where competition is fierce and quality has to be high to get sales, is 26-30 cm, so the size of this Silentnight mattress is right on the money.

The 5 year guarantee is reassuring, as some other Silentnight mattresses only have a 3 year warranty. To me, this indicates that there are better quality foams inside this mattress as the company is backing them more.

Silentnight Mattress UK - view studio mattress

Option Two: Made From My Favourite Mattress Materials

The second Silentnight mattress I want to share with you is my favourite from their range because it is made from my favourite materials and it’s one I’d buy myself: the Silentnight Mirapocket 1000 Latex Limited Edition Mattress. Why I’ve chosen this one:

  • Priced from £519,  you’re getting a lot of value for money with durable latex as the comfort layer
  • Pocket coil support system
  • Latex and coils are my favourite combination of mattress materials. It makes for a very comfortable, quality mattress that is suitable for many people
  • Rated 8.9 out of 10 by verified customers
  • This is a limited edition, exclusive to MattressOnline
  • Medium firmness will feel comfortable for a wide range of people

Here’s a short video showing you the details of this mattress:

The Layers Explained:

  • Same allergen proof cover as described above
  • 4 cm latex comfort layer – latex is known as the most durable mattress material. It is more responsive than memory foam and has some bounce. It is such a great material that many companies are designing proprietary foams to have a latex feel
  • Individual pocket springs (1000 Mirapocket springs to be precise) as the support core. Pocket springs are better than a traditional spring unit because they do not all move as one unit, rather they move individually so provide better support and better motion isolation if you share a bed with someone.
  • 26 cm total height

Extra Analysis:

If you sleep hot, this mattress is going to be the best of any mattress type. Latex is a naturally cooling material for use in a comfort layer, because it draws heat away from you. Coil supports also allow for air to flow around and out of a mattress better than a foam support core ever could.

Silentnight Mattress UK - View Mirapocket Mattress

This mattress should also offer better edge support than a foam model.

What Does A Silentnight Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

Studio Model (The Foam One)

The great thing about the Studio range is that you can choose whether you want a soft, medium, or firm mattress. The support core will remain the same across all three, it’s the density of the upper layers that will change.

The Geltex is designed to be responsive to body pressure so you won’t sink into it, and the amount of resistance it gives depends on the firmness you choose. This foam is designed to have a slight bounce and will draw heat away as you sleep.

This mattress has memory foam inside it under the Geltex layer, but you won’t get that memory foam sink (which people either love or hate). Instead, what the memory foam will do is allow the Geltex to do its job of keeping you cool and comfy, but provide that contouring support layer underneath.

You shouldn’t feel any movement if you share your mattress with someone who gets up and down all night or tosses and turns a lot: foam mattresses do a good job of motion isolation.

silentnight mattress uk - sitting on mattress

Mirapocket Model (The Coil One)

This mattress will have more bounce than an all foam mattress. Latex is a naturally bouncy and responsive material, and coils naturally have some bounce to them.

Pocket coils do a much better job at motion isolation than a traditional coil unit, but they don’t perform quite as well as foam (which pretty much stops motion dead). Coil mattresses do have better edge support than foam mattresses though, so if you sleep right on the edge of your bed or you like to sit on it as you get dressed, you’ll feel less like you’re slipping off this one than an all foam mattress.

As mentioned above, this mattress will feel really nice if you worry about getting hot through the night: you won’t find a more temperature neutralising combination of materials than you’re getting here.

This mattress comes in one firmness option: medium firm. This is a firmness rating where most people feel comfortable and well supported.

Are There Any Problems With Silentnight Mattresses?

Silentnight Studio Range:

As with any mattress, there are people who find them too soft or too firm. The easiest way to get around the worry about whether the mattress is going to suit you is to go for the medium option. Remember that if you buy the Studio model from MattressOnline, you’ve got your 60 night trial there. If you’re heavier, you’ll need to choose the firm option to get max support from this mattress. If you’re lighter, you’ll need to get the soft mattress to ensure the foams are able to offer you pressure relief.

Another thing that is common to all foam mattresses that come in boxes, a Silentnight memory foam mattress will have an off-gassing smell when you expand the mattress. this is totally normal and is not harmful. i recommend you open in a ventilated space if possible to clear it quickly.

I noticed from the negative comments on Amazon for the studio mattress, people were upset they could not access the 60 nigth trial via their amazon purchase. Only MattressOnline and Silentnight (direct) have 60 night trial offers. I can see where the confusion has come from if people researched the mattress elsewhere and then purchased it form Amazon. Please keep this in mind if you decide to buy yours from Amazon.

Silentnight Micrapocket Latex Mattress:

For the Micrapocket mattress, two people left comments saying it was too soft for them, but we have no information about the support system they were using (any mattress will sag on an old box spring) or their sleep preferences (a medium feel mattress would not be my top recommendation for either heavier people or stomach sleepers, you’ll need a firmer feel to get the right support – so if these people fell into either of these categories I’m not surprised. MattressOnline allows you to search for only firm mattresses within their store to help you narrow this down. there are several options for you just within the Silentnight brand).

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Reviews From Real People

The review ratings for Silentnight are given their number based on how well customers think the mattress rates over a number of categories. These include: value for money, quality, support, comfort, and others. It gives people a good opportunity to leave a comprehensive rating.

Silentnight Mattress UK - Reviews

Final Opinion

I think you’re getting a good buy with a Silentnight mattress. Just keep in mind that these are a mattresses at the budget end of the scale with a 5 year warranty so I wouldn’t expect to get much more out of them than that. I think  they strike a good balance between quality and price overall.

I think the Studio memory foam model has some innovative foams inside and represents good value for money.

Likewise, with the latex and spring model I doubt you’ll find a mattress containing these materials for a better price.

I think Silentnight deserves their reputation as a trusted and comfortable mattress brand.

i think they strike a good balance between quality and price. there are certainly much worse mattresses out there. They are well known and trusted for a reason.

If you want to try a memory foam mattress that comes with a one year trial and a lifelong warranty (you really can’t beat those terms, can you?!), then Nectar is another great UK option for you if you want to try a different brand. Read my full review of the Nectar mattress here.

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