Mattresses With Fiberglass: 9 Common Brands (+ 2 More To Be Wary Of)

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Mattresses with fiberglass – this is something people are becoming more and more concerned about, and rightly so. Sure, it’s fine if you KNOWINGLY buy a mattress with a fiberglass fire barrier and do everything in your power to keep it inside the mattress, but what if you unwittingly bought a mattress with fiberglass, removed the cover, and unleashed nasty little glass particles all through your house?

Nobody wants that! So I’m here to share a list of 9 common/well known mattress brands that definitely use fiberglass in the fire barrier of their mattress. You’ve then got the power to make an informed decision about the mattress you’re bringing into your home.

As well as sharing the 7 mattresses with fiberglass you need to be aware of, I’ll also share:

  • Two brands that don’t have fiberglass but were just plain untrustworthy with their answer
  • How to tell if a mattress you’re thinking about buying has fiberglass in it

9 Mattresses With Fiberglass

Unfortunately, basically the entire Amazon top 15 has fiberglass. Why is that? Well, the most popular mattresses on Amazon are cheap memory foam mattresses, and it’s simple: this is the mattress type that’s most likely to have fiberglass.

These are brands that I’ve either talked with to confirm the presence of fiberglass, or have sighted the mattress care label and seen fiberglass in the materials list.

Here’s the brand list:

  • Zinus
  • Linenspa
  • Lucid
    • (these three brands make up most of Amazon’s top sellers)
  • Molblly
  • Olee Sleep
  • Sleep Innovations
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Purple (not Amazon, but an incredibly popular brand)
  • Casper

If you DO buy one of these mattresses (they are temptingly budget friendly and some are very comfortable), make sure you NEVER, EVER remove the cover, and use a mattress protector to protect the integrity of the cover.

Two Brands To Steer Clear Of

  1. Nectar
  2. Dreamcloud

These two popular mattress brands are actually owned by the same company. I want you to stay away from them because their customer service is not trustworthy. I asked them via their online chat service whether their mattresses contain fiberglass, and they talked around in circles so badly I got dizzy from all their lines they spun.

The final answer on the matter was “no”, they don’t contain fiberglass, but they dodged around the issue so much I just don’t trust them. Buyer beware if you choose one of these.

How To Spot A Fiberglass Containing Mattress

Mattresses With Fiberglass - Zinus Example
Label From A Zinus Mattress Showing 62% Fiberglass Content In The Inner Cover

Here’s a simple list of things you can do:

  • On Amazon:
    • Look at the questions and answers for the mattress. Look for definitive answers from the brand selling the mattress clearly stating there is no fiberglass. Don’t trust answers from fellow customers on this one, I’ve seen them get it wrong many times.
    • Look at customer pictures of the mattress. As people become more aware of the fiberglass issue, more people are posting photos of their mattress care tags, which will clearly state if there is fiberglass or not. What you’re looking for is “glass fiber”. The “glass fiber” will usually be given as a % of the material in or under the cover, and I’ve seen the amount of fiberglass vary from 12 – 68%.
  • Off Amazon:
    • Talk to customer service. Online mattress brands MUST have impeccable customer service to survive, and if you feel like you’re being given the run-around, stay away and buy something else. I want to give kudos to Zinus and Purple here: they both gave a straight and clear answer immediately confirming fiberglass when I chatted to them.
    • Look for mattresses with removable covers (you can’t take a cover off a mattress that has a fiberglass fire barrier)
    • Look for all natural materials like natural or organic latex (like the massively popular Avocado Green Mattress), as these will usually have organic cotton and/or wool as the fire barrier


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