Winkl Mattress Unboxing And First Impressions

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I KNEW the Winkl Lux mattress was comfy ever since I awkwardly perched on a display model last year. I’d been super curious to try one out for myself, and Winkl recently generously gifted me one. Watch this Winkl mattress unboxing to see exactly what it’s like to take a mattress out of its box and get up close and personal with Winkl’s top mattress: the Winkl Lux.

Here’s what’ I’ll cover in this article, as well as sharing the unboxing video:

  • Delivery and packaging
  • Unboxing the mattress
  • First impressions of the mattress

Here’s My Winkl Mattress Unboxing Video

Unboxing a king size mattress is a big job (a mattress in a box is still a mattress, it’s HEAVY). So, this is my husband Andrew unboxing the mattress for you, while I record the process. You can tell it’s really a two person job, the poor guy!

Even though this video has a fair bit of mucking around (totally unedited apart from the music), it only took 4 minutes to get the mattress out of the box and ready for use. Awesome. Skip to 3:00 if you want to go straight to the mattress expanding.

Delivery And Packaging

Winkl Mattress Unboxing - Box Details

Delivery was made by one of our friendly local freight companies, and I have to say I got the best service I’ve had from any mattress delivery so far. Usually they just show up, but these guys called first to make sure someone would be home to receive the delivery, which was a great touch.

Winkl has the best packaging I’ve seen: not only did the box have wheels built in, it also had handles around the top for easy maneuvering. This meant I was able to get the box inside by myself (I’d authorised the freight company to leave it outside) even though it was taller than me, and almost as heavy.

Unboxing The Winkl Mattress

Winkl Mattress Unboxing - Clip From Video

I highly recommend you unbox a mattress on the mattress base you’re intending to use it on, as they take on their full shape and size pretty much immediately.

You’ll see on the video that the bed base has plywood on it. It’s actually a slat base, but I feel the slats are slightly too far apart to correctly support a memory foam mattress (they can sag through the gaps), so we added the ply for extra support. Time for a new base I think!

As soon as the plastic seal protecting the mattress was broken, it expanded to its full 30cm height pretty much straight away. Be careful when you cut the plastic surrounding a mattress, you don’t want to cut the actual mattress! Winkl includes a cutter accessory, you don’t need to get your scissors out.

Winkl Lux Mattress First Impressions

Here’s a list of my immediate thoughts of the mattress once I had all the wrapping off:

  • Beautiful quality cover and zip (the cover is a premium fabric Winkl only use on their Lux mattress and their pillow). It might sound strange to comment on a zip, but some mattresses have annoyingly niggly zips, which is a pain when when it’s such a bulky object to work with
  • The fabric protecting the foam is the nicest quality I’ve seen. It’s like an inner cover
  • VERY minimal off-gassing smell. A tiny little whiff that was gone within hours, and by far the least I’ve ever experienced from a memory foam mattress (this is the fourth one we’ve unboxed)
  • The mattress feels BETTER than when I tried it out for one minute last year. This feels like the perfect blend of support and comfort. If you watch the video until the end, you see me lie down on the mattress and you get an idea of how it supports your weight without letting you sink too far in
  • It expanded to full height immediately, and was ready to lie on straight away


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