Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Review: Luxe Features At A Budget Price

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Lucid have been making memory foam mattresses in boxes before they were even a thing. Their 10 inch memory foam mattress is by far their most popular mattress with thousands of people using this mattress up and down the USA.

In this Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Review, we will take a walk through all the “need to know” info (including the 5 luxury features you don’t usually find at this price point) and my analysis of what real customers think of it (I’ve spent hours reading all their opinions so you don’t have to)

LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Medium Feel - Infused with Bamboo Charcoal and Gel - Bed in a Box - Temperature Regulating - Pressure Relief - Breathable - Queen Size
  • MEMORY FOAM INFUSIONS: This comfortable memory foam mattress is infused with bamboo charcoal to enhance breathability and capture odors to keep your bed clean and fresh, as well as gel infusions to help you sleep cooler
  • PRESSURE RELIEVING MEMORY FOAM: This all-foam mattress has layers of comfort foam and memory foam that contour to your shape and align the spine for pressure relieving comfort all night long
  • THREE FEELS TO ACCOMMODATE ALL SLEEP STYLES: With a standard 10-inch profile and three different feels, this mattress is great for all sleep styles; a universal medium feel is perfect for multi-position sleepers and guest rooms
  • RELIABLE AND QUALITY COMFORT: CertiPUR-US Certified to meet the highest quality standards, this mattress has a 10-year limited warranty and can be relied on to provide comfort for all your loved ones through every stage of life
  • MATTRESS IN A BOX AND ARRIVES COMPRESSED: Your memory foam mattress is compressed, rolled, and arrives in a box right to your doorstep; mattress will expand more quickly in a warm room, but please allow 24-72 hours for mattress for full expansion
  • Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Is this Mattress Right for You?
  • Is this Mattress Easy to Use?
  • What Are The Alternatives?
  • What are the Experiences of those Already using this Mattress?
  • Is It Worth Buying?

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Features

The 10 inch Lucid Memory Foam mattresses come in at a very competitive price point, making them appealing for those on a budget or looking for mattresses for guest or child’s rooms. Available in firm, medium, or plush, you can choose your preferred comfort level: something that isn’t common at this price point.

Another option you have when purchasing your mattress is to buy it as a package with the Lucid adjustable base. Adjustable bases are becoming increasingly popular for every day use, and Lucid claim theirs is the best on the internet.

Here’s the breakdown of the layers inside each of the three mattresses:

  • Firm: 2.5 inches of gel memory foam, 1 inch transition foam layer, 6.5 inches of charcoal infused base foam
  • Medium: 3 inches of gel infused memory foam, 1.5 inches of transition foam, 5.5 inches of charcoal base foam
  • Plush: 3.5 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of transition foam, 4.5 inches of charcoal base foam

Here’s what unusual to find at this price point:

  • Three firmness options: plush, medium, and firm
  • Tencel blend cover – Tencel is a beautifully soft and breathable fabric, that is often found on more expensive mattresses
  • Charcoal infused base layer (this helps keep the mattress fresh, and in fact this is the only mattress where I’ve seen charcoal in the base layer instead of the comfort layers)
  • Generous 3 inches of gel infused memory foam (this is for the medium model: take off 1/2 and inch for the firm mattress, add 1/2 an inch for the plush mattress as this layer dictates the overall feel of the mattress)
  • Warranty that has a threshold of 0.75 inches for indentations (this is better than even many more expensive brands, who won’t start covering sagging until its 1+ inches)

Pros and Cons


  • Strong warranty
  • Range of firmness options
  • Can choose memory foam or latex
  • Well established company with customers who have been using the mattress for years
  • Generally felt to be good value for money


  • Not always available in each mattress size: get in quick
  • Mixed reviews of durability
  • Made in China

Is this Mattress Right for You?

As is the case with most mattresses, I think these three mattresses suit specific needs and situations. The medium firm option is a good all round one though.

The softest mattress will be best suited to:

  • Light people (you usually need a soft mattress to allow the mattress to contour and support your body)
  • Side sleepers (you usually do better on a softer mattress to allow adequate contouring for your shoulder, to avoid a numb arm from a too firm mattress)

It will NOT be suited to:

  • Heavy people (you need something firmer to ensure that you get adequate comfort AND support)
  • Stomach sleepers (you need something firmer to make sure your hips don’t drop, which can put your spine out of alignment)

The medium mattress will be best suited to:

  • Most people, actually. I think this is a great all round option. However, I don’t think the comfort layer is quite thick enough to ensure adequate support for people over 230lb so that’s one group of people who should try something else.

The firm mattress will be best suited to:

  • Stomach sleepers (up to 230lb) – you need a firmer mattress to support your hips and spine
  • Heavy people who sleep on their back or sides (this mattress should be firm enough and the latex offers good durability)
  • Anyone who just prefers a firmer mattress

It will NOT be suited to:

  • Heavy stomach sleepers (I don’t feel this mattress would be supportive enough for you)
  • Very light people (this mattress is not soft enough)
  • Lighter side sleepers (too firm for your shoulder)

Is The Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Easy to Use?

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress - Staged

Setting up your Lucid memory foam mattress will be pretty easy. As I said above, it’s quite light, so one person should be able to maneuver it alone. Simply take it out of the box, remove the plastic, and watch it expand! Like all mattresses in a box, you should unbox your Lucid Memory Foam Mattress as soon as possible, as this minimizes the risk of any decompression issues (i.e. the mattress not expanding to its full ten inches).

Do not remove the mattress cover, as you risk exposing the fiberglass fire barrier, which is part of the inner. Federal law dictates all mattresses have a fire barrier: fiberglass is commonly used in lower priced mattresses and more preferable alternative to chemicals. This is no problem unless you remove the cover! This is another reason to buy the package with the protector, which you can remove and wash. If you want to buy the mattress alone and are happy to spot clean any spills or marks (which can void your warranty), you can read my tips for cleaning memory foam mattresses here. You’ll see conflicting information from Lucid about whether this mattress has fiberglass in it. After seeing pictures of the tags, I say its conclusive that this is the material used as the fire barrier.

If you decide to return your mattress within the 30 day returns window, you’ll have to package it up yourself to return it. You won’t be able to get it back into its original box. Lucid recommends you contact a local shipping company and ask them for some packaging. I think this is a bit of a pain but it’s the norm for mattresses at this price point.

What Are The Alternatives?

You may like the sound of the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress I’ve reviewed in this post, but there are similar options out there for around the same $$. I’ve taken an in-depth look at some of them, and here are some options that are worth your time to consider:

– Want a different mattress height from the same company? Lucid also make 8 and 12 inch high memory foam mattresses. See their full range here.
– Want to see something that’s slightly cheaper but has quite similar specifications? You might like to read my reviews of the Zinus Green Tea Mattress here or the AmazonBasic mattress here.
– Want to read about a memory foam mattress with an amazing cooling system and made in the USA? Read about Snuggle-Pedic here.

What are the Experiences of those Already using this Mattress?

Since Lucid has been in business for a number of years now, you can take advantage of opinions of people who have been using these mattresses for a long period of time. Here is a summary of what people have said. I exclude complaints people make of a mattress being too firm or too soft as this is too subjective to substantiate.

The good:
– Although the quality of the materials may sound a little questionable due to their weight and density, there are many people who report sleeping on this mattress for 2-5 years and beyond and are still happy with it. They report it has softened a little over time, as memory foam does.
– People have been happy with the solutions provided by Linenspa if they didn’t like the feel of the mattress, for example Lucid provided a free topper to make it more comfortable. Great service!
– Many customers find that this mattress is good value for money.

The bad:
– There were several customers who reported problems with mold growing on their mattress after a period of time. While this wasn’t a common issue, there were enough people reporting it for me to need to pass it along to you. The best way you can avoid this happening with any memory foam mattress is to use a waterproof mattress cover and a sturdy slat or metal grid base that allows air circulation.
– There were also quite a few reports of the mattress sagging beyond the usual softening you would expect. I’m unsure about this one, after all the people making these reports never say what sort of base they’re using the mattress on (the wrong base will make any mattress sag) or if they rotated the mattress. It’s certainly a mixed bag between the people finding it lasting well and the people finding it not.

Is It Worth Buying?

I think that particularly the medium model is good value for money, as you’re getting a generous amount of memory foam and a good support base depth .

The cooling gel in the memory foam models is an excellent feature, as is the tencel cover. These two elements will work together to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature through the night.

Lucid offers a reasonable warranty for their mattresses. There is quite a lot to like here, in my opinion.

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