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Electric adjustable bed prices Canada – yes an adjustable bed is an investment, but you just be surprised at the deals you can get, and the quality of adjustable beds out there for the price.

I’ve rounded up the best electric adjustable bed prices in Canada (and will alert you to any deals to be had) so you can buy with confidence and do all your research in one place.

Before I share my pricing table and further analysis with you, I’ll say that I think the overall best adjustable beds in Canada are Puffy or GhostBed, you can read all about why here.

Electric Adjustable Bed Prices Canada: Here They Are

BrandPricesFeaturesWhere To Buy
Puffy-Twin XL $1549
– Full $1649
-Queen $1849
-Split King $2749
Puffy regularly offer $300 off, visit their website to see today’s best deal
Head + foot articulation, head + foot massage, adjustable legs, USB ports, LED lights, weight limit 850lb, limited lifetime warranty, 101 night sleep trial (nobody else offers a sleep trial)puffy.ca
GhostBed-Twin XL $1595
-Queen $1895
-Split King $3190
GhostBed regularly run sales, visit their website to see today’s best deal
Head + foot articulation, 15 massage modes (the most of any base) USB ports, LED lights, weight limit 750lb, lifetime limited warrantyghostbed.ca
Podium Bed-Twin XL $749
– Full $799
-Queen $849
-Split King $1449
Head + foot articulation, USB ports, adjustable legs, full body massage, weight limit 650lb, 10 year limited warrantypodiumbed.ca
Leva Sleep– From $599 for a basic model with head articulation only
– From around $2000 for a base that with massage functions and articulates at both head and feet
Choose from their range of 6, the more features the higher the pricelevasleep.com

There is also a range of adjustable beds on amazon.ca but prices update regularly so I cannot write an accurate price here in this post. An extremely popular model on Amazon is the Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort, which runs at around the same price as Podium Bed.

Are Those Good Prices?

Electric Adjustable Bed Prices Canada - Adjustable Bed With Mattress

I think Puffy is the best value of the bunch, as with the $300 discount you can get a base will ALL the features from just $1249, and you get a sleep trial. The GhostBed base is also great value if you can catch a deal like their 40% off base and mattress bundles, or 25% off their base, meaning you can grab one from just $1196, making them the biggest discount offer.

Podium is obviously cheaper than Puffy or GhostBed, so you may wonder why I don’t think it’s the best value of the bunch. It’s just missing a few key things that you don’t have to pay much more for with the others, like:

  • Podium bed only has full body massage, there’s no ability to choose just head or foot
  • It has a lower weight tolerance than Puffy or GhostBed, which is important when you consider that the weight needs to factor in the weight of your mattress and bedding
  • Puffy and GhostBed both have a limited lifetime warranty, while Podium Bed only offers a 10 year limited warrany (with conditions kicking in from two years)

The Leva range has many adjustable beds for you to choose from, but I think if you want the cheapest deal you’re best to go with Podium Bed because the budget priced Leva beds only raise the head. If you want an adjustable bed with all the amazing features, you get much better value from Puffy or GhostBed. Plus, Puffy and GhostBed both offer packages with their amazingly comfortable and high quality mattresses to make them even easier to choose.

You may notice that I’ve left Tempur off the list. This is because Tempur will be different prices across different retailers. They are good quality bases but come with a huge price tag. Similar to Leva, they have a range that starts with a base that articulates at the head only, working right through to a smart base that claims to track your sleep. Now I’m no sleep physiologist but I do have a bit of a scientific and clinical background and in my opinion these sleep trackers just aren’t worth paying top dollar for (yet) as I just don’t think you can trust how accurate they are.


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