Three Ways To Fix Mattress Sag Now

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fix mattress sagYou Can Fix Mattress Sag With These Three Ideas

Are you sleeping in a rut? Feel like you’re going to roll down a hill every time you get into bed? You’ve got a saggy mattress! There are some simple things you can try to fix mattress sag, including something you can try right now.  I’ve got three tricks you can try and help for if you do need to replace your mattress or foundation.

I also need to say that one of the number one complaints I see about new mattresses is that they sag straight away. This puts up a red flag for me, as often these are mattresses made with quality materials that I would expect to last at least 7 or 8 years. Spoiler alert: if your brand new mattress is sagging, the problem is probably not with the mattress, but with the foundation you are putting it on. I’ve got a link to an article you’ll find helpful to identify this at the end of the post. Don’t worry, some of the ideas below could still help, particularly the second one.

1. The Cheapest, Quickest Thing You Can Try To Fix Mattress Sag Tonight

There is something that you can step away from your computer or phone, whatever you’re reading this on, and go and try right now: put pillows under your mattress.

Please note, though, that this is a very temporary fix that won’t last long. But it is a good emergency measure if you just need something to get you through the next couple of nights.

Hopefully you have a couple of spare pillows in a cupboard somewhere, or even a cushion could do if you’re really struggling.

  • Identify the sagging points in the mattress
  • Lift the mattress up and put the pillows directly underneath the sagging points. This will give them a boost
  • Put the mattress back, and lie down on it to check you’ve got the pillows positioned in the right spots

The reason this is a very temporary fix is that the weight of the mattress and your body weight is going to really smoosh the pillows down. You will likely lose the feeling of extra support after a couple of nights. If you want to use pillows to fix mattress sag for longer than a couple of nights, using gel pillows will work for longer.

I got this tip from MashUpMom.

2. Put Some More Support Around The Mattress

The following are ideas that will help fix mattress sag for a longer than pillows, but they are not a permanent solution.

If you’re looking to put something underneath the mattress to give it a stronger foundation that will last longer than pillows, you could try:

mattress helper
This is the Mattress Helper

Adding a piece of plywood to your mattress base

  • If you are using a box spring, you would put the plywood on top of the box spring and under the mattress
  • If you are using a slat base, you can weave the plywood between the slats
  • You might need to use two pieces depending on how much firmer you want to make the base
  • Adding a mattress helper to your base
    • This is a high density foam support that you put underneath your mattress, similarly to how you would put the pillows or ply
    • It is designed to lift the mattress back towards its original shape
    • You can buy one on Amazon here (full disclosure: that is an affiliate link: if you click it I’ll get a small commission. I’ll be writing up a whole review of this product soon, stay tuned)
  • If you’re looking to put something on top of the mattress you could try:

    • Adding a mattress topper. This will help cover up any lumpy or sagging spots in the mattress. Toppers come in a variety of styles such as:
      • Memory foam
      • Egg crate style
      • Fiber filled
      • Down filled

    3. Rotate Your Mattress

    If you have had your mattress in the same position since you bought it, it’s time to rotate it!

    Regularly rotating your mattress will help it to wear evenly and extend its life.

    So if it’s been a while since you last rotated your mattress, go and do it now! This will not fix the indentations already in your mattress, but it will change where you are putting pressure on the mattress to give you a more comfortable sleep.

    Also, if you own a mattress that is able to be flipped so you can sleep on either side (these are becoming a rare breed), you could try flipping it. This tip is ONLY for mattresses that are flippable, I would not recommend it for mattresses that are constructed from a specific top comfort layer and bottom base layer.

    What If Nothing Works To Fix The Mattress Sag?

    Sometimes, if your foundation is too old or your mattress is too worn out, none of the fix-it remedies I’ve discussed above are going to do a satisfactory job in giving you the most comfortable sleep. If your mattress or foundation are just too old, you will need to replace them to ensure you get a great sleep. I’ve written a bunch of great articles you will find helpful if you need to take this step, I recommend you read my mattress reviews to help you choose a new mattress, or my article on how to tell if a box spring needs replacing.




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