Is Ecosa Or Koala Better? Here’s Why I Prefer Ecosa

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Is Ecosa or Koala better? In this head-to-head comparison, I’ll take you through two of the biggest names in Australian mattresses so you can make the best choice for your needs.

I’ve been reviewing and testing beds for 5 years and have slept on the Ecosa original mattress for a year, so I’m well-placed to help you decide.

Ecosa offers 3 mattresses, each quite different from the other (different materials). Koala offers 4 mattresses that are very similar (the main difference is the thickness of the comfort layer).

Both offer an all-foam mattress with a flippable comfort layer, which is great to use as a direct comparison to each other.

My favourite mattress out of all the 7 options from Ecosa and Koala is the Ecosa Pure because I find the combination of latex and microcoils irresistible as the comfort layers. However, it’s the most expensive and hard to compare with Koala mattresses.

In this Ecosa and Koala comparison we will go through:

Mattress Range Comparison

Ecosa mattresses are designed in Australia and made in China. The 3 mattresses in their range are all quite different. The most popular model is the Ecosa original, with an all-foam composition and flippable comfort layer. The Ecosa Align is an extra-firm hybrid of firm foams and pocket coils. The Ecosa Pure is an incredibly luxurious mattress with latex, microcoils (my favourite mattress comfort material), and pocket coils.

Koala mattresses are designed in Australia and made in China. Their range is all foam and is designed to cater to a range of different firmness preferences. While their range is not as varied as Ecosa, 3 of their models offer a flippable comfort layer, allowing you to change the firmness of the mattress.

Both offer in-home sleep trials (100 nights for Ecosa, 120 nights for Koala)and free delivery. Koala offers a 10 year warranty, Ecosa mattresses have a 15 year warranty.

Both brands regularly offer sales and discounts, with Ecosa more frequently running discounts than Koala. If you want even bigger discounts, Emma has even more.

Better Range Winner: Ecosa

My Picks

I’ve chosen to compare the Ecosa Original Mattress with the Koala Original Mattress for a deeper look at some of your options.

Why these ones? They are the most popular from each brand and are also the most similar to each other.

Ecosa’s Top Seller

Ecosa Original Mattress

  • Cover tencel/polyester blend. It feels like a good quality cover, and is waterproof.
  • Comfort foam layers: you get 2:
    • Gel infused memory foam (medium) and bouncier ecotex foam (medium firm).
    • Change these layers around to change the feel of the mattress
  • Support core: high density foam. Ecosa says if you want the mattress to feel really firm, you can even have this as a comfort layer (this mattress is pretty firm anyway so you won’t need to do that).


Waterproof cover

Foams can be arranged in multiple ways

15 Year warranty is longer than the 10 year standard

A great choice for those who like a firmer mattress


No matter what configuration, I think this mattress feels firm

Light side sleepers will definitely find this too firm

Koala’s Top Seller

The Koala Mattress

  • Cover: Tencel lyocell. Feels silky and is breathable. A nice cover material that is of high quality.
  • Comfort foam layer: 6cm of Koala’s own Kloudcell. The best thing about this layer is that it’s flippable so you can change the feel of the mattress. This foam is responsive and breathable.
  • Support core: high density foam, with zoning cut into it for targeted support.


Foam comfort layer is flippable, giving you two firmness options

Cheaper than Ecosa Original (not by much if Ecosa is on sale though)

Zoning in support foam is a nice touch


Just two foam layers for the entire mattress

Cover not waterproof

While I’ve slept on the Ecosa Original and can vouch for its quality, I think of these two the Koala Original is going to suit more people overall. The Koala has a slightly softer medium feel compared to the Ecosa, which in my opinion is quite firm.

I like how Ecosa has 3 layers and a 15 year warranty, but I also quite like the zoning in the transition foam of the Koala. Between these two mattresses, it’s going to come down to your firmness preference.

Ecosa And Koala Comfort Foams Comparison

Ecosa Foams:

Is Ecosa Or Koala Better - Ecosa Foams

Ecosa has 3 different mattresses and they each have a different comfort layer.

  1. Ecosa Original: 2 layers(interchangeable): medium feel foam infused with gel beads to draw heat away. Medium-firm open cell foam which is breathable. Both of these foams are designed to be responsive and supportive, you don’t feel like you’re sinking into the bed.
  2. Ecosa Align: 2 layers (not interchangeable): high density dunlop latex (which has a firm and bouncy feel) and transition memory foam, which is needed to cushion the latex comfort foam from the coils in the support core.
  3. Ecosa Pure: 3 layers: microcoils sandwiched between two latex layers. The two latex layers are designed to feel bouncy and responsive. Latex is also more naturally breathable and durable than memory foams. The microcoils is really the icing on the cake here. They offer targeted support better than any zoning in a transition foam could. The most comfy bed I ever owned 10+ years ago had microcoils, and I swear they are what made it so comfortable.

You can see that each Ecosa mattress uses totally different materials to fulfill different needs. You’ve got the Original with the memory foams and changeable layers, the high density latex for the firm feel of the Align, and the luxury layering of the best materials in the Pure.

Koala Foams:

Which is better, emma or koala - Koala foam layer
Flippable Kloudcell foam by Koala

Koala uses its proprietary Kloudcell foam in every matttress. The difference is how thick the layer is. The cheaper the mattress, the thinner the Kloudcell layer. Kloudcell is made to be an open cell, breathable foam. Much like the foams in the top of Emma mattresses.

The key difference with the Koala Kloudcell foam layer is that it’s been engineered to have a softer side and a firmer side, so you can change the feel of your mattress by just flipping the foam over.

If you want to buy a Koala mattress, you had better hope that you really enjoy the feel of Kloudcell, as there is no other alternative in their range.

Comfort Foam Winner: Ecosa

Support Layer Comparison


Again, you’ve got a different support core in each of the three Ecosa mattresses.

  1. Ecosa Original: high density foam, similar to what you find in pretty much all the Koala mattresses. It’s got zoning cut into it for hip and shoulder support, while keeping your spine in line.
  2. Ecosa Align: this is a hybrid mattress, meaning it has a pocket coil core. This makes the mattress more breathable than an all foam mattress because air can move around the coils.
  3. Ecosa Pure: this also has a pocket coil core, but the coils are zoned for more targeted support. There are 7 zones for the most targeted support from any mattress across the two brands, and these coils are protected by an outer edge of latex foam for extra durability.


The three cheaper Koala mattress models have a high density base foam with zoning, similar to the Emma foam support base above. While Ecosa only uses this foam in one mattress, Koala use it across most of their range.

In the top range Koala Soulmate Mattress you have “foam springs” sitting on top of the high density base foam. This is intended to offer even more precise targeted support than the zones cut into the the bases of their other mattresses (or the Emma Comfort mattress) but I’m a bit skeptical as to how different that really would feel, and if the higher price really justifies it.

Foam springs inside the top range Koala Soulmate mattress

Support Layer Winner: Ecosa

Ecosa And Koala Price Comparison

Mattress NameRecommended Price
Ecosa OriginalFrom $800 (before discounts)
Ecosa AlignFrom $700 (before discounts)
Ecosa PureFrom $1700 – Queen or King only (before discounts)
Koala SEFrom $575 (before discounts)
Koala OriginalFrom $750 (before discounts)
Koala Calm AsFrom $1000 (before discounts)
Koala SoulmateFrom $2490 (before discounts)

Both brands offer good mattresses for under $1000. I think that Ecosa run better and more frequent sales than Koala. This means that you can pick up an Ecosa Original or Align for a similar price or cheaper than the basic Koala models.

The Ecosa Pure is a superior luxury mattress to the Koala Soulmate, and it’s also a better price.

Price Winner: Ecosa

Customer Reviews

Again, I looked to the best selling mattress from each brand to see what customers are saying about them, as these have the best reviews.

Ecosa Original:

At the time of writing, the Ecosa Original has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 21558 reviews. This is thousands more reviews than any brand! 97.5% of those people gave Ecosa 4 or 5 stars, so there are literally thousands and thousands of people out there who absolutely love their Ecosa mattress.

The main complaint people who left negative reviews had was that the mattress was too firm for them. I’ve already told you that this is a firm feeling mattress, so if you do go ahead and buy the Ecosa Original you are making an informed decision.

Several people mentioned they really like the combination of this mattress with a mattess topper.

It was just a little bit more firm than expected, but still feels quite solid in terms of sustainable quality and quite comfortable.

Ecosa Customer, May 2023 read more reviews

Koala Original:

The Koala Original has an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 1,128 reviews. 97% of those people rated the mattress at 4 or 5 stars, again showing people are mostly happy with their Koala purchase.

The main complaint people who left negative reviews had was that the mattress had a strong off-gassing smell (this will occur to some extent with all memory foams, open them in a ventilated space to clear it faster) and/or did not find it comfortable.

I was after a mattress with loads of support and comfort but wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg I stumbled upon koala ordered the king mattress and loved it instantly being a tradie coming home after a physical day in day out you need a good nights sleep and I can rely on koala to provide that.

Koala Customer, March 2023 read more reviews

Customer Reviews Winner: Koala

Is Ecosa Or Koala Better? Final Verdict

So. Is Ecosa or Koala better? We’ve compared the ranges, the materials, the prices, and opinions from customers.

We’ve seen that Ecosa offers much more variety, but that some of their mattresses tend to be on the firm side. I think that overall, given the price, quality of construction and customer satisfaction, Ecosa have the edge over Koala here.

So, in my opinion, Ecosa is better than Koala, especially in the luxury mattress category, with the Ecosa Pure being a standout.


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