What’s The Best Leesa Mattress? I’ll Tell You.

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What’s the best Leesa mattress? I’ve carefully analyzed each of the 3 options (Original, Hybrid, Legend) and I think the Leesa Hybrid is the best.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress​: The Best Leesa Mattress To Buy
  • Best Value For Money
  • Best Comfort Level For Most People
  • Best Loved By Leesa Customers
  • Quality Construction And Thoughtful Design
  • Designed And Made In USA

Why? Well, it’s got a nice cover, it’s got some clever foams inside (breathable through the top, protecting the entire mattress at the bottom), it’s designed to suit a wide range of people (and I genuinely think most of you will be comfortable on it) and it’s priced at a great number. You’ll also see that it’s the most popular with other Leesa customers, so I’m not the only one who think it’s the best Leesa mattress.

Let me take you through:

  1. What You Get With Every Leesa Mattress
  2. A Detailed Look At Every Mattress In The Leesa Range
    1. Leesa Original
    2. Leesa Hybrid (my top choice for you)
    3. Leesa Legend

Here’s What You Get With EVERY Leesa Mattress

The good news is that when you buy from Leesa, you can’t really go wrong. Here’s what you get with every Leesa purchase:

  • 100 Night sleep trial (you need at least 30 nights to truly get the feel of any mattress you buy)
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns (Alaska and Hawaii based customers: you’ll have to pay a $100 return fee should Leesa not work for you)
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Made to order (this is actually quite a big tick in Leesa’s favor: it means you know your mattress hasn’t been sitting squashed in its box waiting for you to order it)
  • The reassurance that Leesa is B-Corp certified (this means you can trust they’re a socially and environmentally responsible company)

Another thing I was pleasantly surprised to find out about Leesa is how transparent they are. They make it very easy to see any negative reviews of their mattresses (some brands try to hide these) and they publicly respond to resolve any issues customers have. Kudos to them. They also don’t hide the densities of the foams inside their mattresses, and I think the foam quality aligns pretty well with the price points of the Leesa mattress range.

Let’s Analyze Every Leesa Mattress

Leesa Original Mattress: A Good Budget Choice

Best Leesa Mattress - Original Cross Section
A look at the layers of the Leesa Original mattress

This is Leesa’s only all foam mattress, and it’s the first mattress they created. I think that overall it’s a decent mattress for its price, but there’s nothing really special about it to make it stand out in the crowded market. Basically, you can’t really go wrong here but it’s not super exciting.

  • 4.5 Star rating, with more than 800 reviews at time of researching this article for you
  • Grey twill cover – designed for softness
  • Price range: $799 – $1299 (you’ll never pay this though, like most mattress in a box brands Leesa is always having a sale)
  • All foam construction with 3 layers: 2″ breathable foam, 2″ memory foam, 6″ support foam
  • That construction is pretty standard and fits well with price point.
    • I DO like that you’ve got 4 inches of comfort foams, you’ll find many others with this type of construction only have 3″.
  • 10″ Height – again this is pretty standard, there are tons of memory foam mattresses out there at this popular height
  • Rated medium firm: 5-7 out of 10. That’s a pretty big range, but based on the construction of the Leesa Original mattress I’d say it’s probably on the softer end of this scale as it has deeper comfort foam layers, making it a good prospect for side sleepers (but not so much for stomach sleepers). You can see how much “give” the mattress has from the picture of the man sitting on it, this also reinforces to me that this mattress is more of a softer medium.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress: The Overall Best Choice

Best Leesa Mattress - Hybrid Cross Section
A look at the layers of the Leesa Hybrid mattress

The Leesa Hybrid mattress takes out the title of “Best Leesa Mattress” because it gets things right in so many areas. Unlike the Original above, I think the Leesa Hybrid is a true medium, so it’s better suited to more people. It’s got a nicer breathable foam through the top, and the pocket coils are well protected with transitional foam layers. It’s the clear best seller of the Leesa range.

  • 4.5 Star rating, with more than 1800 reviews at time of my research. This is the highest number of reviews by quite a lot, which indicates to me that this is the best selling mattress of the range: it’s the most popular with Leesa customers
  • Soft white cover (I think it looks nicer than the grey cover, but you’re going to use sheets so this isn’t that important)
  • Price range $1099 – $1999 (you’ll never pay this though, like most mattress in a box brands Leesa is always having a sale). I think this is a fair price for a hybrid mattress with good construction
  • Hybrid design with 5 layers: 1.5″ cooling foam (holes punched in it for great ventilation), 1.5″ contouring memory foam, 1″ transition foam, 6″ of pocket springs (individually wrapped coils) with stronger coils at the edge for edge support), 1″ core support foam base (important to help protect the integrity of the springs, you won’t feel this layer though)
  • 11″ Height. It does have slightly less comfort foams than the Leesa Original, but this is just because you need those transition and support foams around the coils.
  • Rated medium: 5-7 out of 10. I’d expect this one to suit a wider range of sleepers, as it will be more of a true medium and therefore SLIGHTLY firmer than the Original, because it has a thinner layer of cooling foam and memory foam. I think it’s a good pick for back sleepers.

Leesa Legend Mattress: This Is The One I’d Buy Myself

Best Leesa Mattress - Legend Cross Section
A look at the layers of the Leesa Legend mattress

Okay, so if I’d buy this myself, why is it not best overall? Purely because of the price. It’s the most expensive mattress of the Leesa range, and that’s going to put a lot of people off. I think the luxury features you get in the Leesa Legend are totally worth the money and I would pay it, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to buy the most expensive mattress to get the best. You don’t!

  • Another rating of 4.5 stars, from more than 100 reviews (you can see that the price point is preventing quite a few people from buying here)
  • One of the standout features is the premium cover: organic cotton, merino wool, and fiber from recycled bottles (cool fact: there are 73 recycled bottles in a king size mattress). this is by far the best cover, but I’m not sure if you’re going to really notice that much once you add your protector and sheets
  • Price range $1799 – $2599 (you’ll never pay this though, like most mattress in a box brands Leesa is always having a sale), so it’s still great value for what you’re getting, it’s just a lot more than the other Leesa mattresses
  • Hybrid design with 6 layers (including TWO layers of coils which is what really sells it to me): 1″ hole punched cooling foam (a more premium foam than used in the Leesa Hybrid), 1″ contouring memory foam, 1.5″ micro pocket spring and foam combo layer (I LOVE micro pocket springs, they feel so luxe to lie on). This layer is designed for targeted hip and shoulder support. The bottom 3 layers are similar to the Leesa Hybrid: a pocket coil sandwich with transition and base foams
  • 12″ Total height, with the most in the comfort layers, including that targeted support zone layer
  • Also rated 5-7 for firmness, but given the quality features inside this mattress I think it’s going to work well for everyone, with stomach sleepers appreciating the targeted hip support and side sleepers enjoying the shoulder support. Back sleepers will just be all-round stoked with this mattress


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