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NEWSFLASH: I Need a New Mattress!

i need a new mattressI need a new mattress!

Doesn’t life have a funny way of working out with timings? I need a new mattress! Yes, just two weeks after starting my mattress review site, my husband has announced that he wants to replace our mattress!

How did I know it was time?

I have written an entire post about how you will know when you need a new mattress, you can read it here. This is the list of things about our mattress that made us take action:

  • There are some big indentations in our bed. I lay in the very middle of our bed and it felt like i was going to roll down a hill! Watch the video below to see what I mean.
  • My husband has been waking up sore and grumpy every morning despite rolling his back with a hard foam roller and using a shakti mat before going to sleep every night. He tends towards getting a sore back and is very fussy about what he sleeps on. In the video you’ll also see the modifications he attempted to make to the bed to make his side more firm and supportive.
  • We have been through a lot of life changes since we bought our current mattress 5-6 years ago. My husband has entered his forties and I have had two children! Ageing and fluctuations in weight can mean changes in what you need from a mattress, and are part of indicating you may need a new one.

How are we  choosing our new mattress?

What we did last time

When we bought our current mattress, we went to the store and lay on all of them for about 1-2 minutes each. It felt so awkward to be honest with you! We didn’t buy one that day. We returned to the store on our way home from a sporting event when we were feeling sore and tired and lay on the mattresses again. They felt completely different because we were feeling different in ourselves! This was actually quite confusing to us, how could they feel so different? It made us lose a bit of faith in the process of testing them out. We ended up going with the one that felt the most comfortable when we were tired.

For our new mattress, we have decided to buy one online. I figured since I run a mattress website (no, I don’t get mattresses for free at the time of writing this) that we should put our money where our mouths are and buy a mattress in a box from an online store.

First, husband went to the shops and lay on some again. He was still not sure about buying a mattress online, the idea seemed very strange to him! But he was not impressed with the comfort or the price tags of any of the mattresses available for him to try in person. This confirmed to him that it would be worth trying an online mattress purchase.

How we chose the online replacementi need a new mattress

My husband seems to think Tempur is the gold standard of mattresses but he didn’t like how it felt in store. So he googled “tempur mattress” on his phone. A mattress directly competing with them here in New Zealand (Ecosa) popped up in his search so he read their website. The information he gathered that made him choose the Ecosa were:

  • price point (about a quarter of the price of the mattresses he tried in the shops)
  • adjustable firmness (you can switch around the foam layers inside to customize it)
  • risk free trial period (100 nights)
  • a longer warranty (15 years instead of 10)
  • the many positive reviews both on the Ecosa website and on independent sites

So, we ordered the Ecosa! I am excited and nervous! I’ll be doing an unboxing video when it arrives, along with documenting my first impressions and how we’re finding it as time goes on. If we really like it and decide to keep it, I will do a formal review post with links to help you buy one if you like the sound of it too.

As always, thanks for reading. What’s your story about how and when you last replaced your mattress? Leave me a comment.