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Memory Foam Mattress Without Fiberglass – Top 3 Picks

Best Budget – Casper Element
2 Foam Layers, Silica Fire Barrier
  • Cheapest non fiberglass memory foam mattress I’ve seen
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Breathable foam
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
Best Overall – Snuggle Pedic
3 Foam Layers, Silica Fire Barrier
  • Made in USA
  • 4 Month sleep trial
  • Patented air ventilation design throughout
  • Free customizations if you don’t like the feel of the mattress (what a massive bonus)
Best Luxury – Puffy Royal
4 Foam Layers, Silica Fire Barrier
  • Made in USA
  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer
  • Zoned support

There are SO many memory foam mattresses that DO have fiberglass that it makes it hard to find the ones without it. I’m sure that if you’re here reading this article you’ve seen the issues that fiberglass can cause, and you’re wanting to steer well clear of it. Lucky for you, I’ve got 3 memory foam mattress without fiberglass options for you where I’ve seen confirmation direct from the brand that their mattress is indeed fiberglass free. Wohoo!

Memory Foam Mattress Without Fiberglass: Close-Up On The Top Three

1. Snuggle Pedic: Best Memory Foam Mattress Without Fiberglass On Amazon

Snuggle-Pedic Queen Mattress - Ultra-Luxury Memory Foam Hybrid, 10 Inch, Bamboo Cover, Firm
  • Pressure relief; whether you're looking for a full mattress, a queen mattress, or even a California king, you'll get the same amount of support, our memory foam gel mattress is perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Soft yet firm; find your bliss with this queen size mattress, with 10 inches of thick memory foam and gel padding, this bed will give you the firm and luxurious support you've been waiting for.
  • Kool flow tech; don't risk overheating, the breathable ultra luxury hybrid mattresses use a micro vented bamboo cover to keep you sweat free even on those hot summer nights
  • Don't sneeze while you snooze, our queen mattress is rolled and vacuum sealed to protect your bed and keep it clean, plus, it stays odor free
  • Zipper cover; your mattress, your way, make any adjustments you need to our hybrid mattress with the easily removable kool flow knit bamboo zipper covering

What Do They Use Instead Of Fiberglass?

Snuggle Pedic use a silica sock as the fire barrier inside their mattress. Here’s the official confirmation that this is a memory foam mattress without fiberglass for your peace of mind:

Rick Swartzburg Is A Chiropractor And The Designer Of The Snuggle Pedic Mattress

Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Specs

  • 4 Month sleep trial (very rare for mattresses sold on Amazon, you’re usually stuck with the 30 day returns policy)
  • Made in USA
  • Medium firm feel will feel comfortable to most people
  • Breathable bamboo cover
  • 10 Inch height with 3 foam layer construction
  • The mattress regulates body heat through their “airflow transfer system” – basically, ventilation channels and holes placed cleverly throughout the mattress to allow air to escape and circulate

The best thing about Snuggle Pedic: they’ll customize your mattress for free! Too firm? No problem, they’ll change a foam layer for a softer one. Too soft? Ditto they’ll exchange for a firmer one. This is pretty unique, and also unheard of at this price point.


2. Puffy Royal: Best Luxury Mattress Packed Full Of Features


Puffy Royal Mattress

THIS Is The Puffy You Should Buy!

  • Amazing Features For Your Money
  • 4 Foam Layers
  • Contour Adapt Coil Support
  • Zoning For Targeted Pressure 
  • Multiple Cooling Innovations
  • Lifetime Warranty

What Do They Use Instead Of Fiberglass?

Puffy also use silica in their mattress fire barrier, mixed with wool. The wool is a nice luxury touch, and contributes to the char barrier.

I didn’t save a picture for you (my apologies!) but I DID chat directly with the Puffy customer service team in March 2021 to confirm this for you.

Puffy Royal Memory Foam Mattress Specs

  • 101 Night sleep trial and unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Medium plush feel – I think this mattress will be comfortable for everyone except heavier stomach sleepers
  • Extra stretchy cover embossed with Puffy’s signature cloud design
  • Luxury 14 inch height with 4 layers of comfort foams designed for targeted support (one of them has different pressure zones), temperature regulation (gel beads and ventilation channels) and deep comfort

The coils in combination with the foams in this mattress gives you all the high quality features you could ever ask for really. Puffy Royal is pretty much my idea of an ideal mattress.


3. Casper Element – Best Budget Choice

Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen
  • Balance: The Element is engineered to combine both softness and support. The top layer of memory foam comforms to your body to relieve pressure.
  • AirScapeTM: A layer of AirScapeTM perforated breathable foam increases airflow and circulates air so you don't get too hot at night. The tiny holes move hot air and body heat away.
  • Support: The durable base foam is engineered to prevent sinking and sagging while supporting your whole body.
  • Certified by our Sleep Lab
  • 100 night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment on products sold by Casper

What Do They Use Instead Of Fiberglass?

Like the other fiber glass free memory foam mattress brands, Casper has also opted for silica in their Element mattress. Here they blend it with rayon (cotton) and polyester.

Chat With Casper Customer Service, 25 May 2021

Mattress Specs

  • 100 Night sleep trial (very rare for mattresses sold on Amazon, you’re usually stuck with the 30 day returns policy)
  • Eco friendly stretch cover made from recycled materials – a really nice touch.
  • Medium firm feel
  • 10 Inch height with 2 foam layer construction (this is how Casper keeps the price low: using two foam layers instead of 3)
  • The top foam layer is perforated to allow airflow

I think it’s pretty incredible that Casper can offer a memory foam mattress without fiberglass at this price point, AND with a 100 night sleep trial. This is pretty exceptional in my opinion. Great budget choice.

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