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Can I make a mattress more comfortable?

make a mattress more comfortable
Twisting and turning every which way trying to get comfortable in bed?

Ahh good sleep. We all want it. It’s SUPER frustrating if we can’t get it because we’ve spent the night tossing and turning on an uncomfortable sleep surface. Maybe it’s your own bed. Maybe you dread visiting relatives because you know you’ll wake up with a sore back at their house. Or perhaps you’ve arrived, exhausted at a hotel after a long commute and your heart sinks when you flop down on the bed? Can you make a mattress more comfortable?

Luckily the answer is yes, there are several options available for you to try. They range in price from a few hundred dollars to free. What you need to do depends on if the mattress is too hard or too soft. I’ll walk you through the options for both scenarios below.

If the mattress is too firm try this:

Is the mattress quite new? If so it might need a bit of “breaking in”. You can walk on it (don’t jump) and rotate it regularly.

Get a soft mattress topper. A mattress topper is a layer that sits on top of your mattress and underneath your bedding. It is designed to supplement the support a mattress gives.  This is a solution that requires an investment of up to a couple of hundred dollars. I therefore I recommend it for a bed you’ll be sleeping in often (either your own or someone’s house you visit regularly).

If the mattress is too soft try this:

Again, a mattress topper could be the solution to make a mattress more comfortable, but a different type of topper is needed. You’ll want one that offers more support, such as a memory foam mattress topper. If you are a “hot” sleeper, make sure to look out for one with cooling properties.

make a mattress more comfortable
Sinking in a mattress that is too soft?!

Another popular trick is to put a piece of board underneath the mattress to firm it up. When I first met my husband, he had a pretty old mattress that should have been replaced but he hadn’t got around to it. He practically had a jigsaw puzzle of different pieces of wood underneath it. This had helped him extend the mattress life, but he extended it a bit too long, in my opinion! There was no saving that mattress!

A third option you can try is adding pillows for extra support. This works particularly well for side sleepers as it tends to be most comfortable to add pillows either wedged under your back or between your knees. I did this myself during my two pregnancies. Admittedly, this is different circumstances than the mattress being too soft, but it really was great for that extra bit of support. It was like having a pillow fort in the bed but it made me a lot more comfortable than I would have been otherwise. So if you don’t want to splash on a new topper or re-engineer your bed this could be a quick solution for you to try.

Another thing you can try is modifying the box spring, read more about that over on the home hacks from

I will be adding comprehensive reviews of all the different types of mattress toppers and my top choices to the site soon, watch this space.

If you’re in a hotel try this:

To make a mattress comfortable in a hotel you have a couple of options.

If the mattress is too soft, try putting extra blankets or pillows from the room underneath the mattress so it offers a bit more support.

If the mattress is too hard, ask for extra quilt/s to put under sheets to act as a makeshift mattress topper.

These are pretty makeshift solutions that are less than ideal. But when you’re in a hotel your options are probably limited. If the above aren’t satisfactory for you, I’d recommend asking to change rooms. Check the bed out in the new room before you accept it of course!

Is your bed still too uncomfortable?

If your bed is still uncomfortable it might be time for a new mattress. Sometimes, it won’t matter what you do to improve the comfort level of the mattress if it just really needs to be replaced. Read here for everything you need to know about whether it’s time for a mattress upgrade. We’ve got some great mattress reviews here on the site too if you decide you need to take the plunge.


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