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Black Friday Mattress Deals 2020

Black Friday is a HUGE day if you're buying a new mattress. Many companies save their best deals for this day, offering you the biggest discounts and freebies of the year. Mattress brands are extremely competitive, and you'll find a TON of great Black Friday mattress deals 2020.
Black Friday Mattress Deals 2020

Black Friday is a HUGE day if you’re buying a new mattress. Many companies save their best deals for this day, offering you the biggest discounts and freebies of the year. Mattress brands are extremely competitive, and you’ll find a TON of great Black Friday mattress deals 2020.

I get the offers direct to my inbox, and I’ll update this post as they roll in, so you know who’s offering the best deals (sales often start before the day itself, so you can get in early for a bargain). I’ll also recap what I thought were the best of the best Black Friday mattress deals from 2019 to give you an idea of what savings you can expect this year.

Want to go straight to the biggest discount click below to go straight to the mattress brand offering you the biggest discount I’ve seen from any brand, ever:

Here’s what you’ll find in this Black Friday Mattress Deals 2020 roundup:

  • The best deals from last year (expect big things from these brands again in 2020)
  • Puffy Black Friday Deals (great all foam mattress with loads of features)
  • Nolah Black Friday Deals (awesome option for side sleepers)
  • Amerisleep Black Friday Deals (eco friendly all foam mattresses)
  • Bear Black Friday Deals (built with optimum athletic recovery in mind, but great for everyone)
  • Idle Sleep Black Friday Deals (makers of the top firm mattress and home of the longest sleep trial and warranty)

Spotlight On : Best Deals From 2019

These were my top five Black Friday mattress deals of 2019. To make my top five, the mattress had to be excellent quality, and offer a bigger discount than any other time of the year. You can expect great things from these guys again this year.

  1. PlushBeds: PlushBeds is one of the only 100% organic latex mattresses on the market. They have a further edge on the competition by offering customizable firmness layers within the mattress: you can even have different firmness levels on each side if you need (great for couples). For Black Friday 2019, PlushBeds offered a massive mattress price saving ($1250) and free pillows, protector, and sheet set. This was one of the best value deals from an extremely high quality company.
  2. Idle Sleep: Idle Sleep make a range of high quality hybrid mattresses, including the best mattress I’ve come across for heavy people. Not only do they excel in mattress comfort, they also offer the longest sleep trial (18 months) and warranty (lifetime). That’s pretty incredible. For Black Friday 2019, Idle Sleep had 30% off and two free pillows. Idle Sleep have outdone themselves for 2020, scroll down to see their massive 50% off mattress deal you can get yourself this year!
  3. Nolah: Nolah is one of my favorite mattresses for side sleepers, and is flippable with a firmer side and a softer side. Not only do they make a great mattress, you get to choose a wild animal to help protect, as Nolah gives a portion of their profit to charity! There are 20 different animals you can choose for Nolah to donate to, from dolphins to bald eagles. For Black Friday 2019, Nolah offered $312 off their 12 inch mattress and gave two free pillows.
  4. Layla: Like Nolah, Layla is also flippable, but in my opinion it works best on its softer side so it’s a great choice for those looking for a soft mattress. It features innovative copper technology, which is a great innovation to help you keep cool and your mattress healthy. For Black Friday 2019, Layla offered $150 off your mattress, and gave two free pillows and a free mattress protector.
  5. Avocado Green: This is one of my all time favorite mattresses, ever. Not only is it made from organic latex, cotton, and zoned pocket coils, it’s also one of the most eco-friendly mattresses you can buy. For Black Friday 2019 Avocado offered $200 off their mattresses. This may sound like less than others, but with the huge value for money you’re already getting, it’s actually a great saving. Scroll down to see what treats my favorite brand has in store for you this year.

Black Friday Mattress Deals 2020

1. Puffy: “America’s Most Comfortable Mattress”

See The Puffy Mattress In Action!

Puffy is consistently voted one of the most comfortable mattress in a box brands and has backing from Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau.

They have three models, each with different features. My favorite is the Puffy Royal, which has the most features packed into a mattress you can buy at this price point.

It’s one of my all-time favorite all foam mattresses!

2. Nolah: One Of My Top Picks For Side Sleepers

My favorite Nolah Mattress is their Signature 12 inch. Featuring a flippable design with a firmer side and a softer side, this is going to work well for you no matter what your preference.

The softer side is particularly great for side sleepers, with lots of contouring to offer deep pressure relief for your shoulder.

Nolah Black Friday Mattress Deal 2020

3. Amerisleep: Eco Friendly Memory Foam

Amerisleep Black Friday Deals

Amerisleep pride themselves on their plant based foams that do an excellent job of providing great pressure support and comfort. They have a range of memory foam and hybrid mattresses in a range of firmness levels to suit everyone.

The Amerisleep Black Friday deal is a massive 30% off mattresses + 2 free pillows! Get in before it’s gone!

4. Bear Mattress – Built For Great Sleep And Recovery

My favorite mattress from the popular Bear range is the Bear Hybrid, with it’s cushioning foam layers and pocket coil support system. Bear uses a special technology called Celliant, which is a big point of difference in their mattresses.

Celliant has been clinically proven to be a good sleep aid, promoting more restful sleep and faster athletic recovery. Bear is targeted at both athletes wanting to maximise their performance and every-day people like you and me who just really want to get the best sleep possible.

Their Black Friday deal gives you your entire mattress set-up, and a discount on your mattress. It’s a goodie!

5. Idle Sleep – Best Firm Mattress, Best Trial And Warranty

Idle Sleep have several great things going for them. The first is they make (in my opinion) the best firm mattress out there: it’s about the firmest you can buy. If you’re not in the market for a firm mattress, there are other options for you, also.

Idle Sleep also offer you an unbeatable 18 month in-home sleep trial with any mattress (that’s right, try it at home for a year and a half) and a lifetime warranty.

As well as having a massive 50% off all foam mattresses (the biggest discount I’ve seen this year), Idle Sleep also have 25% off their hybrid mattresses.

6. Avocado Green – My All Time Favorite Company

Avocado are again offering $200 off their famous eco-friendly latex hybrid mattress. Use the code CYBER20 to get this great deal.

Avocado not only make some of the best quality mattresses you’ll find anywhere, they also offer you huge sleep trials (1 year) and warranties (up to 25 years).

They’re the first mattress company to go carbon NEGATIVE in their manufacturing, and have the health of the planet firmly in their core values. What a great company to support!

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