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Archives for August 20, 2020

Ecosa NZ

Ecosa NZ: Ecosa is probably the best known online mattress retailer in New Zealand. The Australian based company is well known for its firm memory foam mattress in a box, and they have reported a huge increase in sales since lockdown. If you’re considering buying an Ecosa, read this first. There are other options that might be a better fit for you.

I actually own an Ecosa mattress myself. We bought it at the start of last year, right before I launched this website. Do I like it? Yes. I sleep well. Is there another NZ based “mattress in a box” I’d rather be sleeping on? Yes. There are two, actually. 

In this Ecosa NZ article I want to explain my experiences with Ecosa to you, and show you the alternatives so you have all the facts before you dive in and buy. 

Mattress Topper Info

Mattress Toppers can be a great addition to your bed. Whether you’re looking to soften your mattress, firm up your mattress, change the pressure relieving properties, or add a cooling layer; a mattress topper can do it all. There are so many different types of mattress toppers out there that it can be difficult to pin point the one that fits your needs best. In this mattress topper info explainer I answer all your mattress topper FAQs and give you my best mattress topper recommendations.