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The Best Luxury Mattress

The best luxury mattress: is there just one? No! You have a choice of the best foam luxury mattress, the best hybrid luxury mattress, and if you want one that is firm or soft. You can choose one that’s delivered to you in a box, or one that comes with white glove delivery. You might want latex foam, you might want memory foam! With so many options, I’m here to help. 

I’ve narrowed down the definition of a luxury mattress and share my five picks for the best. Read through them all, or skip right to the end to find the one that I think is the best luxury mattress of them all. 

What Is A Luxury Mattress?

All mattress companies want you to believe their mattress is the best and try to sell you “luxurious” sleep. But what is a luxury mattress really, and how can you define one? A luxury mattress is made from high-end materials and is precision crafted. It may even have hand crafted touches. It will have thick comfort layers and will be taller than your average mattress. 

Here’s an exact definition of what a luxury mattress should be, what you can expect to pay, and your questions answered.